Friday, July 31, 2009

We'll never know if the operation would have been a success!

Many opponents of current health care legislation being proposed in Congress say there's just too much fine print leading to massive confusion amongst an already confused public. This is probably by design because if most people were aware of actual content, this health bill would certainly be dead on arrival before reaching the emergency room for a congressional vote.

There are those who say these so called solutions will only lead to an overloaded system. Everyone clamoring to get their 'free' health care from an overburdened crop of physicians. The group probably most at risk for reduced care under a new system will be the nation's elderly. Some fear, because of their age, attention they previously would have received will now be brushed aside as 'wasting limited resources on someone who has reached the last act of their longevity.

In countries where socialized medicine has been practice for many year--countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Sweden--countless horror stories are told by those who have been either informed they'd have to wait, or in some cases, because they are 'too old,' just do without.

An 83 year old Swedish woman was faced with this dilemma and took matters into her own hands. She paid for surgery at a private hospital, after being refused by the State, and is doing just fine, despite being told by doctors in the system that she 'wasn't eligible' for surgery.

Read her story here:

Few will disagree our health system needs serious attention in America, but rushing to amputate the patients leg as treatment for a black and blue mark can hardly be considered 'good medicine.' Personally I've lived by this credo my entire life. "If you can't do something right, don't do it at all!'

Friday, July 24, 2009

Swine Flu--Obama's Ace in the Hole

While a controversial national health care debate rages in Congress, and critics prematurely claim defeat for President Barack Obama's initiatives to get a plan signed into law, they might be well advised to remember Obama has proven himself to be somewhat of a master at sleight of hand.

It has long been my contention, this man is also a skillful guide of diversion. He very well could have been drafted by any NFL team looking for a star to run interference. While defense is looking at him to carry the ball, actual execution calls for another to bring the play to full fruition and an eventual score which wins the game.

This is exactly what I believe Obama and his team of advisers are successfully executing with their drive to ram this health care issue through Congress. Unfortunately for his critics, while the name calling and accusations steam to a boiling point, no one seems to be focusing on the one issue which would turn public opinion around and throw maximum support behind the President's health drive.

Return of the Swine Flu, or for those who were just getting used to referencing the pandemic of our century as H1N1, this will surely be Obama's Ace in the Hole. As cases begin to increase in the fall, just as earlier predicted, and hospitals begin to activate bells and whistles alerting the populace of our dire need for mass vaccination, you will then see President Obama 'spring into action,' declaring a state of emergency, ordering all Americans to be inoculated to ward off this insidious malady.

A grateful American public naturally will be convinced, only a machine as large as the United States government is capable of handling a situation as complex and enormous such as this. The dawning of a new day will obviously be seen ushering in a national health care system in this country.

For those of you with short memories--the Swine Flu began as a major news story in this country several months ago, however reporting on the subject conveniently has been reserved for a quiet room in the back of the house. Meanwhile, in England alone, this past week has seen a doubling of case to 100, 000.

So what is the focus of news attention in our country this week--a local Massachusetts snippet, elevated to national importance by, who else, the master of diversion, Barack Obama himself!

See you in September!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A few suggestions for Ahmadinejad

Could someone please pass content of this blog entry along to newly re-elected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad This man is destined to live a lonely life, friendless, if he continues down this path of perpetual regurgitation of insults!

According a Reuters news account, Ahmadinejad is quoted as saying about his alleged foes, "But I have told the enemies ... that this nation ... will strike you in the face so hard you will lose your way home," he said in comments translated by English-language Press TV.

Someone, anyone, please furnish this man with a copy of Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Or perhaps a quickie apologetic course with Barack Obama would, at the very least set this man on a path to carrying on a civilized conversation, which doesn't consist of remarks, inevitably concluding with displaying his ability to 'spit in someones face!' Ahmadinejad normally prefers a Jew for his saliva spraying fest, but when one is not available, anyone in the West will suffice.

Then this man wonders why there has been a massive uprising amongst his nation's people. For Allah's sake Ahma, step into the 21st Century. If you haven't noticed lately, humans around the globe have surrendered their clubs and fur-lined Togo's for garb which most resembles changes brought about by the course of time. You and your turban-clad religious bros' continue to insult your people, and an entire country by constantly attempting to hold on to the past by dragging evolution back to the stone age.

If there is a god in heaven, and most humans believe in some type of higher being, (fortunately that chosen and most acceptable form of enlightenment does not appear, staff in hand with a newly severed head dangling from his blood-soaked digits), the Iranian people will prevail, and we can all hope that you and your kind are returned to the fiery hell from where you surly escaped.

Praise Allah!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Al Gore is the Chicken Little of our times!

Don't know why I must preface this statement, but as we all know, there are two sides to every story, or in this case, theory.

The Theory, and that is all which this is: Global warming, and mans part in how his actions or inaction are affecting the life of this planet. If you are on the side which believes we are indeed responsible for respecting this world and keeping it 'neat and clean' and presentable for generations to come, I'll stand on that side of the aisle.

However, if you take the opposite position, everyone with an opposing view is a fool, idiot, uneducated, and every description one might be able to attach to those saying, much more study is necessary before making radical moves.

Probably the person who pushes his way to the forefront in this debate, and equally as obnoxious in his views, is Albert Gore. In my opinion, this man is a hypocrite and at the same time a genius. He is a loser who refused to accept defeat and was brilliant in his quest to become a very rich man.

That being said, and to all his followers, any sane thinking person must ask, "what could make you so conceited to think you, or what you do, has any effect on this great big blue marble which has been in existence for billions of years?" Only a fool such as Gore and his blinded followers can subscribe to such dribble.

So, what could possible be responsible for this movement? A wise person once told me, and this applies to all issues in life, Follow the Money!

Friday, July 10, 2009

"......I, Am an American"

Barack Obama continues to present a one-sided argument on the subject of world climate change and the environment. A one man crusader, preaching his slanted beliefs, words echoed for his party and the farthest left reaches of all environmental extremist. Unfortunately Mister President, in your world, there is only one opinion....your opinion, and for the millions of people who don't share your philosophy, there is no room for debate.

And once again you travel throughout the world making apologies for America. Speaking last night in L'Aquila, Italy before a worldwide audience, you allude to the so called carbon footprints. One of those cute catchy little phrases made popular by another of your cronies, Al Gore. The Elmer Gantry who preaches at the alter of the almighty dollar, in the name of his destiny to save this world. The very fact this man is associated with any cause should be suspect by any sane thinking person. As Al continues to preach, prosper and build his fortunes for generations of 'Gores yet born,' your proposals for supposedly saving the earth is to sacrifice your own citizens, via taxation, into a state of twentieth century Socialism.

In his speech, Obama so eloquently reprimands his own country by saying, "in the past, the United States has sometimes fallen short of meeting our responsibilities."

What are you apologizing for Mister President. Are you apologizing for the American people who, while trying to carve their way through an untouched land toiled and labored to make this the greatest country which the world has ever witnessed. Are you apologizing Mister President that while people in other parts of the world were still crawling from their cave dwellings, we Americans were building and crafting what would become the most industrialized nation to ever exist. Are you apologizing Mister President that all the innovations developed in this country and shared with our neighbors around the world have improved living for untold millions of human beings. I'm am sorry Mister President if you are embarrassed by people in this country using their God given abilities to think, work and share those inventions which improve conditions for all mankind. If you are apologizing because women in this country are still not transporting infants over their shoulders down to a riverbank to pound clothing on the rocks on laundry day, then perhaps I owe you an apology Mister President, if that is where you believe mankind should be. Using your apologetic philosophy Mister President, we would still be reading by candlelight and harnessing a horse with buggy to make our way through Hillary Clinton's 'Village'.

We live in the 21st century Mister President. And if you haven't noticed the multitude of luxuries available to you at your every beck and call, perhaps someone should remind you, without the ingenuity of American people, you'd still be in the first leg of your months long voyage after setting sail for Europe. Perhaps being transported along your way by a horse drawn vehicle, days and weeks before reaching a destination. So before you make apologies for MY country, perhaps you should take a long look at where you would be if not for the genius of those people who elevated you to this noble position, only to hear you cast ridicule time and time again for our endeavors. Giving more to this World than any other assemblage of people, at any time in history.

My ancestors arrived in this country in the 19th century from Europe. Some of them were farmers, and some worked and died in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. Regardless of what might have been their station in life, they all contributed to make this country the great land which it is today. So please Mister President. Don't insult my heritage by arrogantly orating on foreign soil how, somehow in your mind these hard working Americans, as you say "....sometimes fell short of meeting our responsibilities." Perhaps one day when you grow and mature beyond this naive world in which you now reside, you will come to appreciate what great people WE Americans are.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

'Memorial like a macabre circus' (The Sun)

Fearing wrath of dedicated Michael Jackson fans, my comments surrounding his demise have been limited. However when reading the Drudge Report this morning, this news item from a UK publication bolted from the pages and expressed my opinion, probably better than I could have stated myself.

For those of you who don't read 'The Sun,' here is that portion of its article which pretty much sums up yesterday's carnival-like display (highlights and emphasis are mine):

"AEG, Kentucky Fried Chicken, The Staples Center and Brooke Shields' career all received priceless PR adrenaline injections.

And a world record was broken for the most people wearing sunglasses indoors.

I did notice one fitting tribute to all the parasites who sucked money and life out of Jacko during his troubled life."

It was my intention to include a picture of this mourning ritual, but due to copyright laws, this was not possible.

Therefore, instead of an actual photo, let me just say, I haven't seen this many people sporting sunglasses (outside of Daytona Beach) since the Black Panthers pulled guard duty outside polling places on election day back in November when Barack Obama was sent on to victory.

One of the Jackson brothers (believe it might have been Jermaine, however with everyone wearing sunglasses, obviously appearing incognito, it was difficult to determine identity) was wearing a Jacko trademark 'glove.' Also fearing legal ramifications, I've included a reasonable facsimile of a 'similar glove,' in the upper right hand corner of this post.

Promise this will be the final blog entry you will see from your author on this subject. (Crossing fingers behind my back is difficult with only three fingers and a thumb)!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Standing class--screw those first class snobs!

My all-time favorite air carrier in the entire world, Irish based Ryanair, has done it again!

If their latest hair-brained idea gets wings, they will be selling tickets, which essentially, are standing class. Actually, you will be assigned to a bar stool. Word is that you will have security of a seat belt, or bar stool belt, whatever!

Some of Ryanair's previous brain-child's are, elimination of check-in counters and I suppose this next one dove tails with the overall idea of 'convenience,' adding a fee, for the privilege of checking in. Another swell proposal floated around the executive board room was to impose a 'charge for using the toilets.' Now there's one for you. If there is one function I go out of my way to avoid, it is using toilet cubicles on any aircraft. Transatlantic and its cousin, transpacific flights have never had the privilege of seeing my rear-end make contact with any of their depository devices. Granted, my kidneys have had a few disagreements with other vital organs, but I stood my ground and waited until arriving at my destination. Oh yes, and then getting the obvious advantage of using one of those immaculately spotless commodes at airports.

There may be a bright side to this latest proposal from Ryanair regarding standing class. Knowing their past record, the guy who proposed that toilet fee charge is said to be adding a little incentive to flyers by allowing children to fly half price, if you are willing to perch them on your shoulder! (okay, so I made that up)!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Obama: Deceiver, cheat, swindler, liar, fraudster, con-artist."

Reading a headline with so much antagonism attached to it might mislead an unsuspecting reader, suggesting it was the product of some American extreme right wing conservative source. However, that assumption would be incorrect.

Reportedly, this is a headline which appeared in an editorial published by the official Russian news agency Pravda. Not exactly the red carpet welcoming treatment extended to this President on his previous visits to Europe. Surely, the love and adoration exhibited most recently by the French and citizens of other visited countries, haven't made much of an impression on our friends in the Kremlin.

There seems to be indications his counterparts are willing to peer around corners rather than look straight on, when thoughts go back to the good old days of the Cold War. On the surface, they do appear to be at least receptive to civil dialogue with Barack Obama, but at what price to this nation. Based on previous movements of this President, we in America have learned to 'hold our breath' when he makes foreign journeys because we never know 'which guy will show up.'

And with such a low public opinion amongst the Russian population, will it seem necessary for a narcissist such as Obama to attempt a "Stuart Smiley" approach, cause 'gosh darn it, people like me.' At least they did when he performed at previous European and Middle Eastern engagements. So in a process of getting his own personal numbers up in Russia, what price can we Americans back home expect to pay. Not necessarily in (worthless) dollars, but in prestige.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

North Korean Threat?

Don't know about you, but it is difficult to take Kim Jong-il's megalomaniac-like threats seriously.

Sure, he fires off a few rockets/missiles now and then, but hey! Don't we all do just that very thing at one time or another. Even willing to wager that a few of you launched a few illegal 'missiles' for your family and friends enjoyment on the 4th!

Granted, I do get concerned when a million ants come stampeding out of their pile after its been disturbed, but this is nothing a little dose of Spetracide won't remedy. So when I see Kim Jong-ils version of ten thousand Macedonians marching in full battle array, my inclinations are to seek refuge in fear of this nail biting and knee knocking exhibition. But let's get serious Il! If you really want to come across as this centuries version of Attila the Hun, you've got to improve your choreography. Yeah, your Rockettes certainly have those cool goose steps committed to memory, but when you parade your weaponry for all the world to see, it might help if you update your convoy of transport vehicles from the '52 Ford pick-ups scavenged after the Korean War to something more current.

So there you have it. Until you entertain us with more manly vehicles such as Kias carting weapons of mass destruction through the streets of Pyongyang, please don't expect me to head for my bomb shelter...out back....behind the to my grandfather's '52 Ford pick-up!

What Sarah Palin represented was, an alternative (nothing more)!

Friday's sudden decision by Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin saying she will not only remove herself from reelection as that State's Governor, but also to resign at the end of July, came as a shock to many; the so called movers and shakers of the Republican party (quite honestly, following last year's Presidential election, if that party's nominee for the highest office was an indication of a 'mover and shaker,' they'd best be prepared to hang out their Sham-wow to dry for another four years).

Sarah Palin never was a serious choice by McCain as a running mate, but rather a crutch to help him limp across the finish line on election day. Quite honestly, McCain was never a serious choice by the Republicans to be their pick for the top spot either, but merely a shadow of what they did in an earlier Presidential election when they slipped Bob Dole in as 'their man!' When its all boiled down, this is the way the game is played, it 'was their time.' Neither of these men had a prayer to win; McCain in '08 and Dole against Clinton, but as far as the Republican party was concerned, they paid their dues and 'golly gee' (a little Sarah Palin lingo added here so we don't forget the reason for this writing) it was just the right thing to do. Elevate McCain to be big Kahonas at the scintillating shindig in Denver, better known as the party's convention (another worthless waste of time and money, but that's another topic for another time).

Anyone, of any importance in the Republican party knew McCain didn't have a prayer in stripping this election away from the charismatic Democratic Party's suave and smooth Barack Obama, so in essence, why waste your best stuff on a losing cause. So, Mitt Romney will just have to wait until the 2012 contest. Personally, Rudy Guilliani was my disappointment, quite honestly because he never got away from the starting gate. Rather, he sat on the sidelines playing shuffle board somewhere at the Villages in Florida, waiting to make his big move, which never came!

Many starry-eyed conservatives in the Republican party still see Sarah Palin as being their choice in '12, and this resignation is her first signal toward that end, a commencement of a bid for the nomination. Won't happen! Why? Let me count the ways! Firstly, she is not Presidential material (nice lady, good person, dedicated wife and mother, but 'soorey', as Jeopardy's Alex Trebek would say, she doesn't fit the cookie-cutter mold necessary to get a key to the White House. Secondly, it would be way too early for her to wet her finger, hold it in the air to see what direction public opinion is blowing and make a decision to set in motion a campaign for a race which is years in the future. Granted, many controversial issues are now happening which are really pissing off alot of Americans, but they are not quite ready, at this early date, to give up on Obama and start synchronously chanting Sar-ah...Sar-ah! Thirdly, if Obama's term appears to be heading down the crapper (and that won't come for at least another two years), expect to see Hillary Clinton licking her chops in anticipation of a tug of war over that coveted wish bone! When you see Hillary abdicating her cabinet position (and that will happen before she serves a full four year committment), then you can be sure Obama has dropped a few points in public popularity poles, and she is digging in for another run for the nation's highest office.

So with all due respect to Governor Palin, you, if nothing else and at the very least, made the '08 Presidential run interesting, but beyond that, best thought which comes to mind at this moment, as a result of your resignation is this, 'thanks for the memories!'

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Damn those pesky reporters!

Don't sit on the edge of your seat expecting anytime soon to see a repeat of Wednesday's 'grilling' of White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs.

For those of you who can be torn away from news of the day regarding demise of Michael Jackson (obligatory apology for insensitivity "....and we all regret the passing of a man so early in his prime...blah, blah, blah, etc.") Yes, other movements and motions are taking place on a daily basis since this regrettable news was learned late last week.

During Wednesday's White House news conference, President Barack Obama's press secretary Robert Gibbs was central to a rare oddity--a few 'hard-hitting' questions from, of all people, members of the White House press corp, or as I like to refer to them, "White House props." Interrogating the usual giddy Gibbs, he pulled a 'Pelosi,' telling these drifters off the reservation that the questions would be answered at another time, of course, designated by him.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi managed to temporarily dodge the bullet a few weeks back by using these very tactics stating, she will entertain no more questions on that topic (her earlier charges that the CIA is a bunch of liars). Of course, its not unusual for monarchs of the left to act in such a condescending manner. After all they are, following their own coronation, the political elite and how dare anyone question their authority.

So for those of you who got a sudden tingle of excitement when a few media-types actually posed questions of merit to the President's representative, break out the muscle relaxants and return to your muted positions. That's why the 'Right' is so top heavy with losers--their heads are always in the clouds, looking for rays of sunshine to enter their otherwise dark and murky days. With all due respect ('cause I'm in the mix there somewhere), the 'Left' is, by definition destined for that designation, so don't try to follow its perpetual misdirected lead!

Betting you 'a dime to a dollar,' this will be the last serious discussion you'll hear on these topics, and perhaps you'll see a few more voided areas in the news conference room, vacated for, what else, 'new White House props!'

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Face of Democratic Party finally revealed!

The expression on this man's face says it all for the Democratic Party. Everyday, life in the United States Congress can now be compared to such glib events as a 'Saturday afternoon kiddie party,' or any other such fun time coveted by a child's mind.

Eight months after this fiasco commenced, Minnesota courts have finally declared Al Franken as junior Senator from that formerly great state. Seems like there should be penalties levied against those states which, for whatever strange reason, saddle the rest of America with fulfilling some sort of childhood fantasy. Much like what Massachusetts has been doing to us for decades by sending Teddy Kennedy to Washington as their State's representative. There are several others, but I single out Massachusetts because, not only did they elect one jester, but repeated this distinction by raising John Kerry to that state's other Senatorial seat.

So now we finally have a true and bonafide comedian as the man who holds a pivotal position to vote in deciding perhaps the fate of, not only us, but considering the state of mind of Minnesota voters, our children and....well, we won't speculate beyond that generation because with this current crop of misfits charged with operating our country, there may be nothing beyond, other than entry into the black hole of extinction.