Monday, November 3, 2014

Throwing out voter ID rules, Judges are almost assuring Democrat candidates an easy win

In January of 2014, a Judge ruled Voter Identification in Pennsylvania null and void.  It will be interesting to see how badly the current Republican Governor is defeated after tomorrow's free for all voting in the Commonwealth.

Attorney General, Eric Holder has dispatched "federal election monitors" (pictured below) to polls for Tuesday's Election Day

Simply following the established Democrat play-book...Another apparent party-loyal Judge flushes voter ID requirements for Pennsylvania voters (Portions of this article appeared here previously)
Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard L. McGinley

     Following the successful Voter-fraud-filled re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, legislators and judges sporting identical stripes have been emboldened to ignore common sense enforcement of Constitutional law in America.
     Nothing is more blatantly absurd than nationwide challenges to State's individual voter identification requirements.  And according to opinions rendered by apparent political party hack-judges such as this latest example in Pennsylvania, puts on full display just how far democracy has diminished in this country, on what appears to be a national evaporation of Constitutional law coming apart at the seams.
     Using these connivers rules on voting, anyone can walk into a polling place, state they are Eric Holder, who happens to be the US Attorney General (actually happened), and be allowed to pull the lever for a full slate of Democrat Party candidates.   And ultimately folks, that is what this entire issue of  fabricated voter ID injustice is all about.

     This latest ruling is simply an example of a party loyal partisan judge, following the playbook of his corrupted organized mob, or more commonly known as the Democratic Party. 

      In his decision, McGinley stated, “Voting laws are designed to assure a free and fair election; the Voter ID Law does not further this goal.   As a constitutional prerequisite, any voter ID law must contain a mechanism for ensuring liberal access to compliant photo IDs so that the requirement … does not disenfranchise valid voters.”

      In an article published by the New Pittsburgh Courier Online, "Lawyers for the state defended the law, arguing that a multimillion-dollar publicity campaign in 2012 and the refinement of the special voting-only card by the Pennsylvania Department of State educated voters about the law’s requirements and ensured that any registered voter who lacks an appropriate ID could get one."
      Despite these comprehensive voter educational tools, the Courier article goes on to state, "McGinley cited “overwhelming evidence” that hundreds of thousands of qualified voters lack IDs that comply with the law and panned the state’s educational and marketing efforts as “largely ineffective and consistently confusing.”

     The voting-only IDs were distributed through the state Department of Transportation’s licensing centers. The judge said that was an inconvenience for voters. (our added emphasis)

     “In contrast to 9,300 polling places, to obtain an ID for voting purposes, a qualified elector must overcome the barrier of transport and travel to one of PennDOT’s 71 (licensing centers) during limited hours,” he said.

     Also highlighted in the Courier article, "At a 12-day trial, plaintiffs including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Pennsylvania League of Women Voters and Philadelphia’s Homeless Advocacy Project emphasized problems in processing and distributing a new ID card available for free to voters without a Pennsylvania driver’s license or other acceptable ID. They said dozens of registered voters who applied for the cards before the 2012 election did not receive them until afterward."*

     The confusion by supposedly literate citizens wandering into Philadelphia polling places, no doubt was a reasonable explanation why In 59 voting districts Barack Obama received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for Romney.

     Finally, a few words of advice to Judge Bernard L. time you decide to travel by air, perhaps from the Pittsburgh International Airport, please get back to us and bring us up to date on how you  plan on passing through TSA screening, without a valid form of Identification, after informing the agent that getting such an identification would have been an inconvenience for you.

     Our once noble nation is now a lawless and ridiculed banana republic, thanks to new American political mob rule....and no one does it better than the Democrat Party!

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