Monday, November 26, 2012

 In dollars, Sandy 'worse than Katrina'

This guy was considered a 'dope' and incompetent, managing                                              KATRINA                                                However,
This guy--days from a reelection bid, has one of the worst economic records in the history of the United States of America....Highest Unemployment numbers during any reelection bid....Largest dollar per gallon of gasoline, and
 is dealt a massive East coast mega-storm--shows up for a picture opportunity, hugs a few victims and heads off for final days of campaigning.... 

And somehow, THIS GUY...THIS "DOPER," is heralded as a genius, despite being tagged with a four year record of incompetence and mismanagement and, is reelected to serve an additional four years as President of the United States........WE AS A NATION.....


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