Sunday, January 29, 2017

Obama and Carter also banned Muslims--no tears from fellow Democrat hacks back then.

 From the Washington Examiner:

     "Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer held back tears Sunday while denouncing President Trump's executive order on immigration and refugees.
     "This executive order was mean-spirited and un-American," the Democratic senator from New York said through tears. "It was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country."
     Schumer blasted Trump on Friday after the president signed an executive order that halted the country's refugee resettlement program for 120 days and banned Syrian refugees from the U.S. indefinitely. People from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya are also prohibited from entering the U.S. for 90 days." Keep reading at link:
     And while we are taking a stroll down memory lane, perhaps it might be interesting to remind Mister Schumer of those unforgettable days when at least two DEMOCRAT Chief Executives had 'banning bashes' of their own.
     "The Obama Administration's State Department in 2011 stopped processing Iraq refugee requests for six months after the Federal Bureau of Investigation uncovered evidence that several dozen terrorists from Iraq had infiltrated the United States via the refugee program. Obama refused to explain how his administration’s security-related pause on processing Iraq refugee requests in 2011 did not “betray our deepest values.” *
     "During the Islamic Revolution's Iranian hostage crisis in which Islamists took over the country, Democratic President Jimmy Carter issued a number of orders to put pressure on Iran. Among these, Iranians were banned from entering the United States unless they oppose the Shiite Islamist regime or had a medical emergency.
     Apparently barring people from a terrorist country is not against "our values" after all. It may even be "who we are". Either that or Carter was a racist monster just like Trump." **


     As a parting observation....can anyone recall seeing Senator Chuck Schumer's emotional reaction, ever to the extent of actually shedding tears? Really?   3,000 dead on 9-11 as a result of Muslim Islamic fanatic terrorist, and this writer can not recall a similar emotional display from this phony hack.  By the way Schumer, nice touch with the addition of an innocent Muslim family standing by your side.  Only thing missing from your shameless presentation.....

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