Monday, January 30, 2017

Liberals...We out-number 'them.' They will never go away, so simply ignore them.

A spoiled 'brat-child' age 5
will pout, stomp his feet, whine & cry--even hold his breath
if he does not get his way.
Eventually his feet begin to hurt,
his throat pains under stress of excessive vocal screeching,
and if he holds his breath too long,
his vital organs will cease to function,
his facial color will turn blue,
he will meet his self-inflicted demise.

This is USA Liberalism

     John Hawkins, at makes a great point, illustrating 'Five things children know that Liberals have forgotten.' *

     1) Life's not fair.
      2) You can't have everything you want.
      3) Good people make the world work. 
     4) Liberals think EVERYONE should get a trophy.
      5) Nobody owes you a living. 

      Hawkins reminds Liberal Adult-Children, "You're actually owed "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" all of which you're primarily responsible for getting and maintaining yourself.

      The safety net put in place for those among us who might be less fortunate, according to Hawkins, "that we have a whole movement full of bums, thugs, and losers with their hands out, demanding that everyone take care of them because they think they should be children for life and the government should take the place of their mommy and daddy.

      At the end of the day, you are responsible for taking care of yourself. You want a bike, get a paper route. Want to go to college at a private school for 6 years to get a degree in lesbian studies, then get a job, pay your bills, and pay off your own loans. Live below your means, save some money, get married before you have a kid, and if, God forbid, you do fall on hard times and take government assistance, have the common decency to feel a deep sense of shame for leeching off your betters instead of paying your own way."

      Perhaps most importantly, especially after witnessing the sheer lunacy of spontaneous outrage on the part of these unhinged individuals following the election of someone with whom they disagree, remember this--if you choose to make daily rioting and demonstrating the strong points in your resume, even your first T-ball awarded trophy for 'showing-up excellence,' will buy little, even at the local pawn emporium.  

     Finally, be certain you are comfortable in the skin you are now wearing, because it will be a long time before 'what goes around, comes around' again.  Who can predict when there ever might be another Liberal President willing to walk along side you, tending to your every need, and holding your little hand from cradle to grave.

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