Friday, July 24, 2009

Swine Flu--Obama's Ace in the Hole

While a controversial national health care debate rages in Congress, and critics prematurely claim defeat for President Barack Obama's initiatives to get a plan signed into law, they might be well advised to remember Obama has proven himself to be somewhat of a master at sleight of hand.

It has long been my contention, this man is also a skillful guide of diversion. He very well could have been drafted by any NFL team looking for a star to run interference. While defense is looking at him to carry the ball, actual execution calls for another to bring the play to full fruition and an eventual score which wins the game.

This is exactly what I believe Obama and his team of advisers are successfully executing with their drive to ram this health care issue through Congress. Unfortunately for his critics, while the name calling and accusations steam to a boiling point, no one seems to be focusing on the one issue which would turn public opinion around and throw maximum support behind the President's health drive.

Return of the Swine Flu, or for those who were just getting used to referencing the pandemic of our century as H1N1, this will surely be Obama's Ace in the Hole. As cases begin to increase in the fall, just as earlier predicted, and hospitals begin to activate bells and whistles alerting the populace of our dire need for mass vaccination, you will then see President Obama 'spring into action,' declaring a state of emergency, ordering all Americans to be inoculated to ward off this insidious malady.

A grateful American public naturally will be convinced, only a machine as large as the United States government is capable of handling a situation as complex and enormous such as this. The dawning of a new day will obviously be seen ushering in a national health care system in this country.

For those of you with short memories--the Swine Flu began as a major news story in this country several months ago, however reporting on the subject conveniently has been reserved for a quiet room in the back of the house. Meanwhile, in England alone, this past week has seen a doubling of case to 100, 000.

So what is the focus of news attention in our country this week--a local Massachusetts snippet, elevated to national importance by, who else, the master of diversion, Barack Obama himself!

See you in September!

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