Friday, March 11, 2016

46,000 Pennsylvania Democrats switch To Republican presumably to support Donald Trump

     According to, "Nearly 46,000 Pennsylvania Democrats have gone Republican since the start of 2016, twice as many as have shifted the other way.

     Much of this movement is being attributed to the rise of Donald Trump and the so-called "Ditch and Switch" movement, which leans on lifelong Democrats to abandon the party, register Republican and help ensure Trump's place in the November general election."  Keep reading here:

     Can we prematurely assume, following 8 years of miserable leadership by the Democrat Cult, their herd of 'SHEEPLE' have finally decided it is time to move on, and search for greener pastures with Republicans?  Or might this be just another scam conjured up by those who hi-jacked the once good and decent majority of the Democratic Political Party of your ancestors?

     Those of us who have been wide awake for the past few decades, and viewing with amazement  a huge segment of our fellow Americans duped by a political party masquerading as a champion of the people...the little guy...the blue collar workers....the under privileged (fill in the blank with necessary voting constituency of the day), the downtrodden, the uptrodden, the in-between-trodden, etc., etc., etc.  will only believe this so called mass political awakening, when on November 8, 2016, the Clampets  Clintons are finally...once and for all...tossed into the dustbin of history,* along with all previous monumental flops foisted upon the trusting citizens of this great nation.

 For the good of this nation, and all mankind, let us all pray,
between now and November 8, 2016,

will continue to

 *  “Someone once said that every form of government has one characteristic peculiar to it and if that characteristic is lost, the government will fall. In a monarchy, it is affection and respect for the royal family. If that is lost the monarch is lost. In a dictatorship, it is fear. If the people stop fearing the dictator he'll lose power. In a representative government such as ours, it is virtue. If virtue goes, the government fails. Are we choosing paths that are politically expedient and morally questionable? Are we in truth losing our virtue? . . . If so, we may be nearer the dustbin of history than we realize.” 
                   ~~ U-S President Ronald Wilson Reagan

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