Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton says she is running for the Presidency as a woman--If she wants to be a woman and claims to be a woman...fine.


     Am I the only one in this crowd now wondering if Hillary Rodham crammed her walk-in closet with pant suits all these years, attempting to make herself appear more, 'as a man?'

     Reflecting on mistakes made by the Clinton Campaign in '08, perhaps Hillary should have approached her 'diverse' audiences, by declaring, 'not only am I man, but I am a BLACK MAN.  Such a bold declaration surely would have thrown a wrench into Obama's drive for the nomination.  If Barack could pull the wool over African-American voter's eyes by claiming he was a black man, even though his mother was snow-driven white, no obstacles should have stood in the way of Hillary Rodham Clinton proudly announcing HE was a Black Man.

     If Rachel Dolezal (A WHITE WOMAN) could reach the Presidency of an NAACP chapter, what should stand in the way of  Hillary Rodham Clinton pulling off an identical scam on the American people, simply by declaring, 'I Hillary Rodham Clinton, today come before you to announce my candidacy for the office of United States President as a proud, but humble BLACK MAN?'

     Now that we have not so subtly or subliminally suggested this ingenious plan, don't be surprised if this is how Hillary Clinton will be presented sometime in August when she declares her candidacy (for the third time), probably on a bridge, locked arm in arm with her black brothers and sisters,  in Selma, Alabama. 

photo:  concernedcitizens.org
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