Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shadow Presidency

A recent turn around by President Obama regarding an intense investigation into 'torture tactics' during the Bush years, leads one to question whether Barack is actually making the calls, and in complete control of the White House. One could also speculate the person actually shadowing this President might also be the same person who has been so instrumental in supporting the furthermost edges of the liberal left wing of the Democratic party in this country. Billionare George Soros could be more in control of this nation's highest office than anyone could ever believe possible. Is my speculation really that far from center. Read this account at and form your own opinions;

Carbon footprint?

Someone should inform President Obama he is not accumulating 'frequent flier' miles every time he takes Air Force One somewhere for a 'Presidential photo op!'

Just a formality

If future Obama news conferences follow the same M-O of answering 13 preselected reporter's questions, why clutter a room with other alleged reporters, who are used primarily as White House props!

New Beginnings

What you find here will primarily be political commentary. A view of current news happenings and how they influence this writer's observations. The journey now begins.