Friday, October 26, 2012

Father of ex-SEAL: Those who denied request for help at consulate 'murderers of my son' --FOX News

"The father of a former Navy SEAL killed in the Libya terror attack last month said Friday that U.S. officials who denied a request for help while the diplomatic compound in Benghazi was under attack "are murderers of my son." Charles Woods was reacting to accounts by Fox News sources that a request from the CIA annex for backup was denied by U.S. officials. His son, Tyrone Woods, was killed in the Sept. 11 assault." Read more: One of my Liberal friends yesterday accused me of distributing RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN PROPAGANDA????? I make no apologies for reporting information which should have been readily available immediately following the MURDERS of fellow Americans. If anyone should be singled out for accusations of any type, one person surely rises to the top of my list:
I 'stick by' my earlier remark--this Libyan scandal will be OBAMA'S WATERLOO!!

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