Thursday, November 1, 2012

Romney's challenge is to win, above the Democrats margin of fraud!

     A tall order, considering he is up against manipulative machines such as labor unions headed up by amateurish gangster-like figures, groups like ACORN and Move on dot org. Additionally, the 'left' is usually loaded with loony fringes; Code Pink, New Black (Panty) Panthers, Occupy Whatever, and anyone having the misfortune of rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood-brain-vacant-Nancy Pelosi types!

     I for one am not buying into propaganda polling data, obviously attempting to convince us that Obama has the black vote wrapped up. Bull! Not too long ago, we were force-fed information from one of those more dubious polling scam artist match-ups, NBC/WSJ.  With a straight face they actually announced that 100% of   black voters are committed to Obama. Stop and think about such an outrageous claim, and yet, Democrat controlled cheer leading squads over at main stream media nerve centers ran with that nonsense!

     What an insult to every black American citizen, excluding the so-called 'Obama phone' lady. My African American friends are appalled at the very suggestion which links their skin color to the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Perhaps the poll gatherers got its numbers confused with those persuasive nut-jobs grazing around Wall Street, incessantly pontificating their reason for existence and megaphoning some silly notion that they represent a mythical number-99!  Okay, so these dregs are somehow convinced they will have an impact on getting 'the average Joe' to vote for Barack Obama, a guy many of them were guilty of creating in 2008.  Old saying, 'You get what you deserve.'  'Birds of a feather,' also comes to mind when linking these losers with Obama, and his destructive ideology.
     Sucking up to any block of voters has become a well crafted art by Obama.  But then, he has your taxpayer dollars to buy love and admiration from anyone who has a hand, to put out!  Latinos/Hispanics, self-absorbed females, gay activists, global warming groupies, save-the-whatever tools....the list seems endless.  Unfortunately, as someone said, before long, he will run out of YOUR money to spend/waste.

     How is all this relevant to Romney overcoming fraud and corruption in the elective process come next Tuesday?  Most good, honest, hard-working Americans look in a mirror and they see Mitt Romney.  This man represents what IS good and decent about this country.  They are sick and tired of looking into a mirror and seeing some sort of Freddie Kruger figure lurking behind them.  They want change...maybe just as many of them believed change was coming when Barack Obama somehow slipped that famous line by them "We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming this country."

     Four years ago these Americans took a deep breath, placed their confidence in a mirage of a man, and believed Obama's transformation was all about cleansing this country's government of everything dirty and corrupted.  As they now release that deep breath, they realize it is actually worse for them, their families and nation as a whole.

     So, in the end, YOU are Mitt Romney's key to defeating the Democrats margin of fraud in this election.  Look in all directions in this great country, and maybe surprisingly you will discover, there are a lot of YOU out there.       YOU...'BE' the difference!

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