Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The DO-GOODERS are at it again....finally proving, human debris does, indeed float !!!

"Mankell commits to Gaza aid trip"

Swedish crime author Henning Mankell vowed Saturday to carry on taking part in the flotilla taking aid to Gaza as long as Israel's blockade of the Palestinian territory continued.

These Liberal 'do-gooders' can best be described as conceited, egocentric, pompus individuals--intellectuals in their own minds --but at the end of the day, leaving a path of irreparable damage in their quest to shower accolades of accomplishment on themselves, rarely noticing the multitudes harmed by their narcissistic actions.

Hopefully, no lives will be lost as a result of mindless interference by these foolish trespassers, but surely most should agree, the Israelis have every right to defend and enforce laws established to protect its own citizens.

Less tolerant governments, such as those found in Communist China or North Korea, would without question or advance notice--LOAD, LOCK, AIM AND FIRE!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Looney Left prepares for inevitable loss of 'their' White House!

Look no further than daily headlines--internet (where most informed Americans get daily dose of news, worth reading), newspapers (so yesterday) radio (probably more so than the last....) AND television.

Unlike most Conservatives in this country, this writer considers himself to disagree with most critics who proclaim, television news is dead. Not too long ago I probably would have agreed with this observation, however in the past few years there has been a glimmer of hope with popularity of FOX News and others. Those with a liberal agenda realize the left leaning agenda economically will not pay the bills and for that reason ONLY they are beginning to thaw those cold, icy neo-socialist beliefs and are melting into the mainstream flow of American society.

Several years ago I predicted the end of television news as we know it--you know, the structured one half hour newscast an entire family could be seen gathered around the tube for their daily feeding of the days happenings. The 'days happenings' are a continuous 24/7 cycle, accounting for popularity and surge of the internet as today's choice for being totally informed. If you think about it, television network news (ABC, NBC and CBS) today is where newspaper news was 20 years ago. Even though major newspapers still remain in existence, they too have learned that even after downsizing (in every respect, including employment, newsprint size, etc.) they could not remain even remotely competitive without splashy web sites on the internet).

Read the headlines and you will see and hear fear from liberals like you have never experienced:

Maher (Bill): "I Think Anybody Could be President In This Dumb F**king Country."

"Howard Dean warns Democrats Sarah Palin could beat Obama in 2010"

"Herman Cain Omitted Twice in GOP Odds-making" (by Time Magazine)
These are just a few examples of headlines you are viewing on a daily basis and a sure sign the uber-liberal left is beginning to wake up to the horror they fear most; The American way of life has been renewed and they are being driven from, not only headlines in the newspapers they control, but fortunately from any hope of becoming a force attempting to gain total control of this great country.

Here's hoping that philosophy dies a slow and painful death!