Saturday, November 17, 2012

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia--you've got it all wrong, honey!

     Representative Marcia Fudge, soon to be anointed Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, seems to have difficulty understanding the difference between recognizing those outstanding qualifications of our UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, and when Republican officials label her comments about the Benghazi murders, as being 'untruthful.'  Okay, so they called her a liar.

     It has been my experience, when someone does not tell the truth, they are quite simply setting themselves up to be called a liar.  Of course, Representative Fudge seems to live by that Liberal mantra, never let a serious crisis go to waste.  And hell, while you're at it Marcia, don't let this opportunity go to waste with all those camera's focused on you, and the 'sisters' hanging on your every word--damn well better get your shot in at Sexism and of course, the old standby RACISM.

One other interesting bit of information about qualifications.  Don't think for a moment, your self-grandiose words went unnoticed.  However, you of all people should be well aware of 'affirmative action' policies,  so widely recognized by institutions of higher education back in the 60s, and into the 70's...what a coincidence...that's when you acquired your degrees.   Always nice to have a helping hand, on your way to the top.

     Then there is your political career.  Remember what a good laugh Democrats had when that 'hay-seed hick' Sarah Palin was nominated as John McCain's 2008  Presidential running mate?  Even though she, at the time, WAS Governor of the State of Alaska, you guys snickered over her qualifications to fill such an important national political office.  I mean, what the heck--Wasilla, Alaska--what? maybe a population of around 10,000.  NOW YOU Marcia, on the other hand, as mayor of Warrenville Heights, Ohio, ruled over what--damn!  Well over 13,000.

     Now there's a background to be heralded--no doubt a position where 'the big guys in the Democrat party' were really keeping an eye on your crucial administrative decisions!  Okay, so you did a gig fetching coffee and daily newspapers for some Ohio Congress woman, until her untimely death in 2008, AND THEN, SHHHHHZam, those powers that be, they knew you'd be the BEST QUALIFIED to take the reigns and finish off the dearly departed Congresswoman's term.  Not that you didn't have to earn a seat behind that big old Mahogany desk in Washington.  No ran for that office, unopposed, but why bother with details....and by golly Marcia--YOU WON-- and won with less than 9,000 votes cast.

     AND NOW, you are about to ascend to the throne as Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. about a whirlwind journey.  AND THE KICKER--to get there, all it took was 9,000 votes.  Heck, if you throw around that minority/sexism crap with a bit more enthusiasm, now that your at the top of the heap, over there at the Black Caucus thingy, you might even take a shot at dethroning Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader. (All poor Nancy has going for her...she's a woman, that's it)!  Come to think of it, as I recall, good old Nancy started clawing her way to the top by filling an unexpired term of a Congress-person, also!  The irony--scary, isn't it!!!

     Crazy fact of the matter Marcia, there are 314,785,551 in the United States of America.  Only in  America could someone rise from nowhere--alright, so you did get 9,000 people to get out of bed and vote for you--and work so hard in getting to the top, in such a short time.  And, what is most satisfying Marcia--YOU did it all on your own--and, lets not forget those 9,000 votes! 

     Yep Marcia--who could disagree--Qualifications mean everything.  Susan Rice's deceptive answers about Barack Obama's knowledge and actions surrounding the murder of four Americans, means nothing!

     Holy cow Marcia--I got so caught up with all this grand-standing, almost forgot the importance of your rant--"sexism and racism".  Those 9,000 Ohioans really think you are swell Marcia. Pay no attention to those 314,785,551 who surely know.... You are a loser!

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