Friday, November 30, 2012

While Susan Rice was choking on her silver spoon, my ancestors were asphyxiating on coal dust!

     Someone should inform Susan Rice and like-minded affluent Black Americans sharing her blurred understanding of this country's history,  and for just a moment, step out of that distorted world of monochromatic hypocrisy where she lives, and get a dose of reality.

     The so-called slaves in this country were emancipated over a hundred years ago, but people living in Susan Rice's world have this notion that every other ethnic group which came to this country somehow instantly were introduced to wealth and opulence.  Rice apparently is confusing their struggles with her apparent unfamiliarity with a lack of abundance throughout her life.

     "Her father was a governor of the Federal Reserve a World Bank official, and her mother was a senior vice president of Control Data Processing. Rice won a coveted Rhodes Scholarship in December 1985."*

     According to Rice, "...failing to teach Black Studies in school(to white students), she argued, had negative consequences for the self-esteem of black children."  What the hell would Susan Rice know about struggles of ANY children, coming from her world of self-indulgence and living every day with the satisfaction of knowing her every desire would be honored.

      If people such as Susan Rice, Michelle and Barack Obama, and a host of other pampered Black Americans would pause for one moment, remove those chips from their shoulders, and begin regarding EVERYONE in this country as backbone, rather than yellow streaks on one's back, maybe we, as a country, could finally emerge from the racial divide they constantly create.

     These children are my ancestors Susan Rice no they are not members of some black minstrel show from another era in this country's history.  That is not grease paint slathered over their faces, in some sort of mockery of the black race.  Those are the children who were themselves Slaves in this country. No less than those picking cotton alongside their parents in the Southern fields of America.

     Where is your sensitivity toward these children Susan Rice?  In your world they never existed.  In Barack and Michelle Obama's world they were nothing more than fantasies created in the minds of rich, upper-class white story tellers in this country.

     Susan Rice believes, according to her own words, “The greatest evil in omitting or misrepresenting Black history, literature, and culture in elementary or secondary education is the unmistakable message it sends to the black child. The message is ‘your history, your culture, your language and your literature are insignificant. And so are you."

     Seems to me Susan Rice, if Black History was 'misrepresented' by anyone in this country, it came from minds such as yours.  Nobody, but people from your world, actually believed black children's 'language and literature were insignificant' more than those children working in unimaginable conditions of the nations coal mines.

     If anyone is owed an apology Susan Rice, it would be those children, who later contracted medical maladies and succumbed from conditions inflicted upon them by their 'masters' of that ugly period in our country's history.

     Living in your world, you and those in your circle of affluent friends and family should today recognize the memory of these Americans who actually contributed to building this great nation.  Unfortunately, those words of praise will probably never be delivered by you, because these people, at the end of the day, were really insignificant to you, and also the Barack and Michelle Obamas of this great country.

     But really, that's okay with me also, because in my world, you too are quite insignificant!

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