Thursday, December 24, 2009


Taking a break for this wonderful holiday season to be with family and friends. May God bless, keeping you and yours safe and healthy as we say farewell to 2009.

See all of you in 2010.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Alan Grayson--destined to be a 'One Term Wonder'

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. Perhaps not the most reliable source for factual information, but a good starting point when gathering data for further investigation.

That being said and keeping the aforementioned in mind, this is how 'One term U-S Congressmen' are defined at this site:

'Many members that serve in the House for only one term are viewed as "accidental" congressmen due to having been elected in a fluke election or by riding in on the coattails of a popular presidential candidate. More often than not, they fade into obscurity and are only remembered by political historians, close friends and family members.'

There probably could be no better or accurate description than this for Unites States Congressman Alan Grayson, representative from the 8th Congressional District of Florida. - Grayson Wants Critic Jailed for Claiming to be His Constituent

Like Angie Langley (, my congressional district adjoins that of Graysons, however my proximity to his district is much closer. So close, in fact I can literally spit on his shoes! You might say Grayson is similar to an unwelcome new resident in a formerly respectable neighborhood. And when that new neighbor disturbs the peace and tranquility of your surroundings, you have every right to request assistance in retuning that section of the community to its original placid posture.

In this instance, good neighbors should be obligated to boldly support Angie Langley in her quest to have this arrogant person, masquerading as a representative of all the people, returned to his elitist Orlando neighborhood.

For those not familiar with this area, Grayson's Congressional district includes Disney World, quite accurately described as 'the happiest place on earth.' Critics of Mr.Grayson are simply implying, There is room for only one 'Goofy' in this Congressional district!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Understatement of 2009

Considering the vast reservoir of material available, who would have imagined the understatement of 2009 coming from, of all people, Golf (icon in his own time) Champion Tiger Woods.

He betrays his wife Elin by sleeping with, what seemed like, every slut who navigated a golf cart down the fareway, leading him to score countless 'holes in one.'

And so after all his dirty laundry is unloaded upon his family, fans and admirers worldwide, he digs way down 'into his gall' and says:

"He's a little incredulous at the way he is being judged!"

Since Woods is having difficulty understanding public reaction to his dalliances, here's something credulous to ponder on your return voyage from the Bahamas....You have no one to blame for your demise but yourself. You may one day return to the links, but the disappointment you have brought to so many with revelation of your unfaithfulness, earns you another title: Biggest loser of 2009!

Photo acknowledgment:

Giving Thanks, In Our Own Special Way, During This Festive Season


Sunday, December 20, 2009

"America will soon owe more than its citizens are Worth"


As unlikely as these theories may sound, judging by irresponsible and reckless actions taken by our current lawmakers, spending money as if it grows on trees, even my conclusions seem conservative, looking at a not too distant world for citizens of this country.


The following is a reprint of an article appearing

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation- whose CEO is the outspoken former US Comptroller General, David Walker- released findings recently that show public liabilities are now effectively equal to the entire networth of all US Citizens. These numbers, which Walker claims were based completely on official data, do not even account for the recent bailouts or market collapse of October and November. Here is the statement from the Foundation “America will soon owe more than its citizens are worth”-

The sum of America’s liabilities and other financial commitments now exceeds the collective net worth of its citizens, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation has calculated using the latest official data. Growth in the government’s unfunded promises for social insurance programs such as Medicare, combined with a drop in Americans’ net worth due in part by lower home equity values, is causing this unprecedented milestone.

The Foundation’s calculations are based primarily on the new consolidated federal financial statements as of September 30, 2008 which do not reflect the additional toll taken by more recent market declines, bailout packages, and record October and November deficits. The financial statements show approximately $56.4 trillion in debts, liabilities, and unfunded promises for Medicare and Social Security versus the Federal Reserve’s estimate a *total household net worth of $56.5 trillion, both as of September 30, 2008.

“Given more recent developments, it’s clear that America now owes more than its citizens are worth,” said Foundation President and CEO David M. Walker. “Passing this shocking milestone highlights the need for President-elect Obama and the next Congress not only to turn the economy around and boost consumer confidence, but to put a process in place that will lead to tough choices getting made to strengthen the government’s financial condition once the economy begins growing again.”

Since its launch in July 2008, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation has invested nearly $11 million in grants to raise awareness of, and seek solutions to the fiscal challenges posed by the rising costs of health care and retirement and near-zero household savings rate. Among the latest are grants to Emory University and the Institute of Medicine to examine health care costs and outcomes; grants to promote public awareness and discussion of growing obligations for Social Security and Medicare; and a grant to fund development of a set of key outcome-based indicators that will help the government and the public assess where we stand and how we compare to other industrialized nations on a range of economic and other issues.

End of Reprint from

Democratic party control--NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!

As Democrat hacks slap one another on their backs today, laying claim to victory in advancing Nationalized Health care in the United States of America, their actions only solidify earlier charges at this blog, how this country has become a Dictatorship. See this blog, September 20, 2009.

A system of multiple party rule is actually a farce, especially when all three branches are controlled by one ruling party. Our founding fathers apparently never considered consequences of one party control and its quest in accomplishing its unscrupulous ends. Such is the case with this current crop of 'wanna-be' mobsters in control of our country.

Regardless of polls showing American people standing strongly against actions by Democrats to completely redesign our health care system in this country--these arrogant stooges (money always buys all things, even cheap low-life smarmy politicians) insist they will do as they please--'the public be damned!'

POLITICO: McCain: GOP can't stop health care - POLITICO Live - McCain: GOP can't stop health care

The elections of 2010 and 2012 will not come soon enough. Hopefully we will be able to right the wrongs that have been done by this irresponsible political party wearing the nomenclature: DEMOCRATS. As stated in an earlier blog--Once removed from a position of power, this party should NEVER again be allowed to govern in this, 'once great country.'

Friday, December 18, 2009

Blatant abuse by new Socialists of a nationalized American Corporation!

Perusing the internet for days, searching for some mention of the topic in my previously blogged post. Not one word can be found regarding the release of this new Chrysler Corporation automobile commercial.

Therefore, I truly do 'own' bragging rights for bringing this topic to the public's attention.

Nowhere, at any time in my lifetime have I ever witnessed a major American corporation invest huge advertising dollars, launching a commercial campaign--not for its product, but to go before the viewing American public and make a political statement.

As everyone should know by now, Chrysler Corporations was bailed out earlier this year and 'nationalized' by the United States Federal Government.

Therefore, any commercials you are witnessing, television or otherwise are being funded with American taxpayer dollars.

You have to question whether this is what was intended when Barack Obama and his band of Washington thieves had in mind all along when they made their pitch for billions of dollars to 'save' this iconic company which was on the brink of going out of business.

In any event, I'll just wait on the sidelines to see if anyone--bloggers or mainstream media--picks up on this outright abuse of American taxpayers dollars.

Monday, December 14, 2009

This is what happens when Government 'takes over' a former giant Capitalist corporation

Remember this light-hearted television commercial popularized a couple of decades ago, poking fun at archaic 'backward ways' of (insert snickering here) the Soviet Union:

Of course the sales pitch in this ad was for Wendy's hamburgers, but the underlying social message was how behind the times Soviets were in, not only flipping hamburgers, but also catching up to the free world in everything considered....well....twentieth century!

The commercial's content could also be interpreted as what happens when Socialism attempts to copy Capitalism in a society so desperately trying to convince it's citizens life was no better in America. Sort of a 'look.... see, we are also up on the latest fashion trends and technology. So stop your whining!

Sad truth of the matter is, twenty-some years later, here in the United States of America we are witnessing 'reality imitating art,' with the current Chrysler 300m, automobile television commercial. (When this car was introduced, my description of the 'luxury' car was "it looks like a tank")! How intuitive was that statement, considering the behemoth crashing through a brick wall in this ad:

VIDEO: Chrysler ad gets political, advocates for release of Myanmar Nobel Peace Prize Laureate — Autoblog

So with the advent of this 'entertaining' television commercial, what can the viewing American public expect to see next, during what might be their allotted hours of freedom under our current emerging socialist system?

Rather than seeing a typical American family of four whizzing along in their shiny new U-S made convertible, somewhere along this beautiful country's coastline, we are now subjected to several has-been world political figures emerging from a piece of, soon to be cash for clunker material, government made garbage, somewhere in Europe.

And our new message, under guise of selling new cars (?) is to free some, who the hell even ever heard of imprisoned Nobel Laureate--obviously a new-found comrade of Barack Obama--Norways most recent darling-boy, honored recipient of what was, at one time, a coveted award. Until they marginalized it's significance by doling it out to light weights, such as Jimmy Carter and Al Gore.

This Chrysler commercial might be looked upon as supporting a wonderful humanitarian cause, if it were not for the fact we currently have three young American citizens in custody, and facing illegal prosecution by a rogue Iranian government.

Hey comrade Obama--how about using your tremendous political clout to free a few Americans and then we can concentrate on that Burmese captive Aung San Suu Kyi.

Hell, this could very well be fodder for a new Chrysler commercial--Obama behind the wheel of a brand spanking new Chrysler 300m--three former American captive kids, wind blowing through their hair, swigging beer in the back seat of that behemoth Chrysler, crashing through a brick wall, returning to freedom (?) in the good old U-S of A.

All that political campaign rhetoric about hope and change, must have at least even some former Democrats asking, "WHERE'S THE BEEF!!!!"

About New York - New York Is Energy-Efficient but Mayor Is Not -

".....a strong argument can also be made that on a personal level, he (New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg) ranks among the worst individual polluters ever to hold public office."

About New York - New York Is Energy-Efficient but Mayor Is Not -

Other than the fact he is a billionaire, can anyone offer one good reason why citizens of New York City have elected and later re-elected this arrogant and pompous man to serve as their Mayor? Okay, one good reason might be he is rather liberal and his kingdom is swarming with like-minded surfs.

Another good example of, people not really liking him--something similar to Albert Gore, but still he manages to edge his smarmy persona into a position of 'leadership.'

Who said we don't have royalty in the good old U-S of A!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

White House gatecrashers: US secret service chief takes the blame for breach | World news |

Director Mark Sullivan appears to be taking lessons from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs when explaining away criticism of this Administration's ineptitude.

Sullivan says his secret service agents assigned security duties at this State Dinner were remiss in their duties by allowing 'uninvited guests' to proceed into the White House inner sanctum, despite their names not appearing on the official guest list.


If Sullivan feels obligated to lie through his teeth in order to save his own skin, he should, at the very least, have the decency to not drag his underlings through the mud in order to reach that end. He 'talks through both sides of his mouth,' saying first;

'secret service agents should not have let the couple through the door, because they were not on the invitation list. "This is our fault and our fault alone," he said. "Look at me and blame me."

Very commendable of you to take the blame for this snafu Sullivan, but while speaking to the 'left' with that statement you swiftly take actions to apparently appease 'the right;'

He put the security breach down to an unspecified failure to follow procedures, and said the agents at fault had been put on paid leave and might be sacked

Huge contradiction here Mister Director. If you are indeed 'to blame,' why then would you be considering a move to 'have them sacked?' Seems to me if you, by your own admission are to blame, you should be sacked, or maybe even fall on the sword, as other department heads have already done in the short life of this Administration. (For example, Louis Caldera, following the Air Force One 'strafing' of Manhattan in April).

Secret Service Agents are carved from the same block, which have seen fellow comrades take bullets for Presidents, or anyone else placed under their watchful eye.

And yet you expect a gullible public to believe agents standing guard and granting admission to a White House function would merely say, 'come on in,' if their names are not included on a guest list.

Again, BULLS*IT!

I, and millions of ordinary American citizens are subjected to weapons monitoring and physical 'pat-down' before climbing aboard any commercial airline. Silver-haired 80 year old women are literally forced to strip to their unmentionables....4 year old kids are 'wanded' at the slightest chirp from TSA detectors.

And you want us to 'buy' this frail explanation for a major security breach at the White House. Probably one of the most heavily guarded building in our government. BULLS*IT!

Read the entire article here, and be sure to wear protective footwear because 'IT' will really be piled high!

White House gatecrashers: US secret service chief takes the blame for breach | World news |

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friends 2007--Friends Forever

The year 2007 was, and remains a very special time in my life.

Visiting valued friends, located in Ireland, England and Sweden.

This video is one tiny vehicle, used to express my thanks to those who opened their doors and hearts to me; welcoming an 'acquaintance' from America, and later bidding farewell to a life-long friend.

You truly all are my Friends Forever--Thanks!

The $100 Million Health Care Vote? - The Note

"Senator Harry Reid, who drafted the bill, cannot pass it without the support of Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu."

"How much does it cost? According to the Congressional Budget Office: $100 million."

Read details of this despicable swindle:

The $100 Million Health Care Vote? - The Note

This is YOUR money we are talking about here people! What gives the right to a charlatan like Harry Reid--a wheeler/dealer from the gambling capital of this country, to take control of your hard earned tax dollars and use it as his own slush fund to 'get what HE wants.!

This incompetent loser is dragging his butt in ratings for re-election to the Senate, and is pulling out all stops before heading off to pre-determined retirement. Oh, but don't concern yourself with this deceitful schlub's well being--he'll be taken care of, very comfortably, for life at YOUR expense.

So however you view this pandering putz, hard working, tax paying Americans are, as usual.... the losers!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Group terrorizes Winter Garden, Florida family for 2 days --

President George W. Bush, in 2006 made the following comment regarding people living illegally in this country:

"The United States needs a temporary guest-worker program that would match willing foreign workers with willing American employers to fill jobs that Americans will not do."

Read shocking details of this terror stricken family here:

Group terrorizes Winter Garden family for 2 days --

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed--the trial (The farce)!

Despite numerous arguments debating whether Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should receive privilege of civilian trial in New York City's federal court, no mention of one very important negative aspect.

As a court reporter and later, some twenty five years in the 'restaurant business,' one very important rule applied; Presentation/Appearance. As a consumer, you are quite aware, those mouthwatering entrees featured in television commercials are usually far from what actually is delivered to your restaurant dinner table.

Same applies in the judicial system, especially in criminal court. The defendant rarely resembles likeness of people depicted in newspaper photo accounts at the time of their apprehension and arrest.

Therefore, when our friend Khalid Sheikh Mohammed finally arrives in his stretch limo for the Obama Administration's Justice Department circus in New York City, you will wonder why 'Omar Sharif' is being placed on trial.

Mark my words folks and please hang on to the picture accompanying this article. Oh, and another photo you may want to add will be that of the 'good Sheikh's' legal team.

No doubt they will be lining up in droves--the ACLU will most likely be keeping an eagle eye's view of proceeding and no doubt there will be a large pool of attorneys from which to choose.

Following the 2010 mid term elections, there should be a multitude of Democrat U-S Congressmen returning to 'private practice.'

Hey Alan Grayson--are you listening!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Was trying to hide it, but for those who asked, this is my Personal Profile!

Creating a personal profile bears an ugly resemblance to Resume writing, therefore I'll spare any passers-by, boring details, and submit this abbreviated version.

Currently a resident of Florida, I'm a native Pennsylvanian. Son of loving parents, whose obvious sense of timing or humor, placed me second, between two other brothers.

Advanced educational pursuits resulted in a Business Administration Associates Degree. However, a minor skirmish in Southeast Asia interrupted ongoing educational plans and a somewhat rapid transition was made from popular Tye-dye fashions to interesting looking government issued uniforms, worn by members of the United States Air Force.

During a tour of duty in Korea, associates suggested a career change, with focus on Radio and Television Broadcasting. Taking that advice, received working educational skills in Washington, D.C, remaining in that general area for about three years. Realizing after ten years of broadcasting contributions, major news organizations were not exactly stampeding to my door, although a little known start-up news organization did offer me a job in Georgia, however at the time, I wasn't receptive to pulling up roots and relocating for employment with some 'unknown' operation. So, I held my ground and decided it might be a perfect time to once again consider a career change. (Glancing back over my shoulder today, CNN probably would have been a wiser choice at that time--perhaps if I was now there, their ratings wouldn't be 'tanking').

Going full circle, I set out on my own and tested waters of being a small businessman. Plenty of hard work resulted in successful business ventures in the field of hospitality. Following twenty years of that gig, and a like number of Winters I'd rather forget, my vision focused on the warm tropical climate of Florida.

A rather popular central Florida tourist resort provided employment for four years. Two of those spent as Director of Food and Beverage. Also, General Manager of resort restaurant services, provided ample use of my time, but when the economy turned sour, and downright distasteful in the tourism industry, my employers, like so many others throughout the country, conveniently took advantage of the situation and severed ties.

Obviously, I'm finally enjoying my home here in sunny Florida.

So you see, some stories actually do have a happy ending.

"President Obama has so much on his plate"

Am I alone.....tired of hearing defender mouth pieces of President Obama use this excuse for his lack of actual accomplishments.

We can spend hours exchanging cliches and catchy little phrases, describing an Administration running around in an 'Alice in Wonderland-like' maze in fairyland Washington.

Please spare us hearing these, and other overused, tired responses in the future--President Obama has so much on his plate. Just once wouldn't you appreciate a clever young television interviewer replying--Maybe he shouldn't have bitten off more than he could chew. No one forced this overly ambitious neophyte amateur nibbler to dine at an all you can eat buffet, perhaps with a gluttonous Fat Albert appetite of someone like Michael Moore, when his physical consumption tolerance is incapable of devouring a thimble portion of chow.

With each passing day, more Americans are realizing this President's approach to the buffet line is comparable to wearing near-sighted corrective lenses, resulting in an overly loaded platter, likely exhibiting a man whose eyes are bigger than his stomach.

And before heading to the dessert trough Mister President, please listen to the American people-- finish whats on your plate.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hezbollah leader lashes out at Obama

Could anyone other than former U-S President George W. Bush possibly be worse news for Hezbollah?

"Shaik Hassan Nasrallah said Obama has gone even farther in his military support for the Jewish state than his predecessor, George W. Bush -- who was reviled in much of the Arab world for his support of Israel and war on Iraq.

The remarks were Nasrallah's strongest criticism yet of the American president since Obama took office almost a year ago."

Read the article in its entirety:

Hezbollah leader lashes out at Obama

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Today's Topic -- "All about Bags!" (Adult Content)

Democrats are removing all stops--digging to the depths in their bag of deceptive tricks....doing anything and using anyone in order to achieve ultimate victory--passing their vision of 'Health Reform Legislation', (?) an accomplishment which has eluded them for decades!

Strolling down that yellow brick road to their envisioned Utopia, has broken into a sweat-galloping stampede--saying and doing anything to reveal their elusive Wizard savior, supposedly at the controls behind those golden gates.

Quite honestly, there was a day--in the not too distant past--when you would never hear disrespectful words flow from my mouth when discussing authority figures in my country. However, the 'Democrat' Party discarded those principles ions ago, with its total disrespect for its arch enemies in the Republican Party, but most recently their vileness has been focused directly on hard-working, patriotic American citizens.

Nancy Pelosi--a loser in any other district outside of San Francisco, California-one of the most leftest cities in these United States, refers to anyone who's views contradict her Socialist dogma, as Nazis, astro-turfers and implying their rejections of her party proposals would result in ruination of this country. When in reality this self-centered, decaying, prehistoric shrew and her treasury-raiding colleagues will reduce every citizen in this country to servants, under their despotic control.

Utilizing 'pay offs and bribery'--sparing not one penny of American taxpayer dollars--she mustered enough votes from members of her own party, to pass health reform legislation (?)--thousands of pages laden with incomprehensible gobbledygook, not even a Rhodes Scholar could understand nor interpret.

Realizing conventional methods might be more difficult in the Senate. use of arm-twisting and perhaps even threats of scandal and tossing Senate members under the bus, would be a huge challenge in those hallowed chambers. What do you do...where do you go, who do you turn to?????

Enter the 'Scumbag-in-Chief,' former President of the United States (of Democrats) William Jefferson Clinton. Understand--please be very clear on this point--One week ago at this time, I would have never had the audacity, 'in the gutter' bluntness to refer to a former leader of this country with such unadulterated disrespect. BUT--the gloves are off. As you might have screamed when you were a little kid....'he started it!'

At a strategy session with Democrat Senators, Clinton stressed the importance of getting Health Care Legislation (?) passed, at any cost, regardless of content and with any appearance.

"The point I want to make is: Just pass the bill, even if it's not exactly what you want," Clinton told Democrats. "When you try and fail, the other guys write history.”

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said Clinton described the ongoing tea party protests against the Democratic agenda as a sign their party was making progress.

Whitehouse quoted Clinton arguing: "The reason the tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning."

Tea-baggers? TEA-BAGGERS!!!! Why would a man of Bill Clinton's caliber (?)...a prominent American occupying his station in life, make such an insulting comment when referring to millions of American citizens--whose only concern is witnessing the current party in power spending this nation into oblivion.

Don't for a moment believe this bull-shit--Clinton knew exactly what he was saying. Political cronies later trying to cover for this aging scumbag, suggested the former President used that description to describe Conservative Activists who, through their own ignorance were actually protesting tax cuts (?), which in Democrats unicorn world, will benefit them.

When the Tea Party movement began--a grassroots gathering of like-minded American citizens, comprised of members from throughout the political spectrum, to voice their opposition against the direction politicians were heading with this country's future--they were immediately labeled and referred to as 'Tea-baggers." Much controversy reverberated throughout this country following that description when it initially spewed from the mouth of a CNN broadcaster.

Those readers who are offended by vulgar language and descriptions might want to skip this paragraph. When the former President of these United States of America, an individual who represented ALL people of this great country, chose to describe dissenters to his political party as TEA BAGGERS--A man that dips his scrotum and testicles into the mouth of another person. (as if dipping a tea bag into hot water)--he knew exactly what he was saying. But as usual, the comment went virtually unnoticed--as do most derogatory statements against common, ordinary citizens who disagree with this societies elitist Left--Clinton got a pass.

Regardless of the snickering and snide remarks now being exchanged by this group of pseudo-intellectuals, the wine and croissant crowd will eventually face wrath of the American people. Because, contrary to beliefs of these auto-anointed aristocratic boors, the American people, with far more common sense than these buffoons, will pull it all together and save this country.

What little respect Bill Clinton might have accrued following his departure from the oval office, has evaporated. To use his own style of vernacular of the street--good riddance 'douche-bag!'

You see--it was All about Bags!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day 2009 -- A perfect day to 'remember'

Thought you'd find this quotation, both interesting and amusing, considering it's author:

"In a free society a large degree of human activity is none of the government's business. We should make criminal what's going to hurt other people and other than that we should leave it to people to make their own choices,"

Barney Frank: Speaking in defense of 'his' 2008 Marijuana Bill

If you didn't know the author of these words, you might get a false impression they were spoken by Thomas Jefferson, or one of our original, true and honest American patriots.

Today, it is all a matter of what I call the 'Walmart mentality;' picking and choosing only those entries in our constitution which meet convenience of your current agenda.

Have a great Veterans Day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ronald Reagan's contributions won't be included in the "New World Order"

Monday, November 9th, a worldwide audience joined German citizens in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Berlin wall falling--forever relegated to history's landfill of shame.

French News Daily prominently displayed the upper left hand photo of world leaders with the accompanying news account, datelined 'Berlin,' as reported in the Khaleej Times, published in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What is horribly misleading about this depiction is its absence of fact, as the writers obviously went out of their way to imply the attendance by United States President Barack Obama. (What other reason could be given for using a file photo from a previous gathering of these leaders)? In reality, the U-S President was not even on European soil.

Locating remarks by the American leader was a challenge, however personal perseverance finally resulted in this brief account found at Denver In a video message screened at the main event, President Barack Obama paid tribute to the dissidents and demonstrators who ushered in the fall of the Wall 20 years ago.

"Let us never forget Nov. 9, 1989, nor the sacrifices that made it possible," Obama said.

Noticeable missing from every news account was any mention of one of the primary players leading up to this historic event--President of the United States of America in 1987, Ronald Wilson Reagan. On June 12th, Reagan's words echoed and reverberated off the wall when he challenged then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev with these chilling words.

"Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Not only is history being rewritten in this country, but under a much anticipated 'New World Order,' future generations will be denied factual information about their true global heritage.

When mere mention of this history making figure is ignored and his awe-inspiring words are deliberately omitted, one can only assume how future generations will be deprived of what actually happened in the world which preceded them.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Who the hell is running for the Governor's office in New Jersey!!!!!

To my living friends in New Jersey going to the polls on Tuesday for the purpose of voting in that state's gubernatorial election.....Don't be confused by many campaign posters you see plastered all over your state....

This "Obama" fellow is NOT....repeat, NOT your Democratic candidate for the Governor's office. FYI, it is that "Corzine" guy. Regardless of Corzine's name appearing second on the posters, HE IS the endorsed Democratic candidate for Governor of New Jersey.

I'm not sure who this other guy is....and on that point, I'm not alone....Many Americans are totally confused as to who is the real Obama!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

H1N1 Vaccinations To Be Offered To Guantanamo Bay Detainees

H1N1 Vaccinations To Be Offered To Guantanamo Bay Detainees

Sometimes glancing at reader's comments following an article make more sense that the actual story itself. With so many opinions offered from far reaches of the world and country, is it not practical to get a clearer picture by going there for logical, common sense insight.

For those of you choosing not to read all 156 comments, as of this writing, here are two randomly selected which, in my judgment sum up, just how disgusted people are in this country with their government:

Posted by: lone momma Location: CA on Oct 31, 2009 at 12:18 PM "This is dangerously wrong. So many children are at risk with compromised immune systems, transplants and other ailments. We can't even get H1N1 shots for these kids in the US - who is doing the prioritizing here? Folks - this is just a taste of our future under a government managed health care program. " **********************************************
Posted by: Lauren Location: Traverse City, MI on Oct 31, 2009 at 12:08 PM
"So, my 11-month old can't get the vaccine yet because the supply isn't available, but some detainees in a remote prison are getting it... I agree - how in the world can they be considered high risk when they are not having contact with anyone who has it???"

Seems to me, the only visitors heading into that Gitmo complex would be bleeding heart ACLU attorneys (hoping for a windfall, and possibly 15 minutes of fame). Also a 'must show,' Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius.

That, if you haven't guessed, is Madame Secretary demonstrating the proper method of sneezing during these pandemic times.

Isn't it in a Nanny State!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pelosi Health Care Bill Blows a Kiss to Trial Lawyers

Pelosi Health Care Bill Blows a Kiss to Trial Lawyers

Fortunately there are others, obviously with less of a life than my own, dedicating precious personal moments of their time to reading nearly 2000 pages of Congressional gobbledygook!

Boycotts are like doors 'swinging both ways!'

Sent to all companies boycotting sponsorship of Glenn Beck Show on Fox
Subject: Reverse Boycott
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 20:54:31 -0400


Please be informed, our family will no longer patronize your company, nor contribute in any fashion, by purchase of products, services or continued conduct of business in this or any other country where our friends and relatives reside. They will be urged to take similar actions.

Your company chose to be intimidated by a radical U-S organization, Color of Change, which by their own count, boasts 600,000 members. The threats of boycott by its membership, originated because your company advertises with FOX Network, namely The Glenn Beck Show.

This band of hypocrites disagree with comments expressed by Mister Beck. Perhaps this would be an appropriate time to point out numerous comments made by member of this organization and those individuals 'they support.'

I sir, am offended by this organization, their views and those they support on a daily basis. There is no personal gain for me by boycotting your company, other than to illustrate a level of professional public relations management, apparently lacking in your executive departments.

The Glenn Beck Show on Fox has consistently produced viewership numbers in millions on a daily basis. He recently spearheaded a movement which resulted in a million plus Americans marching to the nation's capitol to express their dissatisfaction with policies of this country's current government leadership.

This is a wonderful country of freedom loving individuals, guaranteed with many rights bestowed upon us by the United States of America's Constitution. Perhaps greater than all others is our 'freedom of speech.'

When a group of individuals, such as those in Color of Change, come together and challenge this freedom, through intimidation, the very principles of this country are inflicted irreparable damage.

We all make choices in our daily lives. Same is true for those made by any business entity. You have made your choice to cease advertising on a very popular television program, viewed by millions daily. This after threats of boycott from an organization allegedly reporting a membership of 600,000. Business-wise, these figures 'just don't add up!'

Recently read comments by a prominent university professor of marketing who said, "Whether the show (Glenn Beck) can survive with advertisers deserting it depends on whether they can be replaced and how much money Fox News is prepared to lose before pulling the plug."

You might also consider 'the millions' of plugs being pulled on your company as you experience reverse boycott.

You see, that is OUR right as American consumers.

Thank you,

A true American

Maybe one of these days, sooner than later, Americans will 'wake up,' and see their freedoms slipping away.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time


If you are easily frightened, heed this warning, DO NOT click on the following link!

Ah, go ahead--it will toughen you up for all the scariness to come on Halloween.

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time


Congressional Legislative Debate-Voting System

Never question accuracy of the old Rock, Paper, Scissors system of governing!

When Speaker of the House of Representative Nancy Pelosi emerges from 'our' capitol building in Washington, D.C and proclaims to American citizens, the 'law makers' have agreed on any new legislation.....(by her Democrat Party, because Republican legislator voices have been silenced)...

.....And when Harry Reed, Senate Majority Leader, unlocks those huge mahogany doors and also comes forth to happily announce agreements have been reached (by his Democrat Party, because Republican Senators are barred from entering that chamber) can rest assured, following months of deliberation, arguments and fiery their almighty wisdom, and with much consequence, they reveal plans for a new medical system for every citizen in these United States of America.

Never question accuracy of the old Rock, Paper, Scissors system of governing!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bailouts and Bonuses - Executive Suite Blog -

Excessive executive pay and bonuses for companies eager to accept taxpayer supported financial bailouts, should indeed be closely monitored.

Beyond that, the Federal government should keep their hands off, and nose out of private sector business activities in this country.

Bailouts and Bonuses - Executive Suite Blog -

One final note relevant to this issue. In all fairness, on the subject of monitoring executives pay and bonuses, seems only right everyone should pitch in and do their part during these economic hard times.

My thinking is, if private sector executives should be forced to hold the line on outlandish monetary benefits--seems only fair, Senators, Congressmen and other government officials, should be limited in the amount of kick-backs they are allowed to receive for using their votes on favorable legislation to big-time contributors, like unions and other lobbyist groups.

As my parents used to say, and they were rarely ever wrong--'Whats good for the goose, is good for the gander!'

Somebody should warn Nancy!

Can you kill a goat by staring into its eyes? That's the plot of a Hollywood film (and a U.S. army experiment!) | Mail Online

Interesting information highlighting CIA experimentation,
'The Stargate Project was then downsized and eventually transferred to the CIA before being closed down.'

Someone should alert Nancy Pelosi about this 'technology.' Perhaps she will think twice before labeling our Central Intelligence Agency 'a bunch of liars.'

Some renegade CIA members, practicing powers gained during 'The Stargate Project,' collectively may begin concentrating on Madame Speaker.

One point the article does not make clear however; Do these methods work on all goats, or only old goats and nanny-types?? Otherwise they would be wasting their time concentrating on Nancy!*

*No Speakers were harmed during writing of this piece.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years - Telegraph

Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years - Telegraph

Contrary to opinions of current crop of 'goons' surrounding President Barack Obama, I am one American with hopes to witness him 'succeed.'

Be successful Mister President at being, President of all people of America. We, after all, are supposedly united. It even says that on your official White House letterhead: "United States of America."

So, don't take every bit of criticism personally. We Americans DO want to see you succeed, but in the process of traveling down your yellow brick road on a personal mission to meet up with the Wizard, perhaps you might return to your roots and look at what was going on in this disarrayed country during your early childhood. You are living proof, that we as a people, have truly come a long way. So, whoever your handlers are in the White House (the people's house)--the ones advising you to constantly challenge those who disagree with your policies--please, disinfect yourself from these pests. They will only serve one purpose, and that is to bring you down. Visions of John Ehrlichman and H. R. Haldeman whispering in Nixon's ear suddenly flashed before my minds eye--and we all know how good that fun time worked out!

Last time I checked, you ARE President of the United States of America. No need to continue on that long, winding campaign road. YOU WON. So please stop campaigning. If your numbers continue to plunge as every new poll seems to suggest, you will be a one term President. So why not do the best you can in these four history making years and BE President. President of ALL American people.

You might be pleasantly surprised to see those poll number increase. And more importantly, if you start being President of ALL the people of this great country, rather than merely a team captain for those with a 'D' before their names, only you can determine how history will treat you.

Oh, and one more thought. No one says it is necessary to clasp a hand over your heart when patriotic events occur, but throughout history, hand gesture moments have become so memorable. And reminding you, some of those didn't work out to the advantage of the person advancing that salute. We all (Americans) think you are better than that!

Thursday, October 22, 2009 » ‘Do What They’re Told’: Obama Takes Swipe at Republicans During NYC Fundraiser

The only thing worse than Barack Obama attempting to describe Republican voters (patriots), and how they respond to their alleged party's marching orders, is a phony Chicagoan, Democrat trying to sound like a pompous Oprah Winfrey, talking down to her minions--empty-headed followers, with that same shuck and jive Southern accent. » ‘Do What They’re Told’: Obama Takes Swipe at Republicans During NYC Fundraiser

Should anyone wonder why these two are confused with conflicting role models; He, emulating she, for whatever reasons fame arrived at her doorstep. And she, cannonizing he, perhaps yearning one day to equal her wealth with his undeserved power.

Either way--no one is laughing, y'all!

America--#1 Freedom of the Press--GUESS AGAIN!

Most Americans instinctively would respond with a number one rating when asked which country in the entire world ranks loftier for Freedom of the Press.

Unfortunately, those Americans will be sadly disappointed to learn, barrels of ink do not flow as lucidly as they might think in the United States of America--in fact, placing at NUMBER 20 isn't even a solely owned position because it is shared with two others; Luxembourg and United Kingdom.

2009 rankings were released today by a Paris, France based organization, Reporters Without Borders, and the results should come as a wake-up call to those in America who think they are on top of a ladder looking down at those throughout the world who are denied this exclusive 'God-given freedom.' More likely, they might better view themselves as 'fools on the hill,' if attitudes are not adjusted when placing themselves on the world's playing field of emancipated essayist.

Belittlers of Scandinavian countries, usually mocked and scorned in America as being Socialist leaning, might be shocked to learn the object of their unwarranted scorn hold several of the top 10 positions for this honor--Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden amongst the top five.

Many critics will, and perhaps rightfully so, respond with,'consider the source.' And more so, criticism increases among right wing pundits when this organization elevated America's 'writers and reporters of the truth' from 36th under a Bush Administration to the current spot of 20th with Barack Obama at the helm.

In fact, using Reporters without Borders own figures and examples, most conservative American writers will probably retain U-S freedom of the press at the 36th position, or perhaps reduce it even lower. This in light of recent pieces of legislation floating around Congress, with emphasis on tighter controls over bloggers and the like, currently running freely and untouched (unregulated) around the Internet.

Be that as it may, Obiter Dictum--An American, will leave these Reporter Without Border statistics to speak for themselves, allowing readers an opportunity to form their own opinion on whether the United States press should still be rubbing shoulders with Nambia and Poland when pundits pick up their pens or, allowed to let the ink run freely with one-time enemies Japan and Germany, now considered more free than razor-tongued tribunes at the New York Times!

January 28, 2012--CONGRATULATION AMERICA--the 2011 figures are in, and under President Obama's regime, our (tongue-in-cheek) freedom of the press rankings in the world have fallen to 47th.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Democrats lock Republicans out of committee room -

Democrats lock Republicans out of committee room -

In most States, it is against the law for a landlord to change door locks as a measure to deprive tenants from entry, without prior agreement/notification by/to both parties.

For example, in the State of Washington, the Department of Commerce views such a practice as follows:

Tenants and landlords cannot remove or change locks without the consent of the other. Landlords, agents, or tenants who change locks unlawfully can be fined up to $4000."

It isn't so far fetch to conclude, not only are such actions by Democratic lawmakers childish and immature, but perhaps on a higher level, they may have actually broken some laws and could face prosecution.

Of course, 'cows can also jump over the moon.'

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Britain and France fly illegal Afghan immigrants back to Kabul with thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money | Mail Online

Britain and France fly illegal Afghan immigrants back to Kabul with thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money | Mail Online

Repatriation! Now there's a novel idea this government might consider here in the United States.

Of course, in America we don't believe in complexities of gathering together illegals and returning them to their homelands. We would rather drain our treasury and deprive hard working citizens of rights they and their children sweat and toiled to amass.

Difficult for an American such as me, to imagine the usually sympathetic Brits and French resorting to such selfish, inhumane tactics! Hey President Obama, you seem to emulate Europeans and 'their ways.' Why not follow their lead by enlisting this policy.

Maybe the reported millions of illegals who are destroying our way of life, might mean less votes to Democrats in future elections, but on the bright side, we may still have a country you can continue to corrupt!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A horrible story, but reader comments caught my interest.....

It is very rare indeed, when making a decision to 'reprint' a particular news article in its entirety, but you MUST read this story. Merely asking a reader to link to this article at Daily Mail Online would not guarantee participation, and therefore present itself as a 'shock headline,' with no actual substance.

If details were presented in an article without listing a source, many readers would perhaps consider this to be written and later opined by so-called American 'Right-wingers.' It has already been pointed out, this article is a reprint, in its entirety from a United Kingdom publication, Daily Mail Online. Sample reader comments are not those of redneck Southern hicks, but rather, spontaneous reaction to a brutal crime by citizens of the UK.

Maybe righteous, phony men of the cloth, such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should catch the next flight heading for London to echo cry's of RACISM against these English, right wing rednecks! Believe me, if there was a paycheck connected to 'the gig,' frick and frack would be there in an instant.

As usual, Obiter Dictum--An American says, 'you be the judge.'

Is political correctness to blame for lack of coverage over horrific black-on-white killings in America's Deep South?

By David Gardner
Last updated at 10:53 AM on 16th October 2009

It was the kind of crime that strikes terror into the hearts of parents everywhere.

A bright young couple were carjacked after a Saturday night date and murdered in the most brutal way imaginable.

Christopher Newsom, 23, was tied up and raped, shot in the back of the head and then dragged to a railway track and set on fire.

His girlfriend, 21-year-old University of Tennessee student Channon Christian’s fate was even more horrific.

Her death came only after hours of torture, during which time she was raped and savaged with a broken chair leg.

She was beaten in the head and a household bleach was poured down her throat and over her bleeding and battered genital area in an attempt by her attackers to cover any evidence of rape – all while she was still alive.

Channon Christian Christopher Newsom

Torture: Channon Christian was forced to watch the attackers rape and kill her boyfriend Christopher Newsom before she was murdered

Then she was ‘hog-tied’ with curtains and a strip of bedding and a plastic bag was wrapped over her face.

Her body was stashed inside five bigger rubbish liners and dumped in a bin, where, according to the autopsy report, she slowly suffocated to death.

On Monday, the alleged ringleader of the gang accused of the killings goes on trial in Knoxville, Tennessee.

One of the gang has already been convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

But, even though the killings happened in January, 2007, they have attracted very little national and international coverage.

That’s because they do not fit into the conventional contours of an attack in America’s Deep South, where a shameful history of racial intolerance has meant assaults by whites on blacks have historically been regarded in the context of race.

In this case, the races were reversed: the victims were white and the four men and one woman charged in connection with the murders are black.

Ironically, the case has now generated more publicity surrounding the furore over whether or not political correctness was behind the US media’s decision to largely ignore the story than it did for the murders themselves.


Lemaricus Davidson, centre, goes on trial in Tennessee over the murders this week. Letalvis Cobbins, top right, has been jailed for life. Eric Boyd, Vanessa Coleman and George Thomas will be tried after Davidson


Life: Letalvis 'Rome' Cobbins was found guilty of multiple counts of first degree murder. He was also convicted of rape, kidnapping and robbery

Defence lawyers were quick to say that some of the accused dated white women and even prosecutors denied any racial overtones.

‘There is absolutely no proof of a hate crime,’ said John Gill, special counsel to Knox County District Attorney Randy Nichols.

‘It was a terrible crime, a horrendous crime, but race was not a motive. We know from our investigation that the people charged in this case were friends with white people, socialised with white people, dated white people.

'So not only is there no evidence of any racial animus, there’s evidence to the contrary,’ he added.

But that hasn’t stopped conservative critics from blaming liberal bias in the US mainstream media for failing to cover the attacks.

Columnist and right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin weighed in, saying: ‘This case – an attractive white couple murdered by five black thugs –doesn’t fit any political agenda.

'It’s not a useful crime. Reverse the races and just imagine how the national media would cover the story of a young black couple murdered by five white assailants.’

Country music singer Charlie Daniels pointed out the media frenzy that came after a black woman accused three white members of the Duke University lacrosse team of raping her.

The players were later cleared after their accuser changed her story.

But Daniels said on his website: ‘If this had been white on black crime, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their ilk would have descended on Knoxville like a swarm of angry bees.’


Victims: Channon christian, 21, and boyfriend Christopher Newsom, 23, were carjacked and murdered after a Saturday night date in Tennessee in 2007

Much of the criticism over the scant coverage of the murders has been on the internet through blogs and websites.

University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds said the American media has a ‘template’ for covering white-on-black crime but not the reverse.

‘I think it would have gotten a lot of national play faster if it had been a black couple kidnapped and killed by five white people,’ he told the local paper in Knoxville.

White supremacists have jumped onto the bandwagon, seeking to twist the facts for their own racist agenda.

They spread false details about the murders, claiming the victims were sexually dismembered and that Channon was sexually tortured for days, neither of which is true.

‘The DA’s office is outraged they have tried to abuse the victims by using the death of loved ones for racist purposes,’ John Gill said.

‘The things that have been seized on by these hate groups are things that never happened.’

‘There are people out there that just want to make something even worse than what it already is,’ Channon’s father, Gary Christian, said in a recent interview.

But Chris’s father, Hugh, told a local TV station: ‘Would they have done that to a black couple? I don’t think so.’

‘With all the things they did to them, what else could you call it but hate?’ his wife, Mary, said.

‘I think any kind of crime like that’s a hate crime. Was it racial? No, I don’t think so', Mr Christian added.

Channon Christian

Outrage: Campaigners believe the murders haven't received extensive media coverage because of race issues

Knox County Sheriff Jimmy Jones said: ‘I don’t believe if they’d been Mexican, Chinese or Japanese it would have mattered. I believe these people were evil.

'I believe it was a plan. These two kids just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.’

According to court testimony, Chris, a talented carpenter and former high school baseball player, and college senior Channon had gone to a friend’s home after a date at a local restaurant when they were held up at gunpoint and carjacked on January 6, 2007.

They were forced to drive to an old clapboard house in one of Knoxville’s toughest neighbourhoods, where their captors, some of them ex-convicts, subjected them to the nightmare ordeal.

Wearing glasses and dressed smartly in trousers, a collared shirt and jumper, Lemaricus Davidson, 28, looked more like a college student than an accused killer during pre-trial hearings.

The seven women and five man jury includes just one black juror. If convicted, Davidson could face the death penalty.

In a separate trial last month, Davidson’s brother, Letalvis Cobbins, 27, was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of multiple counts of first degree murder. He was also convicted of rape, kidnapping and robbery.

George Thomas, 27, and Cobbins’ former girlfriend, Vannessa Coleman, 21, will be tried after Davidson.

A fifth defendant, Eric Boyd, 37, is serving an 18-year prison sentence after being convicted of being an accessory to a fatal carjacking.

Read more:

Sampling of a few reader comments

What a brutal story !! i was so shocked reading it.
As for hate crime, i think that these perps just hate people, hate life.
As for life in jail. Why? There is no rehabilitation for people like this.
Letahal injection / electric chair / firing squad.
An eye for an eye.

Click to rate Rating 1517

Yep, the PC Brigade in this world benefits everyone apart from white people.

We always hear about racially motivated crimes when it is done by a white person but when it's done to a white person nothing gets stated, it is just a murder. But it happens all the time.

We live in a sick sad world.

Click to rate Rating 1511

This is no different to what the BBC does. Frequently they do not give a description of suspects or carry a photograph (when other media sources do) when the crime involves non-white suspects.

It is apparently an official policy to ensure "diversity and social cohesion". Read all about it on the Biased-BBC Blog.

Perhaps hushing up crimes that dont show multiculturalism in a good light will make them go away

Click to rate Rating 1379

I feel sick to my stomach after reading this. People like this do not deserve to ever ever be allowed to walk as free people. What a sickening waste of life and something their poor families will never ever recover from I am sure. Awful.

Click to rate Rating 1246

That is a horrific story of murder carried out by cold calculated sick individuals, all i know is they should all be sentenced to death. What is the point in keeping alive humans like this, you can never release them back into civilised society and they really dont deserve to live. We do the same to animals, who havent even done anything wrong sometimes!
I just wish the UK had the death penalty.

Click to rate Rating 117

Read more:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Taking this 'change thing' a bit too far!

Photo: Paul Chinn / The Chronicle
Embellishments J. Begin

Doctored Dolls....Go Figure!

Photoshopped Ralph Lauren model Filippa Hamilton fired 'for being too fat' | Mail Online

Toymaker releases Michelle Obama doll - which is expected to outsell those of her husband | Mail Online

Filippa Hamilton, a 23-year-old, 120lb, 5' 10", size 8 model, was recently fired by her employer, famed designer Ralph Lauren for, according to Miss Hamilton, 'being too fat.' However, Lauren spokespeople object to these charges, by explaining, 'their relationship ended 'as a result of her inability to meet the obligations under her contract'.

The Lauren explanation however, conveniently did not elaborate on how Hamilton failed to 'meet the obligations under her contract.'

According to the Mail Online report, 'Hamilton said she was concerned about its impact on the public.'

'I think they owe American women an apology, a big apology,' she said.

'I'm very proud of what I look like, and I think a role model should look healthy.'

If there is outrage produced by this story, and it apparently appears warranted, Filippa Hamilton's case should cast even more light on an article appearing in 'Mail Online' just a few short days later.

"Toymaker releases Michelle Obama doll to do battle in the shops with action figure of her husband"

Jason Feinberg of Jailbreak Toys admits 'his target audience for the new doll is not children but adults 'who collected toys as a child, who haven't lost that kind of whimsical enthusiasm.'

Obviously it is not necessary to study comparison pictures of Mrs. Obama and the Jailbreak Toys creation, to see just how much Feinberg and Ralph Lauren have in common. Both are noticeably obsessed with their character's waistline, or lack of one.

My point is this; if obsessions and fantasies of one man, Ralph Lauren, and how he presents models wearing his creations, is to be criticized and condemned, where are the 'health-minded critics' offering words of disapproval for Feinberg's slim-waisted Michelle Obama effigy representation?

Remember, Feinberg stated his target audience is adults, however in the next breath, he is saying 'he expects the Michelle figure to be popular with girls.' And of course, release of this new toy just happens to coincide with a Christmas shopping debut.

If Lauren is to be condemned for his vain displays of art, where then are the critics of Feinberg for similar misrepresentations.

Quoting Miss Hamilton, 'I think they (both) owe American women an apology, a big apology,'