Monday, November 5, 2012

Rusted, idled gears will begin to turn on Wednesday

J  O  B  S
J   O   B   S

     Regardless of what you have been force-fed through-out this Presidential campaign season, which in reality has seemed like nothing short of a test of endurance for citizens of this country.
U P D A T E November 7, 2012

"Stocks Crash After Obama Win"

     Media sources, or perhaps better described as Obama Administration 'PROPS,'
want you to believe it is about immigration issues, or women's contraceptive issues, or gay rights issues, or taking care of the less fortunate issues (as if the billions spent over decades of Democratic rule has made a difference), government intrusion on religious rights issues, and the list goes on as far as Obama's reelection campaign believes it will keep your attention away from the most important ISSUE facing this nation in this election.                
                 J   O   B   S !!!!!

    Following months, if not years,  of preaching to anyone who will listen to me, the blaring fact remains true today, as it did four years ago when Barack Obama sauntered into Washington after winning the biggest lottery in history.  Make no mistake America, this narcissistic man and his band of 'me-me, all about me' thugs from Chicago never seriously concerned themselves with the real problems of this nation....UNEMPLOYMENT topping that list.  Oh sure, the past few reports from this administration's labor department have been kind to Obama--massaging numbers in such a way to shed rays of light on his efforts to FINALLY turn this economy around in a positive direction.  Throughout this entire nightmare we have experienced over the past four years, it has all been about Obama and the sinister, smarmy characters in which he cloaked himself and his administration.

     The rusted, unmovable gears of industry, whatever form they might take, have remained idle for four years. And retaining Obama in the Presidency will not add any form of lubricant to that mechanism to get the tired/dead wheels turning again.  

     My belief and opinion on what is needed to get those gears rolling again is the same today as  when this entire pathetic national tragedy began under George Bush and spiraled downward rapidly as Obama took over the reigns.  Obama likes to say if it was not for his actions, we would be in worse condition today.  Trillions of dollars spent, and the gears still remain silent.

     Speaking with a friend some months ago, I said if Romney is elected President on November 6th, you can almost be certain, the grinding sound you hear on the 7th of November will be those gears finally beginning to turn.  By weeks end, the Stock Market numbers should also witness effects of even the prospects of new leadership in Washington.

     Just this morning, this headline:

"Small Business Owner: I’ll Invest In 100 New Jobs – If Romney Wins"

     "According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, one area real estate company is willing to invest thousands to create new job opportunities.  However, there is a catch.  Frank Duffy of Duffy Realty says he will only create the jobs if Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wins this Tuesday’s election."

     Some might interpret Duffy's statement as biased against Barack Obama, however he concludes with this--"He reportedly supports Romney because he feels he’ll be better for small business. Despite his choice in candidate, however, Duffy did admit to WGCL-TV that his company has succeeded during President Obama’s time in office."

Most residents of this country are good, decent, hard working people.  And despite Liberals refusal to accept this fact;  We are a nation of people raised with Conservative beliefs.  The spattering of Liberals would have you believe they are in the majority, maybe by pointing to 'Obama's big win in '08,' but unlike Liberals, Conservative voters will give ANYONE a chance, if it means improvement for them and their family's standard of living, AND also for the good of this country.  If you are supporting Barack Obama--go ahead and vote out of, as he says
However, if you believe in the American way, and reflect on the many sacrifices your ancestors made for you and future generations, the choice is clear who WILL be elected 45th President of these United States.
Mitt Romney should be giving an opportunity to prove to the American people and the World, we are still that Conservative country carved out of a wilderness several hundred years ago.
God Bless America

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