Sunday, March 10, 2013

Barack Obama and the First Family live in a fortress...your family occupies an invisible space, known as a Gun-Free Zone!

     As much as we all hate to face the cold hard facts of reality, we are not privy to those luxuries extended to the elites of our society.

     And lets face it folks, you do not get much higher on the privileged ladder in this country than winning life's lottery--better known as being elected hand chosen to occupy that Presidential fortress in Washington, lovingly referred to by many as, the White House.

     We don't have any secret escape hatches, generously afforded to our Regal representative--Barack Obama.  No trap doors under the Presidential desk... secret tunnel system, leading from the oval office to, who-the-hell-knows where?  Maybe McDonalds or some other favorite Presidential retreat.

     Agreed...we do not have  extravagant and expensive security, extended to our royal family--you know, like Barack, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, Bo and Minnie Castevet, er, ah, Mrs. Robinson (lovingly known to many as the Nanny of Rosemary's baby), wrong photo...make that read--Marian Lois Robinson

....BUT fortunately for us, the brilliant Liberal-thinking loons in Washington have given us....wait for it....
You are privileged to live in a 

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