Monday, October 15, 2012


    "Police in Riot Gear Quell  Skateboarder Melee"


This is the result of 50 years of our public educational system in America, about the time period when LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES hijacked the program.

These are YOUR children America
If you are now a senior citizen and still able to remember 50 years ago when you and your classmates attended public schools, even then, we all knew it was the playground of learning your A, B, Cs.  Having your parents announce they were enrolling you in a Catholic Parochial School, was just short of having you arrive daily at the gates of hell.  We knew, from horror stories related by those who escaped the grip of Sister Allkickyorassa, better you should stick needles in your eyeballs then to allow yourself to be subjected to this forerunner of water-boarding.

Can you imagine, after viewing this disgusting video what would have happened to the juvenile delinquents of that era! Fast forward to today, and we witness a total disregard for anyone but me punks, in Los Angeles--and all because of a MOVIE (sound familiar)  #hit does not fall too far from the toilet! Think current violence in the Middle East.

"Where does discipline end? Where does cruelty begin? Somewhere between these, thousands of children inhabit a voiceless hell. " -- Francois Mauriac

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