Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The old 'Jimmy Kimmel, see-if-you-are-healthy-enough-to-open-the-jar-of-Clausen-Pickles-trick!'


Jimmy Kimmel challenges an unsuspecting
Hillary Clinton to open, what she believes is
an ordinary jar of pickles.
Lets see what happens when this
 little 'naive Nellie,'...er, ah, Hillary
takes the dare.

Mrs. Clinton appears to struggle with the lid removal.  But after a few commercial breaks, and slick editing, the always witty Kimmel once again pulls one over on an unsuspecting guest.  This time it was Hillary's turn in the hot seat.
Here is what viewers at home did not witness, as a shocked and startled Hillary collapses in front of a live studio audience.
As she was carried back stage, even the 
studio audience was not privy to immediate first aid.
And only our cameras were there to get this
exclusive shot of paramedics rushing a, now
disguised, Mrs. Clinton away to a nearby hospital emergency room.
When will we see an end to the lying and deception from this power-crazed Clinton machine?

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