Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Confederate Flag's future is safe, if it can tough it out until football season--(Everything held sacred in America has little chance surviving THE PERFECT STORM)


At which time, 
will refocus attention on this other symbol of
politically fabricated
in America

Many sideline observers in America believe,
if the so-called 'Silent Majority' in this nation actually had a voice in its future,
 this flag never would be allowed to wave another day in
the United States of America.

How about these two flags?


     Once all flags, and other reminders of our country's past have been removed, what other symbols, or individuals, or groups of people will fall prey to this peripatetic pack of pathetic propagandist?

     Within hours of South Carolina Governor's announcement that the Confederate flag would be lowered, and removed from the State Capital, a sudden surge of sanctimony raised it's ugly  head.

      In Orlando Florida, a local activist called for removal of a prominent Confederate Soldier Statue, which has occupied that position for at least one hundred years. "It's a reminder of what half of the country wanted to do. They wanted to secede from the union."


     Not so says 92-year-old Patricia Schnurr, with the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  "The statue has nothing to do with slavery," Schnurr said. "(It's) a tribute to the soldiers who fought from Florida."

     But why stop here with the vigilante bulldozing of yet another piece of American history? Predictably, once the flags are shredded, the statues crushed and crumbled, these fanatics are taking aim at city street signs, 'named after Confederate soldiers.'  

     Paranoia so out of control attached to bigots waving flags spearheading drives crying out for such insane demands surely are suffering from dangerous mental problems.

     Unfortunately, many uninformed, and uninvolved Americans will soon have more important concerns to occupy their nowhere lives.

    Until someone in this twisted society decides there is no room for their offensive brutal, and violent activities.  

Will someone finally stand and say ENOUGH!

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