Sunday, April 24, 2016

Target's new PEE where you PLEEZE policy. UPDATE: Follow newly added link to Boycott Target

*     According to Peter Coleman, in an article entitled 'What is Political Correctness?' the writer concludes that, "The Politically Correctors do not give that right (right to differ) a high priority. It distresses their programmed minds. Those who do not conform should be ignored, silenced or vilified. There is a kind of soft totalitarianism about Political Correctness.

       He continues, the Politically Correct are self-righteous in a quasi-religious spirit.. A sort of vanguard of enlightenment, they do not accept the judgment of voters (unenlightened) or consumers (selfish) and are prepared to impose reforms against the public will, You can’t make an omelette’, as someone used to say,’ without breaking eggs.’
  (This article can be read in its entirety here:

 "It is time to get back to NORMAL!"


In a Totally (unrelated) sighting.....

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