Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does not pass the 'smell test'

Pfc. Bradley Manning
Politicsdaily.com....'Manning, who is being held in connection with an earlier leak of a classified video but has not been charged in the give-away of war reports*

*Perhaps someone might explain WHY a Private First Class in the United States Army would be privy to such a massive library of 'purported' sensitive information--someone answering this question, with higher authority than Private Manning, should be in custody and under investigation.


WikiLeaks Scandal?

Absurdity of this latest scam against the 'world community' deserves a urinal trough, rather than a mere 'LEAK!'

Only one hand can be holding the elusive coin of truth in this soap opera melodrama. However if we are dependent on the current bitter crop growing in this government for the truth, it may take several generations to fully comprehend what sinister intentions they had planned for this nation.

Trying to find reason for this charade is almost as complicated as looking through the mountains of 'information' being fed piece-meal to the public on an intermittent schedule. The so called information itself sometimes reads like a newspaper gossip column, more likely to appear in some trashy supermarket tabloid, or worse yet, any number of legitimate United Kingdom newspapers.

Meanwhile, every America hating, progressive liberal rat crawls from holes eagerly offering support to, not the person allegedly responsible for supplying this information (Private Manning), but rather the unbalanced individual who has made a life-time of hacking into other people's personal information, all under the guise of serving an otherwise uninformed world population.

We probably all learn at an early age, if you have some 'private' information you want broadcast, while maintaining a position of anonymity, you seek out the person who is certain to 'not keep your secret,' but rather to leave it in the open for them to discover and you will be sure to have that information made public very soon. So is that what is happening here?

We have a mentally adolescent individual, obviously deprived of attention in his childhood, who is finally on the world stage he has, in his own mind, created. We have a self-adoring group of pseudo mental giants in our government who continue to inject poison into the veins and arteries of this country's system while the innocent masses focus attention on such sensitive information as 'a prime minister's wife's secret boyfriend, who is really a female impersonator who is a double agent, but only.....' You get the idea of just how ridiculous this entire staged production really is.

From my observation point, this is just another 'swine flu pandemic.' Another mid-afternoon Air Force One strafing of New York City. More bogus billion dollar treasury bonds confiscated from unnamed, unidentified and uncharged Asian actors on the Italian border. These are just three examples of how manipulative this Administration has been in convincing the American public that the proverbial coin is in 'the other hand.'

Make no mistake--the real truth WILL be revealed, but not before those who are really in power, and the driving force behind all that is evil in this world, are publicly identified and eradicated before being allowed to accomplish their sinister goals.

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