Sunday, October 14, 2012

If only they were RATS, we could simply poison them!

     When a third world country is overrun by fanatics, should there be any surprise when a mob of religious extremists screaming "Alah Akbar" eventually surface as a massive force of anti-Christs?

     This is a fairly accurate description of what has happened in northern Mali since fanatical Islamist invaded the region, and began terrorizing the people and their heritage with a warped interpretation and vision of, what can only be described as fecal matter--a deformed kind of diabolic and grotesque comprehension of religion.

“Before the Islamist took over, people at weddings would dance to loud music for hours on end” 

     For example, in most cultures throughout this world, the ceremony of marriage is a time for celebration. 

"Islamist (too), strongly encourage getting married – but without music or dancing." 

       "Since they took control of the region, the Islamist in northern Mali have made it clear that they would not tolerate unwed couples. On June 12, in Timbuktu, Islamist punished a couple they accused of having sexual relations outside of marriage by whipping them. That very evening, they proudly announced that the couple had married, and that this union had been presided over by the same man who had meted their punishment." 

     "A month later, in the city of Aguelhok, an unwed couple was stoned to death." 

     "Mahamadou Diya, 28, lives in Gao where he works as a teacher. He got married on July 27."  The following account is illustrative of what these renegade rogues from hell are heaping upon a trusting and unsuspicious people just trying to live a peaceful life in this world.

      What used to be a time of joy and happiness for everyone associated with the blessed union of marriage, now plays witness to people living in fear for their very lives at the hands of heathens and hypocrites posing as messengers for a decayed dogma.

     Make no mistake, a vast majority of Americans are mental counterparts in the naivety department, thanks mainly to our educational system having been hijacked decades ago by a vigilant  Progressive Democratic Party. Unfortunately for this country and these power-thirsty fools, they have no idea what a disease they have allowed to spread across our land by simply cradling these demons as if they were innocent children eager to follow their 'adult leadership .'

     Using the vernacular of the street, these sewer rats must be destroyed, or they will multiply and infest the world's population like a bubonic plague.  No talking, no debating, no negotiating, no committee discussions.  Complete and total annihilation! 

     Sadly, this smoldering fire is about to erupt, and unfortunately for Barack Obama and his naive followers, it is going to be sudden and come upon them without notice.  Yes Mister President, your undisciplined Muslim children are about to rebel, and the world is not going to be happy with your response and inability to lead. 

     To quote one of your mentors, "YOUR chickens are about to come home to roost!"

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