Friday, July 31, 2009

We'll never know if the operation would have been a success!

Many opponents of current health care legislation being proposed in Congress say there's just too much fine print leading to massive confusion amongst an already confused public. This is probably by design because if most people were aware of actual content, this health bill would certainly be dead on arrival before reaching the emergency room for a congressional vote.

There are those who say these so called solutions will only lead to an overloaded system. Everyone clamoring to get their 'free' health care from an overburdened crop of physicians. The group probably most at risk for reduced care under a new system will be the nation's elderly. Some fear, because of their age, attention they previously would have received will now be brushed aside as 'wasting limited resources on someone who has reached the last act of their longevity.

In countries where socialized medicine has been practice for many year--countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Sweden--countless horror stories are told by those who have been either informed they'd have to wait, or in some cases, because they are 'too old,' just do without.

An 83 year old Swedish woman was faced with this dilemma and took matters into her own hands. She paid for surgery at a private hospital, after being refused by the State, and is doing just fine, despite being told by doctors in the system that she 'wasn't eligible' for surgery.

Read her story here:

Few will disagree our health system needs serious attention in America, but rushing to amputate the patients leg as treatment for a black and blue mark can hardly be considered 'good medicine.' Personally I've lived by this credo my entire life. "If you can't do something right, don't do it at all!'

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