Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Where does GRATITUDE end....and GREED begin?


     *"For the first time in many years, I won't give to my local food pantry or any other charitable organization--thanks to the economy and the uncertainty of my job.


 I now find myself taking a closer look at, and loathing many food stamp recipients--, talking on their I-Phones, 


     while lugging around 8 kids, with a shopping cart full of premium meats and name brand goodies 

 --driving a newer model car while I budget, buy generic,

 and drive my 10 year old truck to the ground!


Enough is Enough!

     Obama's got us all fighting against each otherNo one can deny that Barack Obama and his political machine have successfully managed to convince one class of  non-producers to believe they are entitled to having the producers of this bountiful nation to provide for their EVERY need.  BULL*HIT !!!

     Barack Obama and his band of Chicago thugs should most definitely be arrested, charged and prosecuted for converting a nation of achievers into lazy, whining and pathetic losers.  But make no mistake--this is exactly where these con-men want these dregs of our society.  Keeping them handy, for that all important VOTE--you know, the one that keeps their sorry asses in power, and ultimately RICH.

       Yes, there are hungry people out there, but that does not explain many of those showing up with their hands out in these lines.  Most of the people seen waiting in these lines are clearly well fed and have discretionary income to spend on their wants--Do You?
  "Meanwhile, I'm the bad guy

 (hard working, taxpaying, law-abiding American)!"

Don't want to say that too loudly--you may turn around and find some worthless character clinging to your tail with his held hand out, crying...Gimee, Gimee!
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