Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fantasizing about two former GREAT PRESIDENTS getting together, sends a tingling sensation up my leg!

Hey Barack--this place in Hawaii, you and Michelle are rumored to be eye-balling as a little retirement hideaway following the November election.....way too expensive!

 The interior of the house is 8,419 square feet, with another 5,359 square feet of lanai area. The main house has five bedrooms, five baths, two powder rooms, a professional media room and a cabana adjacent to the pool and spa.

Do you two actually think you'll be needing a place this big?  I mean, after all, you will be leaving all those thug acquaintances back on the mainland in Washington and Chicago!


Here,  Mister President is a charming little cottage I personally selected for you, your bride, the girls, the mother-in-law, and even the dog! (Assuming the dog was not part of the shake 'n bake state dinner last month).

Kids will love this place...listen to this: 'The home exterior architecture gained notoriety by being modeled after the world famous Disneyland attraction,The Haunted Mansion.'

Think of the fun times you and Michelle will have reminiscing about all the horrors you two unleashed on innocent and trusting American citizens.

3816 Turnberry Ct. Duluth, GA 30096

Bedrooms:  7
Bathrooms:  6
Single Family 4 Stories
10,008 Sq. Ft.

    The beauty of this deal Barack, it is located in beautiful Duluth, Georgia, and get this, a short 20 miles West of where another former President calls home--President Jimmy Carter--that's right, in equally as beautiful Plains, Georgia.

     Think how much fun it could be for the two of you to get together, you know, compare notes, and duke it out over who was a worse leader of this great country.  Here's a crazy thought--you both like to stay in shape, so why not drag the old bicycle out of the garage (assuming this dump has a garage)

 and you two buds might even meet somewhere at the 10 mile half-way point and pig out at one of those popular southern bar-b-Que joints.  Screw Rosalynn and Mooch--go for it, and one more thing before you make that deposit--I do get a finders fee!

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