Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Joe Biden's SNL character thinks Scranton is a S*it hole--Joe does also, but he'll milk it for any votes he and Barack can get!

     Barack Obama is being commended by fellow Democrats and, of course his biggest fans, the main stream media, for 'acting very Presidential' during this most current natural disaster to devastate key areas of the Northeast.

     Odd they should describe him as ACTING (the part of President).  Many Americans probably will agree, the last four years has been nothing short of an Academy Award performance in the nation's highest elected office.

     Simply look around, before Sandy brought her viscous version of nature's water park excitement to places like Jersey, New York, Delaware and many other places in her track, there was bleakness and despair already embracing those areas.  Monumentally high unemployment, home foreclosures, skyrocketing gas prices and consumers being faced with rapidly climbing food prices never seen before in this country's history.

     So now his cheer-leading crowd would have us believe, due to catastrophe and calamity engulfing the Northeast, Playboy Obama has, suddenly one week before the election, decided to care what the people of this country think of his performance as a leader!!!!  These same Obama worshipers are singing the praises of other party idols, such as Bill Clinton and, of all people Joe Biden who have assumed responsibility to carry on with the business of campaigning.

     Seriously, DUMB and DUMBEST!  In Clinton, we find, not only an Impeached former President, but a man who has proven himself to be a liar to the American people, and totally disloyal to his wife and family.  Now this dufuss is considered the Democrat Party's elder statesman--seriously!  And then there is Joe.  Joe, Joe, Joe--poor Joe.  The man who Jimmy Hoffa had a hand in starting his career in national politics (before Mister Teamster ended up in a meat grinder). The man who could easily get a full-time job as any Disney character, but best suited (in so many ways) for the part of 'Goofy.'

     These are Obama's troubadours traipsing around the country trying to sell wooden nickles to the voters, and passing them off as 50 dollar gold pieces bearing Obama's portrait!  Biden actually had the 'balls' (one of his favorite words) to tease anyone who would listen to him, on the campaign trail, that he might be interested in running for President in 2016.  Dear God in heaven, regardless of my dislike of the way Barack Obama has performed as our President, I prayed for the man every night; that the Lord would watch over and keep him safe, knowing if something tragic should happen to him, this friggin klutz would be waiting in line to take over the reigns of this once great country.  May God have mercy on my soul for even bringing that thought into reader's minds!

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