Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day--burn a Telephone Directory

This year a decision was made by members of this household to save a few trees in observance of Earth Day, by protesting continued production of telephone directories.

Be honest--when was the last time you actually consulted a 'phone book' to look up a number.

Computer research makes these 'necessities' of the past, obsolete. A good example might be those volumes of encyclopedias stashed away, gathering dust, in your hall closet.

My residence is located at an intersection of four counties here in Florida, making me the unlucky recipient of, no less than a half dozen of these outdated relics from the past.

So to my friends who have set out to hug a tree on this Earth Day 2010, perhaps a better display of love and affection might be a resounding appeal to your local telephone company (do any really still exist) and demand they cease publication of this antiquated dinosaur of days gone by!

What do you think?

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