Thursday, November 8, 2012

The New York Post almost gets it right, tagging Chris Matthews, "a disgusting TWIT"

     The New York Post, in a post election column asks, "Is there a smaller, more unprincipled man in the national political debate than Chris Matthews of MSNBC?"
      Their rhetorical question is promptly answered with an emphatic,

"No, there is Not"     

      The Post writer goes on to describe this MSNBC TV host asBereft of decency and devoid of soul, what mattered most for Matthews is that his candidate — in this case, President Obama — somehow was boosted over the top.
      And if millions of his fellow citizens encounter appalling deprivations along the way — well, to Matthews, they’re just eggs to be broken for the Obama omelet.
Outrageously, Matthews adds, “I’m so glad we had that storm last week."
     By which he meant Hurricane Sandy, which sowed death and destruction all along the East Coast — especially in the New York metropolitan region.
     “The storm brought in possibilities for good politics,” he added — referencing polls suggesting Sandy gave Obama a critical jolt.
     Never mind the 100-plus deaths.
     Never mind the destruction.
     Never mind the tens of thousands still huddled without heat or power on Staten Island. Or Breezy Point. Or the Rockaways and Coney Island.
Matthews says he grew up on the Jersey Shore — as savagely hit by Sandy as any region along its devastating path.
     Empathy?  From this pinched little man?  Hardly.  For he’s moved on.     Matthews lives in the very rich and overwhelmingly white Maryland township of Chevy Chase — which makes his pious sermonizing about GOP “elitism” just another bucket of moral bilge.
         Reaction to Matthews’ vile outburst was predictable — prompting the little man to take to Twitter.“Obviously, I wasn’t talking about the horror of the storm,” he wrote, but rather “the cooperation between the president and state officials.”            Obviously?     Obviously not.
     “I’m so glad we had that storm last week” is what he said.
     And reasonable — that is to say, decent — people understand that he meant precisely what he said.  The disgusting twit.
     Originally, my objective was to use only excerpts for this scorching narrative, however the article flowed so fluidly, it would have been criminal to use excerpts.  Obviously many readers will applaud this Post offering, but might be asking why they were so affectionate in their choice of words.
     My only adjustment to this otherwise excellent dissertation might replace the publication's accompanying photo.  Quite frankly, take away a few swigs of pre-show Jack Daniels, and Matthew's photo and identity could be comfortably substituted with a colleague cousin  from the main artery of NBC News.......    
      Ideologically, many would agree, they share the same opinions, however NBC News apparently uses Williams to say the same words as Matthews, however with a sober delivery.  

     Some might say, 'Williams and Matthews sing the same song with a different chorus. Almost as if they were joined at the hip...separated at birth!'

     In my humble opinion,  in this day of 'rats jumping ship,' anyone desiring to anchor or host any show at NBC is either an egomaniac or crazy.  In Williams and Matthews, we have both!

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