Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If this does not PISS you off, 'get off my planet!'

       I was reading somewhere the other day, it costs taxpayers $1.4 billion a year to fund the White House. The way money figures are tossed around today, especially in 'free wheeling--spending like drunken sailors,' Washington D.C., that figure might not have much of an impact on you--that is--until you actually SEE what just a billion dollars looks like:
*Most of us are familiar with:
At some point in your life, you most likely will see this, perhaps not all at one time, but you should see it, as I said, at some point:
This is one Million dollars; Most people in this world, will never see this stack of dough!
If you are still with me, those are nice crisp $100 bills.  Unless you are struck by lightning and win a huge lawsuit against God,  you will never see
One Hundred Million Dollars $100,000,000!
Finally, this is what you and I will NEVER see--this is 
One Billion Dollars $1,000,000,000.
graphics & info courtesy of: https://s5-us2.ixquick-proxy.com

     That was fun.  So there you see one billion dollars.  Now try to visualize another point 4 billion, that's almost another half of what you see in the last picture.
Again, let me remind you, 'it costs taxpayers $1.4 billion a year to fund the White House.'
   Author of the book  “The 1.4 Billion Dollar Man: Costs of the Obama White House”, John F. Groom, offers this breakdown:  (Hold on to your checkbook)!
**• President’s salary and allowance: $450,000
• White House building operating expenses: $14,658,000
• White House Grounds: $6,057,000
• Vacations: $20,000,000
• Health care for the first family, including traveling medical staff and equipment: $7,000,000
          • Campaign expenses not reimbursed to government: $311,000,000
• White House staff: $7,985,420
• Office of Administration budget: $14,481,000
• Special missions including White House Communications Agency: $161,252,000
Military salary costs: $153,441,360
• Salary costs for presidential airlift squadron: $75,000,000
• Presidential plane fleet: $44,000,000
• Presidential helicopter fleet: $300,000,000
• Ground transportation: $2,200,000
• Transportation total: $346,200,000
• Secret Service: $259,152,884
In the unlikely event you have not already broken out into a cold sweat, the national debt of the United States of America is (depending on the second showing on your clock, oops, it's gone) 
16.4 Trillion Dollars

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