Saturday, November 3, 2012

Democrats are delirious and overjoyed to have their 'respected, elder statesman' so firmly rooted in Obama's reelection corner. The American people are blessed to have Mitt Romney....

.....of course we are referring to our beloved former President,
WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON remember....this guy

Fast forward to 2012....Same 10 inch index finger rudely pointed in the American public face and still lying to anyone who will listen to him, as if he might still be relevant.
Perhaps this might be a great time to remind readers that we sometimes do the right thing in this country....we do our homework...we sort through the wanna-be Don Juans, like Clinton and then there are the Obama-types, who envision themselves as some type of perestroika rock star, with visions of 'fundamentally transforming' something which merely requires a few tweeks and adjustments.

     They come and go, every four or eight years, to be precise, but sometimes it may take several generations before we are fortunate in our search for a leader whose feet match the big size of those shoes.  We have such a man in Mitt Romney.  Never again can we allow ourselves to be deceived by the likes of a Barack Obama, or any future charlatan, crafted at the hands of a perfidious political party known as Democratic. 

     In 2008 we began a long journey down a road littered with debris of past economic storms.  Along the way, we were confronted by a man named Barack Obama who promised if he did not clear the highway in three years, he would step aside and give someone new (with better ideas)  an opportunity to fill the void of that giant sinkhole which now stands between every American citizen and their future.

     Please don't make the mistake of putting your children's futures in the hands of those who preach about dreams of change, only to be awakened in the middle of the night drenched in a cold sweat, realizing that dream was nothing more than a nightmare.  It may seem melodramatic to many who comprise today's generation, but, there was a time in our not too distant past, we allowed ourselves to have our futures molded by (and the Liberals to this day laugh and have nothing but contempt for this man) an 'actor,' by trade, but in reality, and as history has proven, a person who brought inspiration to a nation and world, when it was needed most.

     Take a moment, right now, and listen to words of inspiration from one of our truly last great American Presidents--maybe words read from a teleprompter, similar to what our current President relies so heavily upon, but Reagan's words came from his heart, and gave us a glimpse of his very soul.  His words were meant to give real hope, and only asking his fellow countrymen to change, not themselves and their values, but change a government which he believed was antagonizing the very people who give it a reason for existence. There really is only ONE choice in this Presidential election.  His name is Mitt Romney.

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