Sunday, September 28, 2014

With election day 2014 rapidly approaching, low information voters must be reminded..."The Democratic Party was, and still is, a PRO-SLAVERY political party"

Portions of the following article originally appeared here on July 12, 2013, titled "The Democratic Party was, and still is, a pro-slavery political party"

"Now we simply need to help those in slavery understand
that they ARE in 
     Many people reading these words for the first time, a long known truth to most educated and informed Americans, obviously will be shocked, and shake their heads in disbelief at what they most likely perceive as just another attempt by fringe right wing, Conservatives to muddy the political waters.
     Not so, says writer Mike Jensen in an informative article at Canada Free Press, where he points out, "The Republican Party was largely founded for one purpose: to stop the spread of slavery into the nation’s western territories, and if possible, abolish it altogether.  If you think about it, that is still the core purpose of the Republican Party.
     Read Jensen's report at this link:

     Harriet Tubman, an African American who escaped from slavery in the South, went on to become a leading abolitionist before the American Civil War.  Tubman was born to enslaved parents in Dorchester County, Maryland. She eventually escaped from slavery in 1849, fleeing to Philadelphia.
'The Emancipator'
Image from
     *Rather than remaining in the safety of the North, Tubman made it her mission to rescue her family and others living in slavery.  ** Between 1851 and 1860, Tubman made 19 trips as a conductor on the Underground Railroad. She rescued her parents and other family members as well as (hundreds of) other slaves desirous of freedom.
     Unfortunately, there are very few individuals possessing the character and backbone of a Harriet Tubman residing in today's American black communities.  Instead there are the remaining pimps such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, to name only two, diligently working for the man--read that Democratic Party--to continue the lying narrative that those in opposition parties  are responsible for African Americans being hindered in their ability to progress and subsequently achieve those rewards available to the Caucasian masses and other cultural counterpartsTherefore, the vast majority of blacks in this country remain slaves, indebted to their modern day Masters--namely, the Democratic Party.
     Unfortunately, they just do not realize they are slaves.  As Harriet Tubman so  astutely observed during her days while breaking those chains, and opening the way to freedom for hundreds of clingers to their old Masters.....

    "I freed a thousand slaves.   I could have freed a thousand more,  if only they knew they were slaves." 
-- Harriet Tubman
'The Charlatans'
'The Coward'
(Resigning...but racial agitators never really go away)

'The Straw Boss'
 "108% of voting population endorsed Obama" --

     Sadly, only a veritable trinket was required to buy their loyalty for four more years.  A cheap $10 cell phone.  (Hell, at least the Indians Native Americans were clever enough to hold out for 24 bucks)!

     Some would say, an awfully high price to pay to.....
'carry those heavy chains around for yet another four more years?'


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Inside sources report, Obama has recruited support for his 'Islamic State' mission by at least 40 of the worlds most powerful nations.....

     According to a report on Fox News, "Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said Sunday that the American-led effort to destroy the terror group Islamic State has support from more than 40 countries..... 

.....but declined to name them or the extent of their support."

     Despite the Obama Administration's best efforts to keep this list under wraps, inside sources (who prefer to remain anonymous) have provided us with this list of the 40 nations supposedly backing the 'peace-President's' war surgical strike, or whatever, against ISIL, ISIS....or blah blah blah!

     Here now, is that list of 40 super  powers, submitted for our reader's review.
     Saint Lucia    
    Northern Mariana Islands    


    Antigua and Barbuda    
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines    
    Virgin Islands U.S.    
    Cayman Islands  

    Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Saint Pierre and Miquelon 

    Cook Islands   
    American Samoa    
    Marshall Islands    

    British Virgin Islands    

Wallis and Futuna    
    Saint Helena    
    Tristan da Cunha

    San Marino    
    Norfolk Island    
     Pitcairn Islands    
.....and last, but certainly not least, however probably more powerful that the other 39 joining this trigger-happy team.....
      Vatican City    

      Our Insider also tells us, more Western women have left Chicago and London and other hometowns to join ISIL in Syria, than nations hopping on board the Obama 'war whatever wagon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"One of San Francisco's Famous Painted Ladies Finally Sells"

Imagine the
disappointment of
Millions of Americans

.....after reading this headline, and realizing the story was referring to someone finally selling a house in San Francisco....

.....rather than this San Francisco 'famous painted lady'.....

     In both instances, Sherwin-Williams 
did a remarkable job.

--Pelosi represents one of the safest Democratic districts in the country.*

--Republicans have not made a serious bid for the seat since the early 1960s.*
   In 1987 a special election was conducted by the 5th California District (later redistricted to become the 8th) to fill a vacant Congressional seat there.

--A winning margin of 38,927 voters or 36.1% of those casting ballots successfully launched the career of Nancy Pelosi.

--Pelosi has not participated in candidates' debates  
since 1987*--

     Commenting on her fear of public debate with credible challengers, Matt Gonzalez, Former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors,  "No candidate who refuses to debate his or her opponent deserves the support of anyone, particularly after a history of failed leadership, such as the one you have exhibited. To do otherwise, is to sanction your refusal and encourage similar behavior by other elected representatives."**

     A few short years ago, Nancy Pelosi-- a local low-level lightweight politician elected by a margin of less than 39,000 Americans, served as Speaker of the House of Representatives, placing her, third in line laying claim to the office of President of the United States. A feather-weight elected by a mere 38,927 Americans, would have ascended to the highest position of power in the United States of America.

     According to Nancy, "I must have good genes from my parents because I feel no slowdown of energy, enthusiasm or even memory." This is the same Nancy who also made this profound statement...probably also attributed to her parents and that flawless memory inherited from them...."Every month that we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs."


 Think about this frightening factoid.....

38,927 voters (many of them probably dead) deciding who will govern 
nearly 319 million Americans
 (Contrary to Pelosi's claim of 500 million Americans losing jobs each month, 319 million is the TOTAL population of the United States)
     "In the real world, demonstrating lunacy of this magnitude is known as a “cry for help” and an intervention involving large nets, straight-jackets and electric shock therapy is in order. But not in Washington, DC, where free-range crazies are allowed to pick pockets, loot futures, and all too often get re-elected." 
                                                                                  -- author unknown



Sunday, September 14, 2014

If these two losers insist on once again 'hogging' center stage, should we not properly identify them?

Lot of mileage on these two
Photo:  Drudge Report


"Hillary Clinton Returned To Iowa To Say She Is “Thinking” About Running For President"

Read more here: 

* Andrew Johnson (in 1868) and Bill Clinton (in 1998) were the ONLY TWO United States Presidents to be IMPEACHED. However, because neither was actually convicted by the United States Senate, they both finished their terms.

     Those of us who have witnessed history, looked on in amazement as one of these two disgraced former politicians.....

.....continues until this very day, to con the American people and others around the world into paying him millions of dollars to share his vast reservoir of knowledge on a variety of political trivia.  Clinton and his wife Hillary.....

.....who now wants to continue this sham, are reportedly worth over 100 Million Dollars.  This should be an embarrassment to every hard working patriotic American.

     One of the most promoted distortions of American history is, that Richard Nixon (in 1974) was impeached, and legally was removed as President of the United States, but truth be told, Nixon actually resigned..... order to spare the nation an ordeal of impeachment proceedings, when preliminary steps were put into motion in the U-S House of Representatives.