Friday, August 29, 2014

Cowardice, dishonor and ignorance are now labels proudly worn by the Republican Party.

Ronald Wilson Reagan
America's last honorable/patriotic President

    Actually, the Grand Old Party began its downward spiral the day Ronald Wilson Reagan passed the mantle of governing to his Vice President, George H.W. Bush.

                              George H.W. Bush
               Symposiarch of 'The New World Order"

     The current occupier of America's Presidential residence, armed with an arsenal of Executive Orders, many believe, is nothing less than treasonous to this nation, however, H-W Bush set the stage for Obama--hand-picked lackey, and the New World Order's  paradigm time-traveling-Socialist, who had all necessary ingredients qualifying him to deliver a final knock-out punch, for what now is viewed by alert patriots as the systematically planned destruction of this nation.

     Reading his lips wasn't necessary.  Words which flowed from the lips of this Bush, were cold and calculated when he confidently announced his vision of a NEW WORLD ORDER: 


     Following this subversive declaration, it was a relatively simple journey, arriving perhaps a few years later than anticipated, but for these manipulative conspirators, patience has become a standard modus operandi

     Former Senator, Joe Biden described him--Barack H. Obama, as "...the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.  I mean, that's a storybook, man."  In other words, the perfect puppet to rally minorities (of all colors), fascists-in-waiting, and of course, generations of guilt-ridden Caucasians finally given an opportunity to 'right-the-wrongs' of, what they were brain-washed into believing, were reflections of their racist ancestors

"The Ugly-- transformational town-crier"
     This magical pill was easy to swallow when Obama confidently promised to not only CHANGE THIS COUNTRY, BUT CHANGE THE WORLD--finally H.W. Bush's bone-chilling vision fulfilled: 
     'Cowardice, dishonor and ignorance,' previously reserved labels proudly worn as a badge of honor by a subservient Democratic party, are perhaps more aptly applied to the likes of current leaders of that once, Grand Old Party.

      If these imposters truly were off-spring of honorable and authentic patriots like Ronald Reagan, they would have stepped up to the plate and challenged Obama on every lie as soon as it left his stuttering lips.  And although this 'preacher of the people' is perpetually promising to punish the wealthiest few among us, by redistributing their supposed ill-gotten riches, he himself is their subservient broker, and relishes the perks showered upon him and his family, just as his predecessors basked in the rays of their lying promises of a Utopian society--that NEW WORLD ORDER.

      Instead of standing against such blatant tyranny, the so-called 'New Republicans' have joined ranks with a veneered ideology wholesaled as Democracy, but rather has progressively morphed into what is 'the new world order' George H.W. Bush so proudly announced to a naive and innocent citizenry.  

     And unless sleeping Americans are awakened, and if it is not already too late, Capitalism and freedom, hand-in-hand, will experience a slow and painful death--recipients of tombstones, right alongside others once thought infallible and indestructible... societies like Athens and Rome.


For God's Sake

Who will scoop up this mess left by Unicorns and careless Pixie-dusters?

Second term edition

All this bizarre pundit fantasizing the past few days has me a bit concerned and wondering if perhaps Barack Obama could be secretly harboring a psychological disorder commonly described as Peter Pan Syndrome.

    All things considered, Obama has quietly exhibited, if not flaunted an occasional outward, inwardness, maybe hoping to be a kind of Peter Pan, who most will remember as a lost boy, a man who can't or won't grow up.  Nothing bad, regardless of how corrupt or criminal is his fault, but when there is a glimmer of pixie dust floating around with good news, surely those accomplishments are to his credit.

     Could this be why Barack Obama, a grown man with more power than probably anyone on Earth, when confronted with extreme problems of the day, does not consult with the best and brightest minds available to him for guidance, but rather searches for a secure place to hide, often among people resembling  gossiping women on 'The View.'

     And when intense questioning might allow the slightest peek into his cloaked soul, he goes not to intelligent questioning minds of his supposed peers, but instead shows up at places like Nickelodeon, a kids TV channel?  Leftist comedians such as David Letterman and Bill Mahar are considered more adept at scrutinizing his character, than boorish adult-types-- represented by notables, such as Charles Krauthammer and Walter Williams.

     People displaying Peter Pan Syndrome characteristics, "break societal norms to serve their own purposes and don't care much for the feelings and rights of others."  What better example than the most recent savage and barbaric beheading of James Foley. Rather than retaliating with a display of strength, showing this country's anger for such heinous actions, Obama chooses to pacify these killing monsters with a childlike 'lecture' of 'father-son discipline,' and 'let's not let it happen again.'  And in doing so, believing in his mind this was a severe display of retaliation for their unthinkable crime.  He then rushes back to the fairway to take in the back nine.

     Mirroring his alter ego Peter Pan, Obama
"wants all the power but is not willing to share the responsibilities, not ready to sacrifice and reject moral structures which are part of mature adulthood."

     The anonymous author of this characterization surely must have had Barack Obama, or maybe even a boy named ' Barry Soetoro' in mind when he made those observations, and conclusions.

     "People suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome are mentally fully developed adults who often carry professional activities requiring strong intellectual skills."

     Some critics might liken a fantasy character such as Peter Pan to our current President, "They do not feel sorry for inappropriate actions but blame others for their shortcomings. This helps them take the focus away from their own limitations and vulnerabilities. They may resort to [alcohol] or drug abuse to escape from the challenges of daily life. They can be successful businessmen with a childlike view of the world. Their success often stems from their refusal to lead a 9 to 5 life."

     No one, especially American citizens who have such deep love for this country, cherishes the thought of viewing their leader as 'fantasy from someone's pen.' However, reflecting on that 2008 gibberish about 'hope and change,' one can only conclude, the man was definitely on a course to spend more time with Wendy and Captain Hook, than focusing attention on complex adult problems smothering this country and its people.

     In 2012, Americans entered voting booths, and maybe for reasons only known to a psycho-passive-aggressive fairy godmother of sorts, decided  they wanted to continue nocturnal escapades with an animated fictitious character, rejecting a real life flight, with a real living person whose vision captured reality for many sane-thinking Americans.

      Unfortunately, what followed was nothing more than a sudden burst of pixie dust, quickly carried away by winds of fantasy.      

     "All the time the Peter Pan overachiever is looking for another eternal child with whom he can run away." Only to play another 18 holes.

     Most readers of this fairy tale, would mistakenly assume OUR Peter Pan would select his Michelle to fill that role, but if we were casting this dream, my perfect Wendy for Pete, most likely would be someone even more narcissistic than our under-achiever in Chief.......Valerie Jarrett.
"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story."
                                                                                                    -- Orson Welles --
Many Americans are probably disappointed this story 
was not STOPPED
at the conclusion of ACT ONE