Friday, June 19, 2015

Pope 'Saul' attempts to paint a religious clown face on a 'dead horse.'

Global Warming Climate Change,
or whatever the manipulators of words are currently calling this scam,
An International CON-GAME operated by invisible conspirators who are
determined to soak the American people reportedly for
$$$ 845-Billion Dollars $$$ *

     Those shadowy figures promoting the so-called New World Order apparently have a new member on its team, promoting its ultimate quest to control planet Earth.  Rather than reading from the holy book, many confused member of his worldwide congregation might be asking if the leader of their flock favors the teachings of an inferior ideological mortal, or The Almighty God who eventually will write their final review.

     If indeed, “The threat is more terrifying than the thing itself.”  (rule #9 in the red book), citizens of the World should steadfastly refuse to contribute absolutely nothing to this ridiculous scam, knowing full well that when the final chapter is written,  the meek ultimately will inherit the Earth, and this divine transaction will not cost them one thin dime.

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