Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiger wants you to forgive, and to buy new Nikes--So where's the wagging finger?

Tiger wants you to forgive, and to buy new Nikes

There really is a place in politics for Tiger Woods.

In only five short months, Woods pulled off what it took Bill Clinton literally years to do--put on a somber face, look his adoring public in the eye, appear remorseful and head back to business as usual.

For the former U-S President, his (sorta) public confessions, paved the way for uncountable dollars to flow into an already swollen bank account....much of which probably found a more secure home at a Swiss Bank.

These observations are not about the 'sly fox,' but rather a new generation of media savvy characters who learned how to use that avenue to convince an always gullible public, indiscretions were not their fault, but rather the result of some outside element

Without a doubt, women who were seduced by this duffer, were all well aware of his station in life and status of marital and family life. But they were only too eager to tee off with arnold, even without using a palmer! Surely coming as a slice into the rough for these wannabe caddies, only too willing to towel dry Wood's irons!

Fast forward to Augusta, and return to business. Thousand of Tiger's minions literally payed countless dollars to stroll along perimeters of fairways, if only to get a glimpse of this once assumed faithful husband and loving father, only to later learn he is nothing more than perhaps, a rich stabled stud.

The only wagging finger in this story comes from those who gaze upon his dalliances as a look beyond a once locked door into the life of a sad, and as some believe, pathetic public figure:

'Scumbag.. he deserves everything that's coming to him.. and worse!'

By Corri.. Posted April 11 2010 at 12:29 AM.

That reader comment in a British newspaper might summarize how many observers feel about 'the Tiger,' but then again.....did you hear, he almost won the Masters!

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