Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Democrats--Party of Hags and Old Bags!

NANCY PELOSI IS 72 YEARS OLD--United States House of Representatives Minority Leader.

HARRY REID is 73 YEARS OLD--United States Senate Majority Leader

The Democrat party prides itself for appealing to the Youth of America.  The Youth of America have been brainwashed for the past few generations by a Liberal/Progressive infested teacher population, which in any other child care institution in this country would be prosecuted for child abuse.  When the dumbed-down students of this country can be conned into following the Democratic Party because of their youthful outlook, one might look in the direction of this tired, botoxed, worn out old hag:
There was wide speculation Nancy would step aside and make way for new leadership blood in the House of Representatives.

     This old coot would have none of that.  By now everyone should be familiar with the rapid demise of former General David Petraeus's career at the hands of our shadow government.  Some are quietly speculating that the good General was actually a victim of the very organization he headed--the Central Intelligence Agency.

     So Nancy--don't get too comfortable behind that big mahogany Leader's desk.  Don't be surprised if one day soon, in the darkness of night, someone creeps up behind you, when you least expect it and says ....absolutely nothing!  But.....

     Here's reason for you to sleep with one eye open Nanc--according to  David Sanchez Morales, former Chief of Operations at the CIA station in Miami, and a consultant to the Deputy Director of the Joint Chiefs-- 

"They (CIA) are the most ruthless mother-f**kers there are, and if they want to get somebody, they will. They will do their own people up."
  Does the name David Petraeus ring a bell

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