Wednesday, December 6, 2017

“Person of the Year” was called Man of the year until 1999."

Sexually abused kids apparently have another
90 years
before TIME 
finally listens to

Living in a World without ears

     "Actor Corey Feldman wants to make a feature film that exposes the people in Hollywood that he says have been abusing child actors for decades—including, at one point, Corey Feldman. He wants to direct and distribute it himself. He also wants to hire legal counsel and armed guards to protect him at all times, because the people he claims to be up against are allegedly major power players in Hollywood and beyond. They’ve already tried to tarnish his career—even tried to kill him, Feldman claims.

     But he’s not really afraid anymore. He’s never had a normal life anyway. 
               He’s Corey Feldman."

Complete report here:

Monday, December 4, 2017

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The silliness of Sanctuary Cities will only end when we start jailing the Liberal lawbreaking politicians who sponsor them


                 Goes Viral

     In an article published as is going viral as San Francisco defends its sanctuary policies in the wake of the not-guilty verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial.
On November 30, Breitbart News reported that a California jury found seven-time felon and five-time deported illegal alien Jose Garcia Zarate not guilty of murdering 32-year-old Kate Steinle in 2015 in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.  Keep reading here:

     Mayor Ed Lee’s (D) spokeswoman said, 
“San Francisco is and always will be a sanctuary city.”

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Christmas at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

                                                                          The White House

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Hey 'Girls'....where was the outrage when your 'sister Madonna' offered to perform BJs for Hillary votes?

     Try peddling your 
fake outrage elsewhere.

     Obviously wishful thinking by this washed up old skank that she would be allowed to get anywhere near the 'genital area' of most un-intoxicated American men.  Wait, scratch that....most 'genital-possessing' males, currently walking upright on Planet Earth.  Even if 'Miss Madonna' gargled regularly with hydrogen peroxide, or Drano for that matter, would the inside of her mouth be allowed within striking distance of my, or any male higher animal's protected area.

     Don't believe Madonna said it?  Here it is....Straight from the dog's mouth.
                                                        You tube  Sizzorfite

      It's because of 60s bra-burning-repulsive wenches like Madonna, who obviously arrived on the scene a decade or two later, that people of this era are so mentally, physically and sexually screwed up today.

     Throw into the mix, a half-male mentality of Obama-type-world leaders (are you listening Justin Trudeau), and voila--7 year old boys with looks of confusion when deciding which door to enter when the simplest of tasks; emptying of a tiny bladder, now requires re-education on a daily basis, and a redefinition of what future ambitions lie ahead for a Barbie doll, decked out in a sequin studded flak jacket, and high heeled mud encrusted combat boots.  Talk about turning an already screwed up world, inside out.

     And before my private inbox is overflowing with messages saturated with essence of artificial hormonal aqua vitae, accusing me of being a deranged women hater.....try for one moment to bring reality into 21st century focus.  

     In a civilized world, NO ONE has a right to violate another person's personal space, regardless of siren song enticement, but never allow yourself to be conned into an unsecured belief that the Madonnas of this world, despite using 'BJ temptations,' will not show up at some later date claiming YOU forced yourself on her.  In today's World, Little Bo Peep controls her sheep 
 AND, The (limp wrist)  Liberal Men who surround her.

     And Yes Virginia, there is a difference between 'little boys and little girls....Despite what your Liberal Utopian-seeking- teachers might tell you. 

         Perhaps when Liberalism finally dies, 'little boys AND girls' will be allowed once again to BE 'little boys, A-N-D little girls.'

Friday, November 24, 2017

NY Post: "Shock sex harass claim: Cuomo turned blind eye to pervert under his nose."

'nuff said'

     The November 18th New York Post article tells it's readers, "An upstate woman has stepped forward to reveal she is the sex-harass accuser who prompted the resignation last month of a high-ranking Gov. Cuomo appointee — and to accuse the governor of repeatedly ignoring his pal’s “horrific acts.” 

     In a shocking Manhattan federal court lawsuit filed Saturday, Lisa Marie Cater alleges former Empire State Development Corp. regional president William “Sam” Hoyt got her a job at the DMV and then leveraged it to “manipulate, sexually harass and sexually assault” her." Keep reading at the following link: 

       Apparently, ignoring the sometimes obvious is no stranger to the Cuomo clan.

     When the current Governor, Andrew Cuomo's father Mario held this position from 1983 to 1994, he appointed a man to be his chief of staff by the name of Vito Castellano.  Vito had a very dear cousin, Paul.   

     Paul Castellano, better known in New York mobster circles as "Big Paulie," headed the Gambino crime family, "the nation's most powerful, influential, richest, largest, successful, prominent, dangerous, and feared Mafia family.
     So, 'Big Paulie's' Cousin Vito, lands a position working as, what some cautious critics might describe,  marionette-master of New York State's Governor Mario Cuomo, and no one sees the slightest speck of conflict?

     Using today's fake news media logic, just by association, one might say (not that it would be in any way true, mind you, but) it was beneficial having a 'cousin' working as Chief of Staff for the Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo, who, as already mentioned, just happens to be father of the current Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who many observers believe might be among the Democratic Party's Presidential contenders in 2020.

     As for all those New York loyal Liberals salivating at an opportunity to vote for their current Governor should he indeed decide to run for the 2020 Presidency, maybe you should remember that old saying, An apple never falls far from the tree. 

     There is also another old saying, in the unlikely event Junior Cuomo gets a blessing from his fellow Democrats.....Don't expect an apple tree from an acorn.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

They grow up so fast. Some get trophies, and some get a Nobel Peace Prize

Who could have predicted that America's first (1/2) Black President, would cash in 
on his (1/2) White-side-Privilege.

     "There are valid reasons to be concerned by a president’s earnings, including after their tenure in the Oval Office. Where a former commander-in-chief earns his or her income–and the company they choose to keep after serving as the leader of the free world–could speak to their basic values in a way policies and legislation cannot.

     So when some Americans, including Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, saw former President Barack Obama accepting $400,000 speeches from Wall Street, signing book deals worth $65 million and vacationing with billionaires off the coast of Tahiti in a $300 million yacht, you can bet they were perplexed." * Keep reading at link below


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017

Photo: Is Hillary Clinton sitting on the lap of one of her 'keepers?' What the hell is going on here?

     Photos included below, from
      (Any 'adjustments/embellishments' to these photos, made for the purpose of illustration only).

     When reading the following article at, one picture in particular caught my eye.  Ever see something, and it just doesn't look right? 

     The Daily Mail article (Dec. 19, 2016) focused on a high profile holiday (pity) party last year hosted by Hillary Clinton for her "millionaire donors" at the ritzy New York City Plaza Hotel. (A bit of Irony, considering this hotel was once owned by the man who handed her a humiliating defeat in the Presidential election, Donald Trump).

     You can read that aspect of this report here:

      We are still perplexed, and looking for an explanation surrounding the content of one particular photo featured in the Mail's report.  Read on, and share your thoughts in comments section at the conclusion of this report.

      Photo #1 is a distant view of an SUV-type vehicle apparently approaching a parking area.  The circle appearing near the left shoulder of the lone individual man in this picture, indicates the placement of Hillary Clinton in this vehicle.

      Photo #2 is a tighter shot of this same content, but Hillary Clinton is still not visible in the circled area. However we can make out the image of the SUV driver located to her left side.

      Photo #3 is a close up of this same content, and now, Hillary Clinton is clearly visible as a passenger to the driver's right side.

      A larger version of #3 is shown, below this composite.

    Next, we see a close up of the same photo, showing Hillary Clinton, looking like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, clutching onto what appears to be her, never-out-of-reach 'Smartphone.'

     Also visible in this photo, closely located to Hillary Clinton's immediate right side, you can make out a very faint outline of what appears to be another individual, most likely a man wearing a white shirt and tie.

     Hillary's minions have claimed that she is actually a passenger in the rear seat of this SUV vehicle.  If this statement is to be believed, are we to assume that Mrs. Clinton has somehow 'grown another set of hands?'

     Nestled between the two orange circles (pictured below) are Mrs. Clinton's two hands.  In the lower orange circle (foreground) is the right hand of 'the man,' resting on the vehicle's dashboard, and unless Hillary has grown a few extra fingers on her left hand, you can see what obviously is the left hand of 'the man,' positioned above her Smartphone.  Because of the placement of all four hands, there is no other conclusion, but to assume that Hillary Clinton is, at the very least, in the clutches of her male companion in this picture.

     The picture below, is a zoomed-in version of the above, however I have removed the orange circles, making it easier for readers to clearly separate the hands of not one, but two individuals.  Also, you can now clearly see 'the man.'

     In the picture below, I have removed the metal frame, housing the windshield.....

.....and inserted what a completed photo of Hillary, and her unidentified 'handler' might look like if the frame disappeared.

You make the call.

Is Hillary Clinton "sitting in the back seat of this SUV," as her minions would like us to believe, or are we witnessing something really, really bizarre?

     Remember the innocent child in Hans Christian Anderson's fable asking "why the Emperor was naked" in The Emperor's New Clothes?

      If not for 'fake news,' we might have an ambitious and inquisitive reporter, or reporter-ette asking, "Why is Hillary Clinton sitting on some dude's lap?"


  You might also be interested in reading about Hillary's health concerns by DNC Party officials here:

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ever stay overnight at a Motel 6, Congressman? Skeletons in closets are so easy to find these days.

   These days, finding 'skeletons in closets' is child's play...especially for some naive stooges who place themselves above the laws they expect every one of us to abide by.

      Incidentally, not ONE of these left wing, disgusting Democrat ideologues attended the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.
      (This alone should tell you something about their motivation to impeach this Republican President).  
     I read somewhere, One of the definitions of sanity is the ability to tell real from unreal.  Soon we will need a new definition.  

      In an article by Mark Moore, published at the New York Post, "Six House Democrats on Wednesday introduced articles of impeachment against President Trump, claiming that he has violated the Constitution and expressing “concern” that his actions put the nation’s security at risk.

     “We have taken this action because of great concern for our country and our Constitution, our national security and our democracy,” Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) said at a news conference. “We believe President Trump has violated the Constitution.”

     The articles accuse Trump of obstruction of justice by firing former FBI Director James Comey over the Russia probe, violating the Emouluments Clause by profiting from foreign governments while in the White House and undermining the courts and freedom of the press.

     The action is unlikely to gain any traction in the Republican-controlled Congress.

     “The time has come to make clear to the American people and to this President that his train of injuries to our Constitution must be brought to an end through impeachment​,” Cohen said.

​     He was joined by ​Reps. Adriano Espaillat of New York, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, Brad Sherman of California, Al Green of Texas and John Yarmuth of Kentucky."  Continue reading at link:

     Noticeably absent from this overly zealous grouping of clowns, is the biggest buffoon of all, and currently entrenched (at taxpayer's expense) in the halls of the United States Congress.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The thin line between being labeled 'Groper,' and 'Touchy-Feely'

If Roy Moore is a pervert.....
What is Joe Biden?

When grandma was about to be carted off to the morgue, Uncle Joe was reportedly the Democrats 'go-to-replacement' as it's next logical Presidential candidate.

.....and yes, is 
"A big f*cking deal!!!" *

* "Joe Biden is famous for having a mouth that out-runs his brain from time to time, and so it proved again, as the vice-president was caught exclaiming in no uncertain terms live on national television.

After introducing the president at the signing ceremony for healthcare reform legislation at the White House today, Biden turned and embraced his boss while excitedly whispering into Obama's ear: "This is a big fucking deal!"" -- The Guardian (2010) **


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Who said, "There is NO God?"

November 8, 2016

     One year later, childlike people still live in a mystical Unicorn world promised, but never delivered to them by a 'cult' going by the name of Democrats, obviously because their second-fiddle failure, fell flat on her face.

    In 2008, their Pied Piper candidate was substituted at the last minute for heir apparent, Hillary Clinton.  The powers that be, those unseen billionaire manipulators pulling strings of a faux political party, concluded that the time, apparently was right for a black person to be titular ruler of the United States of America.  And, on the surface, their little plan appeared to be a brilliant call.

     Eight years later they would realize how wrong they could be.  IF these lord of the ring, leaders allowed history to follow its course, permitting Hillary Clinton to run in 2008, surely they would have been guaranteed ownership of the White House for eight years.  And, as a result, claiming bragging rights for being the political party, first to  elevate a woman to office of President of the United States.

     In the 2016 Presidential political cycle, Democrats could have claimed another milestone--nominating, and most likely dropping off the first black American President at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The power broker's grip on unorganized ruler-ship probably would have extended at least through 2024.  And only a hallucinating soothsayer might attempt to predict what sort of freak, these schemers might have waiting in the wings for this nation's future. 

     Fortunately, the United States of America, does not have to fear facing that uncertain day, because of  Donald J. Trump's victory one year ago, on this day. 


     Yes indeed.  The United States of America, without question, dodged a bullet by not allowing Hillary Clinton, and her band of crazies to deny future generations the freedoms we have fought so diligently to preserve.

     God bless our President, Donald John Trump--and God Bless the United States of America.

Friday, October 27, 2017

NY Post Columnist is right on target about Hillary's "Crushing defeat."

      And, as we recently predicted at Obiter Dictum, the dominoes are beginning to fall.

     "Hillary couldn't beat Trump with the political dirt she secretly
purchased during the campaign, so she tried to cripple his presidency
with help from an overwhelmingly anti-Trump media.  Framing Trump as some sort of modern-day KGB plant was an easy sell, since the pro-
Democrat media were also searching for a scapegoat to rationalize the
crushing defeat of their shared liberal agenda at the polls."

                                           PAUL SPERRY -- New York Post (10/26/17)

     Continue reading Sperry's full article at link: