Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Democrat Cult's Massive Blue Wave is beginning to look more like Trump's resurgent RED SEA

     Despite optimistic polling data which had Democrat Cult leaders all fired up a few months ago, most recent numbers might suggest a more dismal picture.

     One reason for this apparent sudden reversal ironically could have been caused by the Democrats overzealous and insatiable thirst for victory, and a rabid hatred for the man, Donald Trump, who may be the overseer of the jackass party's demise.

     If you are one of those diehard Schumer Liberals still getting your daily news from drive-by media pit stops like CNN and MSNBC, you probably have not heard much in the way of real news about a massive behind the scenes movement, which appears to have pulled the plug on the Democrats, in particular, and seems to be resulting in a draining of that portion of the so-called swamp.

     The movement is simply known as #walk away.

    Here is the best explanation we have found for what appears to be, this mass exudes from the 'Rat's nest.'

 “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight 
till it be morrow." --William Shakespeare