Friday, July 10, 2009

"......I, Am an American"

Barack Obama continues to present a one-sided argument on the subject of world climate change and the environment. A one man crusader, preaching his slanted beliefs, words echoed for his party and the farthest left reaches of all environmental extremist. Unfortunately Mister President, in your world, there is only one opinion....your opinion, and for the millions of people who don't share your philosophy, there is no room for debate.

And once again you travel throughout the world making apologies for America. Speaking last night in L'Aquila, Italy before a worldwide audience, you allude to the so called carbon footprints. One of those cute catchy little phrases made popular by another of your cronies, Al Gore. The Elmer Gantry who preaches at the alter of the almighty dollar, in the name of his destiny to save this world. The very fact this man is associated with any cause should be suspect by any sane thinking person. As Al continues to preach, prosper and build his fortunes for generations of 'Gores yet born,' your proposals for supposedly saving the earth is to sacrifice your own citizens, via taxation, into a state of twentieth century Socialism.

In his speech, Obama so eloquently reprimands his own country by saying, "in the past, the United States has sometimes fallen short of meeting our responsibilities."

What are you apologizing for Mister President. Are you apologizing for the American people who, while trying to carve their way through an untouched land toiled and labored to make this the greatest country which the world has ever witnessed. Are you apologizing Mister President that while people in other parts of the world were still crawling from their cave dwellings, we Americans were building and crafting what would become the most industrialized nation to ever exist. Are you apologizing Mister President that all the innovations developed in this country and shared with our neighbors around the world have improved living for untold millions of human beings. I'm am sorry Mister President if you are embarrassed by people in this country using their God given abilities to think, work and share those inventions which improve conditions for all mankind. If you are apologizing because women in this country are still not transporting infants over their shoulders down to a riverbank to pound clothing on the rocks on laundry day, then perhaps I owe you an apology Mister President, if that is where you believe mankind should be. Using your apologetic philosophy Mister President, we would still be reading by candlelight and harnessing a horse with buggy to make our way through Hillary Clinton's 'Village'.

We live in the 21st century Mister President. And if you haven't noticed the multitude of luxuries available to you at your every beck and call, perhaps someone should remind you, without the ingenuity of American people, you'd still be in the first leg of your months long voyage after setting sail for Europe. Perhaps being transported along your way by a horse drawn vehicle, days and weeks before reaching a destination. So before you make apologies for MY country, perhaps you should take a long look at where you would be if not for the genius of those people who elevated you to this noble position, only to hear you cast ridicule time and time again for our endeavors. Giving more to this World than any other assemblage of people, at any time in history.

My ancestors arrived in this country in the 19th century from Europe. Some of them were farmers, and some worked and died in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. Regardless of what might have been their station in life, they all contributed to make this country the great land which it is today. So please Mister President. Don't insult my heritage by arrogantly orating on foreign soil how, somehow in your mind these hard working Americans, as you say "....sometimes fell short of meeting our responsibilities." Perhaps one day when you grow and mature beyond this naive world in which you now reside, you will come to appreciate what great people WE Americans are.

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