Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A switch-hitter on the Supreme Court might be a solution.....

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan

POLITICO: Softball question - Ben Smith - Softball question
Who cares about Kagan's sexual orientation. Leave it to our 'leftist media' to run interference for the Obama Administration highlighting a storyline such as this in order to skirt the fact she has no prior experience as a judge. Besides, many would say this unbalanced Supreme Court is long over due on a switch hitter taking a seat in the dug-out!

Consistently voting 'left or right' is probably responsible for most present day negative issues in today's America. Unfortunately, today's jurist base their opinions on personal emotions and ideology, rather than looking to our Constitution, where 'all men were created equal.'

So at the end of the day, most people don't give a damn whether Elena Kagan wears panties or BVD cotton briefs under her black robe. Most importantly, are her decisions based on principles established in the heart of our Republic....the United States of America Constitution.

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