Friday, October 30, 2009

Boycotts are like doors 'swinging both ways!'

Sent to all companies boycotting sponsorship of Glenn Beck Show on Fox
Subject: Reverse Boycott
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 20:54:31 -0400


Please be informed, our family will no longer patronize your company, nor contribute in any fashion, by purchase of products, services or continued conduct of business in this or any other country where our friends and relatives reside. They will be urged to take similar actions.

Your company chose to be intimidated by a radical U-S organization, Color of Change, which by their own count, boasts 600,000 members. The threats of boycott by its membership, originated because your company advertises with FOX Network, namely The Glenn Beck Show.

This band of hypocrites disagree with comments expressed by Mister Beck. Perhaps this would be an appropriate time to point out numerous comments made by member of this organization and those individuals 'they support.'

I sir, am offended by this organization, their views and those they support on a daily basis. There is no personal gain for me by boycotting your company, other than to illustrate a level of professional public relations management, apparently lacking in your executive departments.

The Glenn Beck Show on Fox has consistently produced viewership numbers in millions on a daily basis. He recently spearheaded a movement which resulted in a million plus Americans marching to the nation's capitol to express their dissatisfaction with policies of this country's current government leadership.

This is a wonderful country of freedom loving individuals, guaranteed with many rights bestowed upon us by the United States of America's Constitution. Perhaps greater than all others is our 'freedom of speech.'

When a group of individuals, such as those in Color of Change, come together and challenge this freedom, through intimidation, the very principles of this country are inflicted irreparable damage.

We all make choices in our daily lives. Same is true for those made by any business entity. You have made your choice to cease advertising on a very popular television program, viewed by millions daily. This after threats of boycott from an organization allegedly reporting a membership of 600,000. Business-wise, these figures 'just don't add up!'

Recently read comments by a prominent university professor of marketing who said, "Whether the show (Glenn Beck) can survive with advertisers deserting it depends on whether they can be replaced and how much money Fox News is prepared to lose before pulling the plug."

You might also consider 'the millions' of plugs being pulled on your company as you experience reverse boycott.

You see, that is OUR right as American consumers.

Thank you,

A true American

Maybe one of these days, sooner than later, Americans will 'wake up,' and see their freedoms slipping away.

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