Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Taking back OUR country!" Be careful WHO you are, if you use this phrase...

This past weekend, former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin appeared before a large gathering of Tea Party followers in Searchlight, Nevada.

After extolling the virtues of America, Mrs Palin wrapped up her speech by assuring those present that everything will be fine in this country, and current problems can be solved by showing up and making yourself known through votes at the 'ballot box' in November's election. This is how Americans can "take back their country." (Palin makes this remark at around 4:15 on the following video):


Not one 'hateful' word was spoken in this woman's entire address, however, leave it to the leftist media to spew its venom towards Palin and the Tea Party movement, as tattered American Rag Papers take final gasps for life and future survival.

Defending comments leveled at Palin and the Tea Partiers, surrounding the 'take back America' statement, were usual kooks of the left, including Civil Rights Activist, Reverend Al Sharpton.

Appearing on FOX new's O'Reilly Factor, Sharpton tried to illustrate 'racial components' contained in the one line delivered by Palin....'Take back OUR country." Displaying his own racist attitude, Sharpton elaborated by pointing out, there are 'racist leaves in the tea bag.'
(Sharpton's words can be heard at around 3:00 on the following video):


Apparently the Reverend Al and his fellow leftist nuts were not offended by past offerings from pathetic members of the Democratic party, which has run roughshod over an entire race of Americans in this country for uncountable decades.

Tell us Al--Howard Dean, a bigot? What about your buddies James Carville and Paul Begala--racist bastards, aren't they!

And who could possibly forget HILLARY CLINTON's closing remarks when she suspended her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Asking her supporters to get behind Barack Obama and send a Democrat to the White House. Mrs. Clinton concluded by saying:

"This is now our time to do all that we can to make sure that in this election we add another Democratic president to that very small list of the last 40 years and that we take back our country and once again move with progress and commitment to the future."

Then we witness Speaker of the United States House of Representative, Nancy Pelosi, in an outlandish display of arrogance, when she and her fellow congressmen vote on Health (Care) Insurance legislation, despite overwhelming disapproval by a vast majority of Americans.

Making her way through the crowd, locked arm in arm with a contingent of associates (noticeably a select few from the House Black Caucus membership), Pelosi carried a very large wooden gavel. One must admit, not seeing a piece of lumber this large since the days when several of her fellow Democratic forerunners performed with their own representations of racial bigotry!

This has to be one of our favorites....Lester Maddox, revolver in hand, following his club wielding son, as they 'escort' a black aspiring patron of Maddox's restaurant. For those not familiar--Lester Maddox later served as a Democratic Governor of the State of Georgia.

And who could ever forget Democratic Governor George Wallace and his mighty stand against desegregation in 1963 at the University of Alabama.

No civil rights story would be complete without mention of that good old boy Orval Eugene Faubus who served as Democratic Governor of the great state of Arkansas, when in 1957 he attempted to bar African-American students from attending Little Rock Central High School, despite orders from the United States Supreme court.

And Al, one more interesting reminder--it was a REPUBLICAN President (Dwight D. Eisenhower) who ordered United States troops into Arkansas to enforce this Supreme Court ruling.

Also, before you go on about that great Civil Rights emancipator, Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson--you might want to check your history on this one--Without the VOTES OF REPUBLICAN LEGISLATORS--Civil Rights legislation would not have passed!

Suppose these are just a few examples of why it is so important for member of your Progressive Patriot's Party to rewrite history!

"Drive it off the lot, and it instantly loses value!"


Divorce is never 'pretty'

Friday, March 26, 2010

What would we do without Biden!!!!

Foreclosed homes in America--future lodging for Illegals!

Headline of interest observed today:

"Judge strikes down ordinance banning ILLEGALS from renting"

Key word here is ILLEGALS, (for those of you who may accuse me of objecting to people having necessary shelter), try reading this:

"Judge strikes down law banning BANK ROBBERS (an illegal act, last time I checked) from keeping stolen cash."

This would be a logical conclusion, however when liberal judges are rendering decisions, logic has no place in today's American culture.

Are we approaching the day when one of these buffoons in black robes decides all foreclosed houses in America must be used to lodge illegals in this country. Logic--'they're just empty, anyway!'


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Children" writing laws!"

Why are we allowing these 'fools in Washington' to dictate how we Americans conduct our daily lives!

When laws of the land are as insulting as those outlined in President Obama's Health Care legislation, we as a nation are doomed.

Wikipedia--"In the United States a person must be at least 35 to be President or Vice President, 30 to be a Senator, or 25 to be a Representative, as specified in the U.S. Constitution. Most states in the U.S. also have age requirements for the offices of Governor, State Senator, and State Representative. Some states have a minimum age requirement to hold any elected office (usually 21 or 18). Most states will not allow ballot access to people who do not meet the age requirement of the office they are running for."


Health-Care Overhaul Changes to Start Taking Effect This Year

Insurers will be required by September to begin providing health coverage to kids with pre-existing illnesses and allow parents to keep children younger than 26 on their plans as the clock has begun ticking on many of the law’s provisions.

Quoting our illustrious Vice President, 'THIS IS A BIG F*CKIN deal!"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A 3 Day Park Hopper to Disney World would have been cheaper.....

If only we had known how simple it could be to switch this 'loon's' vote to YES, surely a three day park-hopper to Disney World would have guaranteed a NO vote and much cheaper for American taxpayers!

Besides, Dennis Kucinich would have been right at home on 'Space Mountain!'

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a mess these 'boobs' have created!

Wondering if anyone will ever calculate the countless millions, if not billions of taxpayer's dollars these booby dunderheads have squandered on their wasteful quest to 'help' American citizens.

Of course, when its not you're money being 'pissed away' into the wind, who really cares!

‘They Just Want This Over’ - Robert Costa - The Corner on National Review Online

Sorta like a 'do-gooder' leaving an accident scene, which he provoked.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

You wouldn't let your 3 year old drive the family car--Why allow a light-weight to run your country?

In 1987 a special election was conducted by the 5th California District (later redistricted to become the 8th) to fill a vacant Congressional seat there.
38,927 voters or 36.1%* of those casting ballots successfully launched the career of Nancy Pelosi, current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.
This is the third most powerful political position in the United States of America. The President and Vice President of the United States, elected by a majority of American voters, are the only two politicians who wield more power than Nancy Pelosi, a local low-level lightweight politician elected by less than 39,000 Americans.
According to our system of government, if for some reason the President, and then the Vice President were to be incapacitated and unable to serve, Nancy Pelosi, elected by a mere 38,927 Americans, would ascend to the highest position of power in the United States of America.
If ever there might be a reason to adjust our election procedures, this one cries out for immediate attention. The founders of this great country had no way to predict or foresee a time in America's history when someone so inept, on so many levels, could stand so close to assuming responsibility to lead this great land.
38,927 voters deciding the fate of 308,848,821 Americans