Saturday, November 10, 2012

Okay. Let's stand back, regroup and look at this 'Petraeus fiasco.'

        General has an alleged little tryst, with a woman gathering information on the mighty military man for a planned book.  Apparently it went a bit beyond the 'this is how we break down an M-16 and clean our gun!'

     So, we are to believe the FBI considered his 'relationship' with this 'terrorist-type, subversive, activist, obvious latent bomber, a possible security risk, so they had a field day rummaging through his emails and personal papers.

     Meanwhile, the man who is his commander in chief, has a lily white background in his personal associations.

1.  He is raised by a family which can be described as nothing less than a nest of Communists or, at the very least 'hammer and sickle worshipers.'

2.  He is handed over to a man, supposedly his mentor, who writes subversive chronicles and they just happen to also have a love relationship with Communist ideology.

3.  While doing blow and smoking dope in one of the uncountable institutions of higher education he claims to have attended (we don't really know, cause the man has a history of 'phoning in' a status of 'present.'  By his own admission, he seeks out buddies and pals who are activists, agitators and sleeps with a copy of Mein Kampf under their pillows.

4.  His earlier encounters pair him up with 60's hippie-types who have a tendency to blow up Federal Government Buildings, and then go on to be respected instructors of future 'heads of state,' (some maybe even winding up in the White House).

This list is getting too long.....

5.  Regardless of having this impeccable record,The Man somehow, perhaps only possible on a parallel Planet, becomes President of the United States, screws up over 200 years of history in, what can only be described, as the most successful form of government in recorded history of mankind on Planet Earth, regains control of that shambled land by defeating a challenger with a squeaky clean record and time-tested business list of accomplishments, stacks the visitors list at the White House with some of the most sinister characters condemned throughout the free world, etc., etc., etc., down a yellow bricked road disappearing into an infinitive land of enchantment.......

........AND THE F-B-I HAS NO INTEREST IN THIS CHARACTER (nothing to see here folks, just cast your ballots and prepare for the next scheduled tour of Willie Wonka's chocolate factory).  Meanwhile, word on the street...these people are said to be under surveillance by the Feds! 

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