Friday, November 30, 2012

"The UN is Not our Friend...It is Populated Overwhelmingly with Thugs, Genocidal Maniacs and other Freaks"

So says lawyer, author and Conservative talk show host, Mark Levin.

Obviously we are in complete agreement with Mister Levin, however one slight adjustment might be appropriate regarding an additional target for his sharp and astute criticism.

     Following the November 6th election hustle which witnessed Barack H. Obama reelected reinthroned as President of the United States, it might be more appropriate to re-direct Levin's words as follows:

"The UNITED NATIONS  UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is Not our Friend...It is Populated Overwhelmingly with Thugs, Genocidal Maniacs and other Freaks"

Thomas Jefferson had this warning for future generations in America: 

     "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

While Susan Rice was choking on her silver spoon, my ancestors were asphyxiating on coal dust!

     Someone should inform Susan Rice and like-minded affluent Black Americans sharing her blurred understanding of this country's history,  and for just a moment, step out of that distorted world of monochromatic hypocrisy where she lives, and get a dose of reality.

     The so-called slaves in this country were emancipated over a hundred years ago, but people living in Susan Rice's world have this notion that every other ethnic group which came to this country somehow instantly were introduced to wealth and opulence.  Rice apparently is confusing their struggles with her apparent unfamiliarity with a lack of abundance throughout her life.

     "Her father was a governor of the Federal Reserve a World Bank official, and her mother was a senior vice president of Control Data Processing. Rice won a coveted Rhodes Scholarship in December 1985."*

     According to Rice, "...failing to teach Black Studies in school(to white students), she argued, had negative consequences for the self-esteem of black children."  What the hell would Susan Rice know about struggles of ANY children, coming from her world of self-indulgence and living every day with the satisfaction of knowing her every desire would be honored.

      If people such as Susan Rice, Michelle and Barack Obama, and a host of other pampered Black Americans would pause for one moment, remove those chips from their shoulders, and begin regarding EVERYONE in this country as backbone, rather than yellow streaks on one's back, maybe we, as a country, could finally emerge from the racial divide they constantly create.

     These children are my ancestors Susan Rice no they are not members of some black minstrel show from another era in this country's history.  That is not grease paint slathered over their faces, in some sort of mockery of the black race.  Those are the children who were themselves Slaves in this country. No less than those picking cotton alongside their parents in the Southern fields of America.

     Where is your sensitivity toward these children Susan Rice?  In your world they never existed.  In Barack and Michelle Obama's world they were nothing more than fantasies created in the minds of rich, upper-class white story tellers in this country.

     Susan Rice believes, according to her own words, “The greatest evil in omitting or misrepresenting Black history, literature, and culture in elementary or secondary education is the unmistakable message it sends to the black child. The message is ‘your history, your culture, your language and your literature are insignificant. And so are you."

     Seems to me Susan Rice, if Black History was 'misrepresented' by anyone in this country, it came from minds such as yours.  Nobody, but people from your world, actually believed black children's 'language and literature were insignificant' more than those children working in unimaginable conditions of the nations coal mines.

     If anyone is owed an apology Susan Rice, it would be those children, who later contracted medical maladies and succumbed from conditions inflicted upon them by their 'masters' of that ugly period in our country's history.

     Living in your world, you and those in your circle of affluent friends and family should today recognize the memory of these Americans who actually contributed to building this great nation.  Unfortunately, those words of praise will probably never be delivered by you, because these people, at the end of the day, were really insignificant to you, and also the Barack and Michelle Obamas of this great country.

     But really, that's okay with me also, because in my world, you too are quite insignificant!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Drag a couple Iranian rials through a Chicago slum district, you never know what 'senior advisor to the President' you'll find."

     Someone once said, “When you begin a journey of revenge, start by digging two graves: one for your enemy, and one for yourself.” 
                             Valerie Jarrett
     So when Senior White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett is said to have told Obama reelection campaign volunteers,  “After we win this election, it’s our turn.  Payback time,” surely someone should have handed this pretentious bore an entrenching tool designed especially for someone possessing her unique background and character.

     We seem to find ourselves in a perpetual state of confusion, trying to account for mismanagement of our Federal Government, considering the vast reservoir of potential professionals at our disposal to keep this country operating like a finely  tuned Swiss watch.  Unfortunately, we have what might best be described as 'a need to drag along tattered baggage,' when top government officials are elected to this land's highest positions.

     Such a case might be made for Senior White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett, who her critics admiringly described as a quintessential "money-grabbing slumlord!"      "Valerie Jarrett reportedly was the chief executive of Habitat Co., which managed Grove Parc Plaza beginning in 2001...and co-managed an even larger subsidized complex in Chicago that was seized by the federal government in 2006, after city inspectors found widespread problems.  In the words of this video's producer, "Slum lords have gone to jail for forcing their tenants to live in squalor.  Apparently, in this country, instead of jail, you're appointed chief adviser to the President of the United States."*

                      Barack Obama with Valerie Jarrett

*Produced by Obama Files:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

America at one time was at the top of the heap in just about everything......

Did you ever think you'd live to see the day when Taiwan would actually be a BETTER PLACE TO BE BORN?

Is there any doubt, following four more years of the Obama regime, the United States of America will be hot on the heels of Nigeria for that
80th position!

Glenn Beck makes 'Obama Pee Pee Art'

The next four years are going to be so much fun, don't you think!
This lightweight and his FOLLOWERS
wanted four more years, so....
Get used to it!
LAUGH !!!!!!!!!!

U.S. Census Bureau reports nearly 15 million households on food stamps in 2011*


Ever notice how the Federal Government has a way of making something totally degrading to human beings look as though it is something completely contrary to what is really going on.
Take for instance the FOOD STAMP is now known as the
(Electronic Benefit Transfer)
...and while you're at it, remember.....

Obama says he'll do what it takes to avoid cliff


     If you can stomach any more of this bulls*it from these damn fools, go to the above link and read the latest baloney these people are trying to feed us.

     I'm about as interested as good old Cliff, pictured above.  Obama and his gang latch on to a cutesy catch word, and they smother us with it until the next news cycle.  

     We have four years to make fun of these losers.  Liberals are so laughable to begin with, so anytime one of your liberal acquaintances makes what he or she believes to be a profound statement, simple laugh at them.  That is my new plan for the next four years.  Just laugh.  You'll be surprise how good it will make you feel, and better still because it will piss the crap out of the Lib!

     Go ahead, try it................................................................................

SEE, I told you a little laughter would make Obama's next four years a bit easier to swallow! And maybe a few beers, like Cliff is doing, would also help.

Tale of 'TWO KITTIES'--An updated fable about a 'country mouse,' and her 'city rat' cousin

        Sarah Palin        Susan Rice

     Susan E. Rice, ambassador to the United Nations, criticized when appearing on several television interview programs and presenting alleged misleading information surrounding the deaths of four Americans assigned to our nation's diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.
     Partisan supporters of Rice on Capitol Hill have labeled anyone daring to fault the Ambassador for her short-sightedness, as being nothing less than Racists!  Despite later admitting her comments were not totally accurate, but rather, based on information available to her at the time she appeared on these programs.
     Oops, sorry, nothing to see here, end of story, so lets move along! Everyone on the Obama team making nice, hoping to kiss and make up with those legislators who will sit in judgement if the anticipated nomination comes for Ambassador Rice to become Hillary Clinton's replacement as Secretary of State.
     Let us not forget, an American Ambassador was brutally murdered, along with  three others assigned to the Libyan mission. Somehow their disappearance off the political radar screen was an incidental occurrence, making way for the more pressing issue of defending cherished credentials of an Obama Administration hack.  And of course, never should any good disaster be allowed to pass without screaming from the highest rooftops, that your opponents are RACISTS!  The truth be damned!!!! 

     Sarah Palin, former Governor of the State of Alaska and Republican Vice Presidential nominee in 2008.  Palin's only sin seems to be that she dared to appear on the national stage as an alleged woman who happened to have a large 'R' appearing before her name.

     A few examples:

Bill Maher, who personally contributed ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Obama's reelection campaign, called Palin "a C*nt, as well as saying she's a "dumb t*at" in his stand-up routine."

And then there is Chris Matthews (MSNBC), who called Sarah Palin a "mail-order bride" and many other derogatory names.

Even critics claiming to be women, such as Joy Behar called Sarah Palin “illiterate” while comparing her to “jock itch.”

Never allowing herself to be up-staged, the always 'slutty' Cher remarked, "Palin came on, and I thought, Oh, f*ck, this is the end. Because a dumb woman is a dumb woman.”

     In the end, Susan Rice may indeed be qualified to serve as Secretary of State, however when any future nominees appear before Congressional screening committees, each and every one, regardless of credentials, should be considered, not on merit, but whether they are endorsed by the likes of Liberal trash highlighted above.

     And maybe the most important question might be, whether they have ever been introduced to something known simply as 'class?' Someone once remarked, “Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.”
    Almost forgot about our little 'rodent' tale.  I think in the end, the CITY RAT gets caught up in a trap of its own making.  Don't you just love happy endings!
Palin came on, and I thought, Oh, f---, this is the end. Because a dumb woman is a dumb woman.”

Read more:
Palin came on, and I thought, Oh, f---, this is the end. Because a dumb woman is a dumb woman.”

Read more:
“Sarah Palin came on, and I thought, Oh, f---, this is the end. Because a dumb woman is a dumb woman.”

Read more:
“Sarah Palin came on, and I thought, Oh, f---, this is the end. Because a dumb woman is a dumb woman.”

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Maybe the headline should read.....‘Nine and a Half Men’ star suggests Americans ignore opinions handed down by 'Nine and a Half Men’

     Paraphrasing Angus T. Jones, co-star on a popular television program (Two and a half men), stop watching it because it is “filth.”
     Perhaps similar advice should be directed at government institutions which no longer represent best interest of the very people they have been entrusted to protect and serve.
     Most decent Americans agree, Roe vs. Wade--legalizing abortion in this country--was the most cowardly decision handed down by the United States Supreme Court since the cornerstone was positioned at the very birth of this unique Republic.  But others argue a later decision, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, was even more horrendous because 'justices who rendered Roe knew not what they were doing. The Court in Casey knew exactly what it was doing. It knew the jurisprudential stakes; it knew the moral arguments; it knew the reality of what abortion was and what abortion does. The justices did what they did with full knowledge of the consequences, with full awareness that the claimed right to abortion lacked any legitimate legal basis, and with full appreciation that the deaths of millions of unborn human children hung on their decision.'
     For the first time in modern history, a group of ill-advised and probably politically-motivated men, chose snuffing out new life, over violating a woman's so-called 'due process rights.'  Interpretation of those rights as they pertain to abortion have been so disfigured and diluted to the point that today, women represented by  self appointed women's rights activists like Sandra Fluke, consider this murderous act as a responsible, alternate method of birth control.
     Charges of political motivation may seem rather extreme to most liberal-thinking Americans, but as Ed Whelan articulates so clearly in a recent National Review column, "They did it for reasons of vanity, perception, power, and cowardice, cast as judicial duty. They did it because they thought more people, or more of the right people, would think better of them if they did what they thought wrong, rather than right."
     Angus Jones was introduced to his role in 'Two and a Half Men,' as a child actor and had no idea the role he was playing in that series was nothing more than another tear in America's moral fabric.  However, as a maturing adult, he now recognizes the damage so-called Hollywood entertainment is contributing to our nation's moral decay.
     Some people recognize mistakes made in the course of their daily lives, and work to rectify those errors.  Unfortunately for our Supreme Court justices, they apparently chose 'for reasons of vanity, perception, power, and cowardice' to
spit in the face of our founders and also the people who GAVE THEM the freedom to make a mockery of those words, 'IN GOD WE TRUST!'
     Today, should there be any wonder why 'Thomas Jefferson worried that the Courts would overstep their authority and instead of interpreting the law would begin making law an oligarchy ... (the rule of few over many.)'

Angus T. Jones, the half-man co-star of CBS’ “Two and a Half Men,” has asked fans to please stop watching “Two and a Half Men.”

Read more:
Angus T. Jones, the half-man co-star of CBS’ “Two and a Half Men,” has asked fans to please stop watching “Two and a Half Men.”

Read more:
Angus T. Jones, the half-man co-star of CBS’ “Two and a Half Men,” has asked fans to please stop watching “Two and a Half Men.”

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Monday, November 26, 2012

"Thou shalt not have strange gods"

               Jim Jones

                     Shoko Asahra
                                                   David Koresh
                                                      Joseph Kony
     These characters all seem to make one common mistake....They begin believing their 'worshipers' words of praise.  When they convince themselves they are 'the lamb of God,' they have set in motion their own demise.            
   "Thou shalt not have strange gods" 

 In dollars, Sandy 'worse than Katrina'

This guy was considered a 'dope' and incompetent, managing                                              KATRINA                                                However,
This guy--days from a reelection bid, has one of the worst economic records in the history of the United States of America....Highest Unemployment numbers during any reelection bid....Largest dollar per gallon of gasoline, and
 is dealt a massive East coast mega-storm--shows up for a picture opportunity, hugs a few victims and heads off for final days of campaigning.... 

And somehow, THIS GUY...THIS "DOPER," is heralded as a genius, despite being tagged with a four year record of incompetence and mismanagement and, is reelected to serve an additional four years as President of the United States........WE AS A NATION.....


Sunday, November 25, 2012

And now for something totally out of LEFT field

Will Hillary Clinton have a role when Hamas begins a renewed round of 'rockets red-glare' into Israeli towns?

'Satellites show Iran moving quickly to rearm Hamas'


11/25/2012 09:54

'Sunday Times' cites Israeli official claiming Tehran shipping Fajr-5 rockets through Sudan to the Gaza Strip.

Iran test fires a Fajr-3 missile [file photo] Photo: IRNA / Reuters
Israeli intelligence satellites have spied the loading of rockets and other materiel believed to be destined for the Gaza Strip, The Sunday Times reported citing Israeli officials.
According to the report, Iran began preparing the weapons shipment around the same time Israel and Hamas negotiated cease-fire understandings late last week.

"Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them."

Obama's Soviet Mistake

By Xavier Lerma
Obama's Soviet Mistake. 48555.jpeg
Putin in 2009 outlined his strategy for economic success. Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America with Obama but failed miserably in Russia with Zyuganov who only received 17% of the vote. Vladimir Putin was re-elected as President keeping the NWO order out of Russia while America continues to repeat the Soviet mistake.

Becoming a Baptist pastor doesn't require a formal education,

Which probably accounts for this snake oil salesman's popularity as most sought-after annual commencement speaker at an Alma mater more befitting his intelligence;
Big shoes to fill Al, but you are more than qualified to meet this challenge
      Alfred Charles Sharpton, Jr.            Bigot and Professional Anti-White Race Warrior

*"White folks were in caves while we were building empires…. We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and those Greek homos ever got around to it."--Al Sharpton
* Speech at Kean College (1994), transcribed in The Forward (December 1995), as quoted in Foolish Words : The Most Stupid Words Ever Spoken (2003) by Laura Ward, p. 192

Pope assures faithful, world will not end on December 21, 2012, but confesses his inability to pledge, Joe Biden will not be President in 2013! A frightened world ponders lesser of two evils?