Friday, May 10, 2013

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS--White House....first it was the kids getting locked out

"Only if you're doing something wrong should you worry, and then you don't deserve to keep it private."
     Breitbart reported today, "In the White House’s latest efforts at transparency, the administration announced to reporters that it would brief  (them) reporters on the latest shocking developments about the Benghazi situation … behind closed doors."
     Writer William Astore --"You know the saying: If you've done nothing wrong, you've nothing to hide. I hear it from my students: I've nothing to hide, so let Big Brother scrutinize my emails, my phone calls, my purchases, my activities online, and so on."     What happens however when Big Brother is the subject of whys and wherefores, or maybe we should say lies and therefores!
     Turning the tables sometimes requires a lot of planning, and a lot of secrecy.  Some of us, myself included, would like to believe the ever vigilant media watchdogs have been on to this scheme all along, waiting for the right moment to pounce on its prey.  (We didn't say this is what happened, but rather, 'we'd like to believe.') Keep in mind, a majority of today's under-informed Americans are influenced by the likes of this man, probably today still getting a 'tingling' up his leg at the mere mention of Obama's name.
Chris Matthews 

     Only a few short years ago, this multiple accumulation of Dirty Dozens  was nothing more than a bunch of greenie two bit crooks tapped from the inner circles of Chicago's sewer infested government.  One must admire how this Administration has become professionally proficient in the art of, what now can be only described as blatant, COVER-UP!  For example, the 'Fast and Furious' gun running operation would now be considered small change in comparison to the behemoth creature, which in the future will probably share equal treachery rights with it's little brother we've all come to know and love throughout the decades as WATERGATE!    

     According to the Breitbart report, "Jay Carney began his on-the-record press briefing by announcing that 14 news organizations were invited to the closed door briefing, but that it was not a substitute for the on-the-record briefing. He then announced that it was "erroneous" to describe the briefing as "off-the-record," and instead suggested it was "deep background."

     Probably a poor choice of words describing their private behind closed doors session.  Considering more and more Americans are beginning to compare this debacle to the Watergate scandal which resulted in Richard Nixon's resignation,  perhaps Carney should have avoided any innuendos linking Benghazi to someone as notorious as the person who probably was most responsible for Nixon's demise....
Watergate's Mark Felt

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