Monday, January 23, 2017

God Is An Expert At Bringing Good Out Of Bad *

In only a few short days from today on  Friday, January 27, 2017 another MASSIVE march will be taking place in Washington, D.C.
     Will the CNN crowd counters be comparing official turn-out numbers between these two rallies?

     The 43rd Annual March for Life has been staged in this nation's Capitol ever since the 1974 Supreme Court Decision to 'allow' legalized abortions.

     Who you will not see at this weeks Pro Life Rally, most notably...the hags and nags who claim to be forefront in the movement for women's rights.  The same people who brought their empty message to Washington, and left it littered, most likely similar to their domicile sties. 

     You won't see the pathetic loser politicians, such as Elizabeth Warren (a true champion for some women, but not the unborn). Lizzy Warren, who some believe is foaming at the mouth to be the next wannabe Democrat candidate for President of the United States.  Pander much?

     The list of no-shows for the right to life demonstration will most likely also include the Democrat's agenda driven news media.

     "Last year Newsweek tried to claim young women were the ones missing. That fallacy exposed, they tried just ignoring it this year. So did most other big outlets. But media blackouts don’t work anymore. Except to marginalize the media.
     In all the places that did cover Monday’s massive March for Life on the Mall of Washington, one theme emerged more than ever before: “the new face of the pro-life movement is young, vocal and rapidly expanding.”  
     And totally plugged-in to the world of social networking. A ‘smartphones for life’ group engaged participants in their campaign to help the media do their work by providing contact info for major media outlets. These young people texted and tweeted the March, they blogged and posted YouTube videos from it. They went to and around traditional media and rendered them even more irrelevant than they already were."
     "Rendering traditional news media even more irrelevant than they already are"
      Maybe this observation is a better example of God bringing Good out of Bad.
* Rick Warren

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