Thursday, October 19, 2017

Frederica Wilson (D-Skank-Fl) The gloves are off

The President of the United States phones the widow of a fallen soldier to express his words of condolences, and once again, lunatics on the Left make a mockery of civility.

     No, are the 'sick one.'  I for one, am sick and tired of listening to two bit, token legislators, such as yourself, insulting and degrading the President of the United States. 

     Fine, we got it a long time ago, you don't like him; your mentally challenged Liberal colleagues (Political and Media) detest him; your freeloading constituents who continue sending your do-nothing ass back to Congress, can not stomach him (unless he chooses to hand out free stuff).  But he is my President--Donald J. Trump is also YOUR President, whether you choose to accept this as reality, or continue to live in a nonexistent failed Utopian world of his predecessor, Barack Obama. 


       My President, Donald J. Trump; YOUR President, Donald J. Trump...Frederica, took time out of his busy schedule today to call the widow of a fallen soldier, a man who voluntarily signed on to a job...a job which requires its employees to put their lives on the line to defend this United States of America, and yes Frederica, even useless political hack cowards like you.

     Quoting a commenter from the Washington Examiner website,  (President) "Trump would never disparage a military family, but this corrupt pig of a Congresswoman has shown a history of lying and hating throughout her time in Congress." 

     Frederica Wilson, the self-styled rodeo queen of South Florida, has been out of the public eye for the past few years.  The last time she crawled out from under a pile of dung was in 2012, when she also felt compelled to elbow her way into the Treyvon Martin side-show event.  And despite her best efforts to start a race riot during the trial of Martin's shooter, George Zimmerman, calm prevailed and this defendant was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. 


IMPEACH 45 !!!

"Trump" Catch Phrase of the Day


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hillary Rodham Clinton might have been a mere historical footnote, if not for the tragic death of JFK Jr.

The charismatic John F. Kennedy Jr, with his Hollywood good looks, and magnetic personality; appealing to a wide range of different people, and obvious link to the influential Kennedy family...his father, the assassinated 35th President of the United States....made him an unbeatable shoo-in for US Senator of New York, if that was his desire.

     "John F. Kennedy Jr. had already publicly stated a desire to run for Pat Moynihan's Senate seat should he retire. 

     Had Kennedy done so, he would have probably won, and Hillary Clinton's grab of the NY Senate seat as a stepping stone in her run for the White House would have failed." (Read more: John F. Kennedy Jr.: Evidence Of A Cover up)* 

A suspicious plane crash on July 16, 1999--surrounded by controversy and dispute--claimed the life of the young Kennedy,  clearing the way for Hillary Clinton to capture the Democrat's nomination for US Senator, and a walk-in favorite to claim that title.

       As stated in an earlier article at Obiter Dictum, "Hillary Rodham Clinton has had more than average personal relationships with individuals who have abrupt and untimely dates with destiny.  Is it simply a coincidence that this woman always seems to be rubbing shoulders with her opponent's unfortunate 'incidents?'"

"While visiting London, Hillary falls down steps" 

"Running down the stairs"


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Is 'Granny' pushing her luck?

     If this pestering exploitative shrew does not voluntarily fade away, perhaps the time has arrived for law abiding people of this nation to demand a closer look at her shady life history.

     Whether you are an arm chair conspiracy theorist, or simply a casual observer of daily news events, you must admit, Hillary Rodham Clinton has had more than average personal relationships with individuals who have abrupt and untimely dates with destiny.  Or is it simply a coincidence that this woman always seems to be rubbing shoulders with 'incidents,' which would land most average citizens behind bars.

     Just the other day, when reminded about her husbands legal entanglements involving numerous accusations of sexual misconduct which reportedly occurred while serving as Governor of Arkansas, and continuing into the Oval office as President of the United States.....Hillary dismissed the question as 'Old News.'

     If her husband's alleged sexual escapades are to be poo pooed away as nothing more than "old news", maybe someone should inform this feeble-minded old crazy person that every history book ever published, from cover to cover is a collection of, what can only be described as 'old news.'  This is probably why Liberals work feverishly to rewrite, and change our nation's history.

     Miss Crazy might want to thumb through all those other silly useless pages reporting 'old news' reports about the birth of a nation, a Declaration of Independence, a Civil War, tragedy, strife, personal sacrifice and when she arrives at the year 1998, she can once again relive the lie she worked so hard to discount and cover up.  

     And for those too young to remember this time in our nation's history, and before the history is totally distorted and rewritten, here is a tiny snippet of WHAT HAPPENED, the day Hillary Rodham Clinton's husband--Impeached President William Jefferson Clinton attempted to brush aside his indiscretions with a 21 year old female intern.

     So keep talking Granny.  Instead of accepting your humiliating defeat, and simply taking your place among all those other pages of "Old News" in history books already written, you may find yourself finally answering for all the destroyed lives you and your husband selfishly kicked aside.

     For the time being, the choice is yours.  No one can predict what the future holds in store for you, but we Americans want to move on.  It's probably only a matter of time before YOU--Miss Crazy--will be 'Harvey Weinsteined' by one of your loyal insiders who finally says ENOUGH.

* Inspired by a similar online meme; creator unknown