Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does not pass the 'smell test'

Pfc. Bradley Manning
Politicsdaily.com....'Manning, who is being held in connection with an earlier leak of a classified video but has not been charged in the give-away of war reports*

*Perhaps someone might explain WHY a Private First Class in the United States Army would be privy to such a massive library of 'purported' sensitive information--someone answering this question, with higher authority than Private Manning, should be in custody and under investigation.


WikiLeaks Scandal?

Absurdity of this latest scam against the 'world community' deserves a urinal trough, rather than a mere 'LEAK!'

Only one hand can be holding the elusive coin of truth in this soap opera melodrama. However if we are dependent on the current bitter crop growing in this government for the truth, it may take several generations to fully comprehend what sinister intentions they had planned for this nation.

Trying to find reason for this charade is almost as complicated as looking through the mountains of 'information' being fed piece-meal to the public on an intermittent schedule. The so called information itself sometimes reads like a newspaper gossip column, more likely to appear in some trashy supermarket tabloid, or worse yet, any number of legitimate United Kingdom newspapers.

Meanwhile, every America hating, progressive liberal rat crawls from holes eagerly offering support to, not the person allegedly responsible for supplying this information (Private Manning), but rather the unbalanced individual who has made a life-time of hacking into other people's personal information, all under the guise of serving an otherwise uninformed world population.

We probably all learn at an early age, if you have some 'private' information you want broadcast, while maintaining a position of anonymity, you seek out the person who is certain to 'not keep your secret,' but rather to leave it in the open for them to discover and you will be sure to have that information made public very soon. So is that what is happening here?

We have a mentally adolescent individual, obviously deprived of attention in his childhood, who is finally on the world stage he has, in his own mind, created. We have a self-adoring group of pseudo mental giants in our government who continue to inject poison into the veins and arteries of this country's system while the innocent masses focus attention on such sensitive information as 'a prime minister's wife's secret boyfriend, who is really a female impersonator who is a double agent, but only.....' You get the idea of just how ridiculous this entire staged production really is.

From my observation point, this is just another 'swine flu pandemic.' Another mid-afternoon Air Force One strafing of New York City. More bogus billion dollar treasury bonds confiscated from unnamed, unidentified and uncharged Asian actors on the Italian border. These are just three examples of how manipulative this Administration has been in convincing the American public that the proverbial coin is in 'the other hand.'

Make no mistake--the real truth WILL be revealed, but not before those who are really in power, and the driving force behind all that is evil in this world, are publicly identified and eradicated before being allowed to accomplish their sinister goals.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Civil Disorder--Expect to see unbelievable increases in 2011

Wikipedia English -
Civil disorder, also known as civil unrest, is a broad term that is typically used by law enforcement to describe one or more forms of disturbance caused by a group of people. Civil disturbance is typically a symptom of, and a form of protest against, major socio-political problems. Typically, the severity of the action coincides with public outrage. Examples of civil disorder include, but are not necessarily limited to: illegal parades; sit-ins and other forms of obstructions; riots; sabotage; and other forms of crime. It is intended to be a demonstration to the public and the government, but can escalate into general chaos.

Gone in 2012 Part One

Dumbest and most insensitive comment made this day by a soon-to-be former United States Senator

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Main Stream 'News' stories which didn't pass THE SMELL TEST!

The following never found its way to a 'proof-readers' desk and if it takes on the appearance of a mere draft document, that's exactly what it is. It has been stored away in my files since this past July and I never got around to editing and doing further research. Its release can wait no longer because of scandals which will unfold within the next days and weeks.

So here, in its raw form are several news 'stories,' which Did not pass MY 'smell test.'

1. Not-so-secret gathering on May 5, 2009 of 'Billionaires Club' in New York, under pretense of discussions for funding 'philanthropic' programs.
'A top-secret meeting of the world’s richest people to discuss the global financial crisis was held in
New York on May 5, IrishCentral.com has learned exclusively.' http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Secret-meeting-of-worlds-richest-people-held-in-New-York-45304702.html
What caught my interest was a contradiction between the original story, published May 18 and updated July 23, 2009 as reported at IrishCentral.com, stating this gathering was to discuss the global financial crisis. However when a casual mention was made of that same gathering by the New York Times on May 20, 2009 (and crediting irishcentral.com as its source for the article) suddenly no mention was made of any concerns about 'global financial crisis,' but focused on the less newsworthy importance of this meeting by such wealthy giants, but downplaying this 'tea and crumpets' social as merely an opportunity for 'discussing charitable giving.' The Times published the following list of attendees, however there is no way of verifying whether this was a complete and accurate accounting of those flying in for the 'special occasion:'
The group included Bill Gates (1); Warren E. Buffett (2); Mayor Bloomberg (17); George Soros (29); the real estate developer Eli Broad (93) and his wife, Edythe; Oprah Winfrey (234); David Rockefeller Sr. (305) and his son David Rockefeller Jr.; Ted Turner (376); Peter G. Peterson (430), co-founder of the Blackstone Group, the private equity firm; Julian H. Robertson Jr. (559), who ran a prominent hedge fund; and John P. Morgridge (647), former chairman of Cisco Systems, and his wife, Tashia.
Interestingly enough, the Times writer only focused on the philanthropic nature of this coffee chat, and never once wondered how this group of social elites, who are headquartered in all four corners of the United States, were able to clear busy schedules and at the drop of a hat, head for Rockefeller University in New York, to rub shoulders with 'like-minded peers.' Only to spend several hours tossing around ideas of how they could rid themselves of pesky individual fortunes.
According to the IrishCentral.com limited account of what transpired at this session, Oprah Winfrey was described as a wall flowered individual, saying very little, but rather appearing mostly as a listener, rather than 'chatty contributor.' This woman has made her fortune using extroverted vocal exhibition for decades, and we are expected to believe she suddenly crawls back into her introverted shell, sits in a corner sipping tea and dwelling on prophetic words from the likes of George Soros and Ted Turner. But it is probably expected when one is only number 234 on the 'richest' list, you have a tendency to be more of a good listener.
Perhaps with good reason--When first viewing 'the list,' her name (Oprah Winfrey) jumped from the page, almost to say, 'what the hell is she doing at this meeting!' With all due respect to Miss Winfrey, her presence somehow seemed out of place amongst this group of cigar smoking, back-room Park Avenue boys! My guess probably would be that she was listening, because that was her assignment. To listen and then report back to her good friend Barack Obama, perhaps with a laundry list of chores expected of him from this group of generous contributors who theoretically made his Presidency a reality.
Call me conspiratorial, but this is why I believe the meeting of money moguls took place in New York city, just three short months after Barack Obama raised his hand and took an oath to fulfill the wishes of those who finally succeeded in 'buying' the United States of America.


2. Two Japanese 'businessmen' apprehended in Italy with billions in 'counterfeit' United States treasury bonds.
According to the report in il Giornale, two unidentified Japanese in their 50s concealed the bonds, including 249 U.S. Treasury bonds each worth $500 million, in a suitcase with a false bottom that was searched by the Italian authorities June 3, 2009 when they were in Chiasso, at the border with Switzerland, about 50 kilometers north of Milan. (134.5 Billion Dollars worth of undeclared U.S. bonds, mostly Treasury bonds).

3. Unannounced Air Force One New York City fly-over terrifies citizens near 9-11 ground zero attack site. April 27, 2009 Official reason given by White House spokesman was, a photo op for Air Force One. Terrified citizens poured into streets, fearing the city might be target of another 9-11 type attack.

3a. Barack Obama postpones Indonesia trip 1st time on March 18 reportedly because of the important health care vote expected by Congress.

3b. Obama postpones Indonesia, Australia trip again 2nd time on June 4th reportedly because of the Oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. President apparently wanted to 'stay on top' of this major domestic environmental disaster. (Explosion happened on April 20, 2010 and wasn't finally capped until July 13, 2010).

Author's speculation for both postponements to Indonesia occurred due to 'security issues.' Specifically concerns for threats made on President Barack Obama's life.

4. President Obama takes 'sudden' interest in illegal immigration debacle on U-S Southern border with Mexico.

5. NCAAP levels absurd 'Racist' charges against Tea Party movement, while ignoring blatant displays of racial statements by, so-called 'new Black Panther' party.

6. Following years of intensive undercover investigation, the FBI arrests ten (actually 11), but by the time the 11th was located, Obama's administration already made a 'swap-deal' for our so-called spies, with his good Russian buddy Vladamir Putin. Keep in mind, this entire 'transaction' took place within a few days. Beginning to smell stinky yet?

7. Michelle Obama vacations in Spain with one daughter, first saying it was at the request of the 12 year old and then later changing her story, implying it was to 'get away' with an old friend who had recently lost a parent. Meantime, this is all taking place while her husband is celebrating his 48th birthday in Chicago with friends, such as Oprah Winfrey and others. All media attention was focused on Michelle and her Spain junket. (the right hand) Which leaves us to wonder, what was the left hand doing, namely her husband Barack Obama and 'friends.'

.......to be continued