Friday, May 14, 2010

City of Los Angeles Boycotts Arizona - Council bans city travel, future contracts

City of Los Angeles Boycotts Arizona - Council bans city travel, future contracts

Newser) – There are boycotts, and then there are Boycotts. Arizona is facing one of the capital B variety over its immigration law—by the city of Los Angeles. The council today banned most city travel to the state and future contracts with Arizona companies, reports the Los Angeles Times. Current contracts worth $58 million—many at LAX or the Port of Los Angeles—were spared but will be reviewed. During debate, council members tossed around comparisons to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

“Los Angeles is the second-largest city in this country, an immigrant city, an international city. It needs to have its voice heard,’’ said Councilman Ed Reyes. “As an American, I cannot go to Arizona today without a passport. If I come across an officer who’s having a bad day and feels that the picture on my ID is not me, I can be…deported, no questions asked. That is not American."


The Left coast buffoons have finally gone off the deep end and hopefully this insane and Un-American action will backfire and return to haunt, and follow them right to bankruptcy court doorsteps.

Anything labeled 'made in California' is now off limits to many American consumers. You see L-A.....this game wasn't just made for two, and you and your economy will pay for this foolish move.

A vast majority of true Americans strongly support actions taken in Arizona. If there is any justice remaining in the Universe, perhaps all these nomads leaving Arizona will find their way to L-A! When these human parasites drain every last peso from your already empty coffers, perhaps the taxpaying citizens of Los Angeles will awaken and realize what fools they have been and will begin acting as citizens of America, rather than flower children hippie-characters of the 60s!

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