Saturday, July 4, 2009

North Korean Threat?

Don't know about you, but it is difficult to take Kim Jong-il's megalomaniac-like threats seriously.

Sure, he fires off a few rockets/missiles now and then, but hey! Don't we all do just that very thing at one time or another. Even willing to wager that a few of you launched a few illegal 'missiles' for your family and friends enjoyment on the 4th!

Granted, I do get concerned when a million ants come stampeding out of their pile after its been disturbed, but this is nothing a little dose of Spetracide won't remedy. So when I see Kim Jong-ils version of ten thousand Macedonians marching in full battle array, my inclinations are to seek refuge in fear of this nail biting and knee knocking exhibition. But let's get serious Il! If you really want to come across as this centuries version of Attila the Hun, you've got to improve your choreography. Yeah, your Rockettes certainly have those cool goose steps committed to memory, but when you parade your weaponry for all the world to see, it might help if you update your convoy of transport vehicles from the '52 Ford pick-ups scavenged after the Korean War to something more current.

So there you have it. Until you entertain us with more manly vehicles such as Kias carting weapons of mass destruction through the streets of Pyongyang, please don't expect me to head for my bomb shelter...out back....behind the to my grandfather's '52 Ford pick-up!

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