Saturday, October 6, 2012

Following Presidential Debate #1, Obama signs up new coach......

warning: offensive language

For readers who are far more visually impaired than your blogger host, the above pictured 'lyrics' are posted for your ah, reading pleasure. (feel free to hum along if you find the tune catchy).  Normally I would include a large lettered WARNING to those who might be offended by language content, but the time has long passed that we Americans who truly love this country unmask the vermin we are forced to share our oxygen on a daily basis.

Mister Snoop Dogg

"Why I'm not voting                                              
  for Romney                                                                      

1. He a white nigga.                                        
2. This mutha fucka's name is Mitt.                 
3. He a ho                                                        
4. Bitch got a dancing horse                            
5. He looks like he says "nigger"                    
      all the time.                                               
6. This mutha fucka's name is Mitt                   
7. He always interrupts and talks over                   
      people like he's better than them.                
      Bitch I will beat the shit out of you.           
8. He's a morman but he aint got no hoes.         
9. He reminds me of every boss I ever hated.         
10.This mutha fucka's name is Mitt.

        Why I'm voting for

1.  He a black nigga.
2.  He mad cool ya.
3.  That nigga look like he can fight
4.  He wears a durag like me
5.  Michelle got a fat ass 
6.  He's BFFs with Jay-z
7.  He's hugged Beyonce before
      and sniffed her neck.
8. We use the same hair clippers
9.  He smokes Newports
10. I seen that nigga hoop before
       and he got a jumper."

     Trash such as this IS typical out of the Hollywood crack heads--regardless of COLOR.  Identical words could have rolled off tongues from white trash like *Cher, Modonna, Mahar, etc., but this insane writing is certainly an embarrassment to millions of black Americans, who have a deep appreciation for this country, their heritage and the many giants among their race who suffered under slavery and sacrificed their very lives in order to arrive at a future which would see A BLACK MAN BECOME AMERICA'S 44th PRESIDENT.

     What follows is a random comment expressing disgust from just one honest, decent black man.....responding to this piece of trash who truly is a NIGGA!

"I'm proud of my black heritage, it's just that every time one of these ignorant black racists opens their mouths in public, it makes me cringe. They have set the black race back 50 years and they make all the other decent, hard-working black folks look bad.
Each time they come out and say something stupid like this, they spit in the face of all those who fought and died to give them the opportunity to live in the greatest country on earth.
I guess I'm more embarrassed for their behavior than ashamed, because this is the side of black people.(the ugly side) that most Americans see."

The self identified Black person making this statement, certainly could very well be our 46th President of the United States, but until we bring dignity back to the highest office in this great land by first electing Mitt Romney our 45th President, we need to re-educate the past few generations whose minds have been poisoned by hatred flowing from the pen of people like Snoop Dogg!

*Incidentally, many member of the Democratic Congressional Black Caucus could be included among those who still have not realized, a black man is now serving in the highest elective office in this land.  He received votes from Blacks and Whites alike, and he will receive millions once again, in this upcoming election.  But until this diseased mindset is healed in this circle of self-loathing individuals, it will be very difficult to, with a straight face, describe this land as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  In the words of your protege Mister Snoop: "Smartin up Mutha Fuckas!"

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